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The Register
Stoneway Chapel,

Stoneway Chapel Register.


In 1709 the congregation built its first meeting-house on Stoneway Steps, described in deed dated 2nd August, 8th year of Queen Anne, 1709, as: "All that messuage, cottage, or tenements, with all the gardens thereunto adjoining and belonging, on the north side of Stoneway, the which John Wilson bath lately purchased from Mr. Thomas Wollastone, and Anne, his wife. together with the new building thereupon since erected," &c. It was a double gabled structure, built after the fashion of Matthew Henry's Chapel, at Chester. The roof was supported by two large pillars rising from the middle of the chapel. This building stood for 120 years. The present chapel was built in 1829, and opened on the 25th October in that year, when the Rev. George Redford. MA., LL.D. (Glas.), of Worcester, preached the sermon. A painting of the old chapel was made by Philip Brown, of Shrewsbury, at the expense of the Rev. Samuel Barber. In 1898 it was in the possession of his younger daughter, Miss H. G. Barber. Miss Barber, who died 2 Nov. 1900, bequeathed this to the Trustees of the Chapel with a legacy of 50. Schoolrooms, built upon the site of a house occupied by Mr. Barber, were erected in 1842.


The Rev. Ernest Elliott, minister in charge, writes on 7 Sept. 1900, to the Editor:- "I fear it is of no importance from an antiquarian or historical point of view."


ANDREW TRISTRAM, M.A. 1662-, rector of St. Leonard's, Bridgnorth -1662 ej.; min. Bridgnorth 1662-; d. 1706. bur. in St. Leonard's Church. Calamy says:- " A man of more than ordinary ability, in preaching and prayer,- of an upright life."


JOHN NEVET. s. of Rev. Rowland Nevet, M.A., Oswestry. d. 1705.

SAMUEL TAYLOR, here in 1717.


FOWLER WALKER, -1724, min. Bridgnorth, -1724, rem. to Abergavenny, where d. 1751.


JOSIAH OWEN, 1733-1738/9, nephew of Rev. James Owen, of Oswestry; b. [1711] in Caermarthenshire; ed. Presbyterian Coll. 1725-Xmas 1730, Caermarthen. and Warrington Academy; min. Bridgnorth 1733-1738 or 1739, Rochdale 1740-1752; Ellenthorpe, Yorks; d. 1755, aet. 44. "Of facetious memory."-MS. Records, Stourbridge Presbyterian Chapel, iii, 349. "The terror of the Non-Jurors and HighChurchmen."- Christian Reformer. 1855, p. 384.

EDWARD EVANS 1745-[1760 ?]. b. Newmarket, Flint; ed. Presbyterian Coll., Haverfordwest, and Caermarthen, 1741-1745; min. Bridgnorth 1747-[1760 ?]; took Anglican orders, curate of Chetton.

THOMAS ANDREWS [1760 ?]-1769 ?], min. Bridgnorth [1760 ?]-1769, d. in [1769 ?].

WILLIAM MAURICE 1769-[1797]. min. Bridgnorth 1769-[1797], d. probably in 1797. Issue, Isaac, b. 1765, Mary, bap. 1769, William, b. 1772.

WILLIAM EVANS, 1797-1803; b. May 1773, at Bala; ed. Oswestry Academy by Rev. Edward Williams, D.D., 1791-; min. Lane Delph, in the Potteries, 1795-1797, Bridgnorth, 1797-1803, Stockport, 1803-1814. d. 29th September 1814.

DAVID DAVIES, 1803-1807; b. Llanybyther, S.W.; ed. Presbyterian Coll., Caermarthen; min. Kidwelly and Penygraig, 1787-1790, Holywell, 1790-1800, Bridgnorth, 1803-1807 (coming thence from Welshpool where he removed in 1802); d. 1807, bur. in Stoneway Chapel.

SAMUEL BARBER, 1809-1845; ed. Rotherham Coll. by Rev. Edward Williams, D.D.; min. Ulverston [1805]-1809, Bridgnorth, 1809-1845, there without charge till d. in 1854, bur. in the Stoneway Chapel graveyard. For many years he carried on a large private school at Cann Hall. in the Low Town, Bridgnorth.

WILLIAM JACKSON, 1846-1847; b. 1820, at Handsworth; ed. Rotherham Coll.; min. Bridgnorth 1846-1847, Mansfield. -1862, Dixons Green, Farnsworth, 1862-1866, Whitby, 1866-1873. Bournemouth (Richmond Hill), 1873-1886, there without charge to d. 24 Sept. 1895; bur. Bournemouth Cemetery.

JOSEPH SHAW, 1847-[1849]; b. 29 Aug. 1822, at Sheffield; ed. Rotherham Coll.; min. Guisborough [1843-1845]. Bridgnorth, 1847-[1849], Benton Park, nr. Leeds, Boston, Lincs., Battersea, six years, Torrington, Devon, 1877-1893; m. (1) 1855.

SAMUEL CLARKSON, 1851-1854; ed. Birmingham. Spring Hill Coll.; min. Sheffield (Howard Street), Bridgnorth, 1851-1854, Salford, Bocking, Lytham, Ilkley (without charge); m. dau. of Rev. Jonathan Sutcliffe; issue three, died infancy. d. 14 Oct. 1886, bur. Batley Cemetery.

DAVID DANIEL EVANS, 1855-1886; b. 14 October 1813 at Blaenypant, Cardiganshire: ed. Rotherham Coll. 1831-1836; min. Gateshead (Melbourne Street Chapel), 1838- Heanor, Derbyshire (4 years). St. John's, Newfoundland, Burnley (Bethesda Chapel), Bridgnorth, 1855- ; m. Alice, 2nd dau. Joseph Ogilvie, of North Shields. d. 16 March 1886.


WILLIAM JAMES PAYLING WRIGHT, B.A., 1886-1893; ed. New Coll.. London; B.A. Land.; min. Sheffield, Broomspark (assistant), Bridgnorth 1886-1893, Middlesbrough. 1893-1895.

ERNEST ELLIOT, 1894-; ed. Hackney Coll.; min. Bridgnorth, 1884- editor, A History of Congregationalism in Shropshire, 1898, from which volume are taken many of the particulars of Bridgnorth, Swan Hill, and Oswestry Congregations.

Tan y bryn. Aberystwyth.
St. Bartholomew's-Day. 1900.

The Register.

(1) A thin vellum-bound volume, 8 in. tall, 6 1/2 in. broad; 1765-1798. In the General Register Office, Somerset House, W.C., being No. 2 Shropshire Non-Parochial Registers. (2) A volume in leather back and marble paper sides, 16 in. tall, 10 in. broad. Transcript of Baptismal entries from No. 1 down to 28 January 1798, thence on are original entries to end in 1837. Same place and number.

On p. 1 is written in faded red ink:-

The Church Book | Belonging | To the Dissenting Congregation | Bridgenorth | October 10th 1767. |

On the back of p. 1:-

Isaac Maurice (b. 22 April 1765); Monday, bap. 29 May 1765 by Rev. Mr. Andrews, of Bridgnorth. Mary Maurice was baptized by her father October 22, 1769. William Maurice was born 16 June 1772, and baptized 31 July 1772, by Rev. Mr. Boult, Wrexham, Denbighshire.

The State of the Society at Bridgnorth | October 10th, 1767, | upon my Settling amongst them.

Mr. Robinson Member Mr. Talbott
Mr. Francis Haslewood " Mr. Clark
Mr. John Bache, Weyken " Mr. Street
Mr. Thos. Bache, baker " Mr. Millner
Mr. T. Bache, Park, Sen." Old Jordane
Mr. Faulconbridge, Sen. " William Davies
Mr. Faulconbridge, Jun. " Young Hunt Singers
Mr. John Farr " Miss Robinson Member
Mr. John Bourne Members Miss Davies
Mr. Nath Rhodes Miss Allen
Mr. J. Bache, Swancott Mems. Miss Rhodes
Mr. T. Bache, Jun., Park " Miss Hen. Rhodes
Mrs. Robinson " Polly Bache, children
Mrs. Bache, Weyken " Thos. Bache
Mrs. Bache, Sen., Park " Jacky Bache
Mrs. Bache, B.north " Jack Bourne


2 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel.

Mrs. Bache, Park, Jun. Mems. Bill Bourne
Mrs. Bache, Swancott " Tom Bourne
Mrs. Andrews " Dick Bourne
Mrs. Bourne " Samy Bourne
Mrs. Williams " Joyce Bourne
Mrs. Hall Patty Bourne
Mrs. Harrison Bett Bourne
Mrs. Brookes Mrs. Clark, Bromley
Mrs. Blumber James Nichols
Miss Bache, Weyken Member John Falconbridge
Miss Betsy Bache Joseph Falconbridge
Mr. T. Bache, the Mill Member Sam. Falconbridge
Mr. Sam. Bache Tom. Falconbridge
Mr. Jno. Haslewood Kitty Falconbridge
Mr. Frank Haslewood Rich. Steventon
Mr. George Rhodes Molly Falkonbridge
Mr. Tho. Rhodes *Mr. Phillemore, May 1771
Jo. Bache, Park +Miss Phillimore
Mr. Will. Haslewood Mrs. Haslewood, ironmonger,Nov. 1768
Mr. Brookes, exciseman

A Register of Births | and Baptisms in the Society. |

Baptized by Mr. Maurice.

1769 James & Sarah Brookes, children of Mr. Brookes, Exciseman. 24 June.
" Sarah Bache, Park. 13 October.
" Mary Maurice, own daughter. 22 October.
1770 Johanna Haslewood. 10 April.
1771 Jos. Thomas Haslewood. 11 April.
" Sarah Clark, Bromley. 14 May.


1772 Mary Haslewood, B'North. 31 July.
" William Maurice, bap. 31 July by Mr. Boult, of Wrexham, Denbyshire.
1773 A child (male), b. at the Park. Sabbath day morning, 7 February.

* Probably Joseph Phillimore, brother of Miss Eleanor Phillimore.
+ Eleanor Phillimore, youngest dau. of Jonathan Phillimore of Cam, Glos., and Anne Wells, of Bridgnorth, b. Cam 3 April 1739, d. Bridgnorth 9 February 1837.


Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel. 3

1773 Thomas, s. of Thomas & Theodosia Bache, Junr., Park. was bap. 3 March in the presence of many witnesses.
" A child (female) born to Mr. Sam. Bathe, baker. Saturday, 10 July, 5 o'clock in the afternoon.
" Rebecca, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, B. North. Was bap. 8 August in the presence of many witnesses.
" Thomas Rhodes, s. of George & Elizabeth Rhodes. 22 September.
" Anne, dau. of John & Susannah Haslewood. 25 November.
1774 A son, born at the Park. 5 December (to her).

" Joshua Tilt,* s. of Thomas and Theodosia Bache, Park. 23 December.
1775 A daughter to Mr. Sam. Bache (b. Friday, 31 March), baker, B. North.
" A son to Mr. George Rhodes (b. Saturday, 22 April), B'North.
" Martha, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, Baker, Bridgenorth. Bap. 30 April; d. October, 1776.
" Thomas Rhodes, s. of Mr. George Rhodes, Bridgnorth. 14 May.
" A daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Haslewood (b. 10 September), Bridgnorth. 4 July.
1776 Charlotte Rhodes. 4 July.
" Barbara Haslewood. At Weyken, 18 July.
" Charlotte Griffiths, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Griffiths, cutler, B.North. 16 September.
1777 Theodosia Bache, of the Park, near Bridgnorth. 17 April.
" Thomasin, dau. of Samuel Bache, baker, Bridgnorth. 14 August.
1778 Samuel, s. of Samuel & Martha Bache, Bridgnorth. 30 August.

* Father of Samuel Bache (b. 1804, d. 1876) min. Church of the Messiah. Birmingham, 1832-1868. In conjunction with his friend Canon Miller, founder in that city of the Hospital Sunday movement. For Baptismal entry see p. 9.


4 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel.

1779 Nathaniel, s. of Mr. George Rhodes, B.North. 13 January.

A Register of Deaths | and Burials in the Congregation. |

1768 Mr. Francis Haslewood, Senr. Died 4 May.
1769 Mary Wiall. Died 12 February.
1769 Mrs. Robinson. Died March.
" Mr. Tom Rhodes. Died October.
1771 Molly Maurice, an infant. Died 24 April; interred in the Baptists' Burying Ground at Broseley.
" Mr. Benjamin Finch, at Wyken. Died 18 December; interred 20 December at Worfield; aged 55.
1774 Mrs. Bache, Senr., Park. Died August; aet. 69.
1775 Bill Bache.* Died August; aet 27.
1776 Mr. Bache, Senr., Park. Died June; aet. 69.


1779 William, s. of Peter & Kitty Edwards, Bridgnorth. 20 December.
1780 Mary, and at the same time, Anne, daughters of Thomas Griffiths, Bridgnorth. 6 April.
" Female child to Mr. Samuel Bache (b. 18 April).
" Martha, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, B'North. 14 May.
1781 Hephzibah, dau. of Mr. Griffiths, B.North. 29 July.
1783 Susannah, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jones, of Harrington, Shropshire. 3 April.
1784 Charlotte, and at the same time, Ebenezzer, children of Thomas Griffiths, inn keeper, B'North. 8 August.
1785 Elizabeth, dau. of Mr. Mrs Jones, Harrington, p. of Sutton Maddox, Shropshire. 17 January.
" Sarah, dau. of Samuel Bache & Martha his wife, Bridgnorth. 25 January.
1786 Mary, daughter of Mr. Jones and Martha his wife, Harrington, in the p. of Sutton Maddock, Shropshire. 7 March.
1787 William, s. of William Martha Jones 7 May.

* Father of Sarah Bache (1770-1844), hymn writer; composer of
"See how He loved! exclaimed the Jews,
When Jesus o'er His Lazarus wept."


Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel 5

1787 Samuel Griffin Griffiths (b. 22 August, 1786). - June.
1788 Martha, dau. of William & Martha Jones. 5 December.
1789 Katherine, dau. of Samuel & Mary Falconbridge, barber, Bridgnorth. 21 October.
1790 Ellen Cummin, dau. of Sergt. Forbes, of the 53rd Regiment of Foot, quartered at B'North. 10 January. Scotland.

Marriages in the Society.

1768 Mr. John Haslewood to Miss Boulton, dau. of old Mr. Boulton, the exciseman. 11 November.
1772 Miss Hannah Hall to Mr. Vaughan, attorney-at-law, Wales. Sunday, 12 January.
" Mr. Samuel Bache to Miss Martha Wyke, of Leominster, Herefordshire, - in Scotland. 27 June.
" Mr. George Rhodes to Miss Betsy Bache, of Weyken, at the Low Church, Bridgnorth. 11 November.

1790 Nathaniel, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 March.
" John, s. of John Watson, a north Brittain soldier in the 53rd Regiment Foot, bap. 5 June.
" John, s. of John Robertson, Corporal in the same Regiment, bap. 13 June.
1792 William, s. of Samuel Falconbridge & Mary his wife, barber, bap. 5 March.
" William, s. of William & Sarah Bourne, baker, at Bridgnorth, bap. 15 April.
" Thomas Bailey, s. of William & Martha Jones, Harrington, p. Sutton Maddox, Shropshire, bap. 8 November.
1794 Eliza., dau. of Samuel & Martha Bache, bap. 16 March.
" Eliza. Stedman, dau. of William & Sarah Bourne, bap.
1727 (sic) Mary Robinson, b. 16 November.
1797 Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Betty Macmichael, p. St. Leonard's, Bridgnorth (b. 25 Sept. 1794), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.
" George, s. of ditto (b. 15 July 1796), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.


6 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel.

1797 Joseph, s. of ditto (b. 26 June), bap. 9 July by me, T. Harris, P.D.M.
" John, s. of William & Jane Taylor, p. St. Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth (b. 8 Feb. 1795), bap. to December by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.
" Susanna, dau. of ditto (b. 1 November), bap. 10 Dec. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.
1798 James, s. of John & Susanna Rogers, p. St. Mary Magdalene (b. 9 October, 1797), bap. 28 Jan. by me, John Whitridge, P.D.M.

[Six blank p.p.]

On Tuesday, 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the 16th June, 1772, God was
pleased to give me a son. It cost its mother dear and brought her to
the very Gates of Death: but God stepp'd in and spared. Heaven grant it
may live to recompense the tender Mother for what she suffered for him,
and prove the Son of Comfort and rejoycing to us both.

[Two blank pp.]

Thomas Griffiths' wife and children's ages.
Thomas was b. 10 February 1741.
Hepziba, his wife, b. 28 October 1748.
Married 18 February 1772.
Anne, dau. of Thomas, b. 30 November 1773.
Hannah, b. 28 May 1775.
(1) Charlotte, b. 9 September, 1776.
Mary, b. 8 February 1778
Anne, b. 14 January, 1780.
Hepzibah, b. 5 April 1781.
(2) Charlotte, b. 4 March 1783.
Ebenezzer, b. 24 July 1784.
Samuel Griffin, b. 22 August 1786.

Quarter's Collection paid | Midsummer 1782, by Mr. Bache. |

John Bache, Senn 0 10 0
Thomas Bache, Park 0 10 0
John Bache, Junr. 0 5 0
Samuel Bache 0 5 0
William Bourne 0 5 0
Mrs. Hancox 0 5 0
Thomas Bache, baker 1 0 0
3 0 0


Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel. 7

Thomas Griffiths 0 1 0
Mrs. Jones pays yearly Interest Money 1 1 0

Lisley Street 1 0 3
John Bache, Senr. 0 15 0
John Bache, Junr. 0 3 0
Late Farr's Money 0 12 6
Mr. Haslewood 0 3 9
Thomas Bache, baker 0 2 3

2 16 9
3 1 0
1 1 0

6 18 9

[Four blank pp.]

Members of the Dissenting | Congregation | at Bridgnorth. |

Mr. Robinson Miss Molly Bache, Weyken
Mrs. Robinson Miss Robinson
Mr. Bache, Weyken Mr. Farr, shoemaker
Mrs. Bache, do. Mrs. Williams
Mr. Bache, Park Mr. Francis Haslewood, Senr.
Mrs. Bache, do. Old Jane
Mr. Bache, baker, Bridgnorth. Mary Wiatt
Mrs. Bache, do. Mr. Sam. Bache admitted a
Old William Falkonbridge, member 8 March 1772
aged 82, 1772 Miss Betsy Bache, at the same
His son William time
Mr. Bourne Mrs. Clark, Bromley, do.
Mrs. Bourne removed Leicestershire,
Mr. Bache, Junr., Park Asbey
Mrs. Bache Mrs. Sam. Bache, baker, was
Mr. Bache, Junr., Swancott joined a member of the
Mrs. Bache Church 14 Sept. 1772
Mrs. Maurice Mrs. Galpine joined the
Mrs. Andrews, removed Man- Church 15 Nov. 1772
chester Mr. Clark, Bromley, was ad-
Mr. Tom Bache, miller, ad- mitted member of the con-
mitted February 1770 gregation 6 March 1774


8 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel.

1784. Members Diss. Cong. at B'north.


Messrs. John Bache, Swancott Wm. Falconbridge, B'north
Thomas Bache, Park Tom. Falconbridge, "
Sam. Bache, B'north Thomas Griffiths, "
John Bourn, " Joseph Bacon, Mose
William Bourne, " Thomas Bott, "


Mrs. Bache, B'north Mrs. Bott, Mose
Stedman, " Mrs. Mary Robinson, B'north
Bill, " Mrs. Rhodes, "
Bache, Park Miss Phillimore, "
Bache, Swancott Mrs. Falconbridge, "
Mary Bache, Wyken Miss Willington, Park
Mrs. Maurice, B'north Miss Patty Bourne, B'north
Mrs. Sam. Bache, " Molly Falconbridge
Mrs. Jones, Harrington Mrs. Bourne
Mrs. Bacon, Mose

Total 29.

A Form of Admission into | Church Fellowship. |

This day ... I deliberately and chearfully enter myself a member of the
Protestant Dissenting Congregation at Bridgnorth, and make a solemn
Dedication of my whole self to God in Christ at the Lord's Table to
Confirm my Baptismal Covenant and remember the Death of my Saviour, to
be qualified for an interest in his merits and Mediation according to
the Tenour of the Gospel; resolving by divine Grace to be an ornament
to the Xtian profession and the Church I belong to.

Questions to be ask'd on | this Occasion. |

You give up yours: to God in a peculiar Manner. Will God accept the
torn, the blind and the Lame ? Surely no. 'Tis worth while at such a
time deliberately to ask yourself: What am I ? Let the Inquiry be
strict, and serious; for a mistake here is fatal.

(1) Have you ever been inwardly Convinc'd of your lost Condition, a
Child of Wrath even as others ? Did you ever see yourself in a forlorn,
helpless state without Christ ?


Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel. 9

(2) Was you ever deeply humbled before the Lord for your sins, your
numberless actual Transgressions in heart and life ? Hath sin been
bitter to your soul; hath your heart been broken for it; hath your
Sorrow been of the right kind; bath the sight of a broken Saviour,
broken your heart ?

(3) Have you sincerely closed with the Lord J. Xt. by a true and lively
faith taken him to be yours; and resigned yours to him to be his ? Have
you accepted of Xt. upon Gospel Terms; a Prince to rule, and Saviour ?
Have you renounced all others ? Is he precious to you, dearer than any
thing in the world, etc. ?

(4) Have you a real hatred of every sin in yo'self and others ? Can you
say with David, I hate every false way ? Is it a burden to you ? Do you
long to be rid of it ? Are your resolutions sincere and your endeavours
serious against it, and all appearances of it, because it is against
God ?

[Bound in at end are some pp. of private, and meeting-house accounts,
&c., evidently the treasurer's book, and in no way connected with the


1802 James Gay (b. 23 July 1802). 4 August by W. Evans.
1804 John Gordon Gay (b. 3 October 1804). 25 December by D. Davies.
" Frances, dau. of Samuel & Bridget Bourne (b. 2 September 1804). 8 October by W. Davies.
1805 *Samuel, s. of Joshua Tilt & Margaret Bache (b. 24 December 1804). 20 February by W. Davies.
" John, s. of William & Anne Hampton (b. 18 March 1805). 14 April by D. Davis.
1808 Sarah, dau. of Henry & Margaret Yates. 6 January by W. Evans.
" Henry, s. of Henry & Margaret Yates (b. 3 September 1807). 6 January by W. Evans.
1810 John, s. of John & Elizabeth Buckley, hairdresser, High Street (b. 31 August 1810). 12 November by S. Barber.

* Father of Francis Edward Bache (1833-1858), musician; and of Rev.
Kentish Bache, minister of Cross Street Chapel, Moreton Hampstead,
1867-1876, and since 1887 vicar of Walford-on-Wye.


10 Bridgnorth Stoneway Chapel.

1811 John, s. of John & Ann Bache, Wyken, gentleman (b. p. Worfield, 23 June 1811). 5 October by S. Barber.
1812 Ann, dau. of John & Anne Bache (b. 28 September 1812, p. Worfield). 7 December by S. Barber.
1810 Elizabeth Frearson, dau. of Samuel & Sarah Barber, Stoneway, Disst. Min. (b. 8 May 1810, p. St. Mary Magdalene). - December by J. Clayton.
1811 Harriet, dau. of Samuel & Sarah Barber (b. December 1811, p. St. Mary Magdalene). 7 June by S. Barber.
" Mary McMichael, an adult, bap. by S. Barber.


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