'Wic of the sons of Willa'.

Duncumb has an ingenious theory that it is Helen's Wick; because the convent of St Helena at Enston claimed the advowson in the 14th century. But the deed of the convent, abandoning this unfounded claim (dated 1349), gives the name as Ullingwik.

Underdown (Ledbury).

Underly (Wolferlow).

There is, strangely enough, an Upper Underly, close by.

Upcott Cross (Almeley).

The Upcot Brook runs from here through Letton into the Wye.

Uphampton (Shobdon).

Upleadon (Bosbury).

There is an Upleadon in Glos. near Newent, which, like this Templar's estate in Bosbury, almost certainly means 'upon the river Leadon'.

Cf. Upavon (Wilts.).

Upton Bishop.

Near the village is Upton Crews or Cruze (i.e. crucis). There is an Upton in Little Hereford (Leom. Cart. 1123 Uptuna). O.E. up tun, 'upper, high-up tun'. In Yazor it appears as Upperton, and in Ullingswick as Upper Town (farm).

Urchingfield (Hardwicke).

See Archenfield.

Urdimarsh (Bodenham).

Urishay (Peterchurch).

The enclosure of '-?' There is a Wira or Uira in Onom. For the second element see Appendix, -hay.

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