The following references have been extracted, unchanged, from Bannister's book, and are therefore reproduced as if from his text.

List of Books most commonly quoted or referred to in the following pages.

This list is not an exhaustive bibliography of the subject, but contains merely the titles of the works which I have consulted most frequently in compiling the Alphabetical List of Herefordshire Place-names, and my abbreviations of them. For the forms of words later than 1538 (Val. Eccles.) I have only consulted, as a rule, Saxton's (1577), Speed's (1611), and Taylor's (1789) Maps of the County.

Texts, Record Publications, etc.

Abbreviation Meaning
Abbrev. Plac. Placitorum Abbreviatio.
A.C. Ancient Charters prior to 1200: ed. J. H. Round.
Aug. Of. Various documents (usually 16th century) in the Augmentation Office.
BIRCH. Cartularium Saxonicum.
Brec. Cart. Cartularium Prioratus S. Johannis Evang. de Brecon. (printed in Arch. Camb., 4th Series, Vols. 13 and 14).
CAPES. Charters and Records of Hereford Cathedral, transc. and edit. by W. W. Capes.
Chart. R. Calendar of Charter Rolls.
Close R. Calendar of Close Rolls.
Dom. Photo-zinco-d Facsimile of the Herefordshire portion. Translation (with Introduction, and identifications) by Dr J. H. Round in Vic. Count. Hist.
Ep. Reg. The Registers of the Bishops of Hereford (beginning 1275) pub. by the Cantilupe Society.
E. H. Cart. The Cartulary of Ewyas Harold Priory, of which a careful abstract is printed in my History of Ewias Harold.
F.A. Inquisitions and assessments relating to Feudal Aids.
Fine R. Calendar of the Fine Rolls.
Glos. Cart. Hist. et cartularium monast. S. Petri Glouc. Heref. Corp. MS. Report of Historical Manuscripts Commission 13 R.A. iv.
Inq. p.m. Calendar of Inquisitions post mortem and other documents in the Public Record Office.
KEMBLE. Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici.
LELAND. Itinerary: ed. L. Toulmin Smith.
Leom. Cart. Indexed in Dugdale's Monasticon Anglicanum.
Lib. Land. The text of the Book of Llan Dav, by J. Gwenogvryn Evans, with co-operation of John Rhys.
Non. Inq. Nonarum Inquisitiones in Curia Scaccarii.
Pat. R. Calendar of the Patent Rolls.
Quo War. Placita de Quo Warranto.
Sub. R. (Various) Subsidy Rolls.
Tax. Eccles. Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae.
T. DE NEVILL. Testa de Nevill sive Liber Feodorum.
Val. Eccles. Valor Ecclesiasticus.
WEBB. Roll of the household expenses of Richard de Swinfield, ed. J. Webb.

General Works of Reference on English Place-names.

Author Title
ALEXANDER. The Place-names of Oxfordshire, by Henry Alexander.
BADDELEY. Gloucestershire Place-names, by W. St Clair Baddeley.
BRADLEY. English Place-names, by Henry Bradley (in Essays and Studies by Members of The English Association).
COOKE. Continuator of Duncumb's Herefordshire.
DUIGNAN. Notes on Staffordshire Place-names. Worcestershire Place-names, by W. H. Duignan.
DUNCUMB. Coll. towards the hist. and antiq. of the co. of Hereford, by John Duncumb.
EG. PHIL. Various notes to Owen's Pembrokeshire, and certain identifications in Lib. Land. (J. G. Evans' edition), by Egerton Phillimore.
JOHNSTON. Place-names of England and Wales, by J. B. Johnston.
LLOYD. History of Wales, by J. E. Lloyd.
J. HOBSON MATTHEWS. Continuator of Duncumb's Herefordshire.
N.E.D. The New English Dictionary by James Murray and others.
Onom. Onomasticon Anglosaxonicum, by W. G. Searle.
H.O. The Description of Pembrokeshire, by George Owen of Henleys: edited (with many valuable notes on placenames) by Henry Owen.
ROBERTS. The Place-names of Sussex, by R. G. Roberts.
J.H.R. Various works of J. Horace Round, and more particularly the Introduction and Notes to the Domesday Survey of Herefordshire in Vict. County Hist.
SKEAT. Place-names of Cambridgeshire; Place-names of Bedfordshire; Place-names of Berkshire; by W. W. Skeat.
WYLD. Place-names of Lancashire, by H. C. Wyld and T. O. Hirst.
ZACHRISSON. A contribution to the Study of Anglo-Norman Influence on English Place-names, by R. E. Zachrisson.
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