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Deuxhill and Glazeley
Vol. I.
Vol. II.
Vol. III.
Vol. IV.

The register of Deuxhill and Glazeley.

Deuxhill and Glazeley Registers.

The Parishes of Deuxhill and Glazeley were united at an early date, when they were combined is not known, certainly as early as 1535, and perhaps much earlier. They are in the Hundred of Stottesdon, Rural Deanery of Bridgnorth, Archdeaconry of Ludlow, and Diocese of Hereford.

Deuxhill is a small Parish of 481 acres, about four miles southwest from Bridgnorth. At the Domesday Survey, Dehocsele was held by the Church of Wenlock, which continued to hold it until the Reformation. It was attached to Stottesdon Hundred in the time of Henry I., but in the time of Richard I. it was included in the new Liberty of Wenlock. The Church of Deuxhill was founded as early as 1135, by the Clunide monks of Wenlock. There was a church still standing here in 1851, built of rubble stone, and consisting of nave and chancel, and a small turret with one bell. Over the porch was the date 1688. This church was pulled down within the last thirty years, all that now remains being a portion of the north wall, with a 14th or 15th century window. The population of Deuxhill in 1903 was 49.

Glazeley is less than a mile from Deuxhill, it is about 3 1/2 miles south-west from Bridgnorth, and its area is 630 acres, the population in 1901 being 42. Its name is probably derived from the British Glas-lle, meaning green place. At the Domesday Survey, Rainald the Sheriff held Gleslei of Earl Roger de Montgomery, and Azo held it of Rainald. It afterwards passed to the family of Le Strange, under the Barony of Fitz Alan; and the family of Pierrepoint, afterwards called de Glazeley, held it under le Strange.

There was probably a church at Glazeley in the 11th century, as Domesday Book mentions a priest there. In 1851 the church was a brick building, consisting of nave and chancel. The present church of St. Bartholomew was erected in 1875, on the site of the old church, in the early Decorated style, and consists of nave and south porch, and chancel with organ-chamber and vestry on the north side. There is a fine brass, with effigies of Thomas Wylde, Esq., who died in 1599, and his wife Elizabeth Cooke, with four sons and two daughters. There is also a tablet to Edward Wilde, 1695.

John Wylde, Sergeant-at-Law, of an ancient Worcestershire family, which had possessed Eudon Burnell and the advowson of Chetton since 101, was patron of the Rectory in 1637; and the patronage continued a considerable time in his family. In 1759, the Rev. C. E. Wylde, then Rector, united the Rectories of Glazeley


and Deuxhill with that of Chetton, and they have since been held together. In 1798, the patronage was vested in Valentine Vickers and others. In 1851, Thomas Whitmore Wylde Browne, of The Woodlands, was Lord of the Manor of Glazeley. The present lord and patron of the Rectory is T.M. Southwell, Esq., of Bridgnorth. The value in the King's Books is 2 12s. 4d. In 1676, there were in Glazeley and Deuxhill 34 Conformists above the age of 16, no Papists and no Nonconformists. In May, 1553, there were at Glazeley "Two bells of accord and a chalyce wt. a patent of sylver bytwen them and Deuxyll".

The following is an imperfect list of the Rectors of Deuxhill and Glazeley, compiled from Evton, the Libri Institutionum in the Public Record Office, and the Registers:-

1203. Robert, chaplain of Deukeshill.
1278. Sir Robert de Mudle, chaplain.
1289-90. Sir Gilbert de Roggat.
1304. John de la Felde, acolyte.
1316. Adam de Wilyneten, priest.
1341. Sir Richard de la More.
1344. William de Lodelowe.
1340. William de Burstalle, priest.
1358. Alexander de Chelleseye, clerk.
1373. Sir Henry Warde, chaplain.
1388. Sir John Bedewynde, chaplain.
1389. John Godewyn (or Godene).
1399. Sir Richard Ardern.
1535. Peter Griffith.
1637, June 16. John Poyner, B.A., All Souls' College, Oxford.
16-. Edward Walker.
1667, July 17. George Walker, B.A., Brasenose College, Oxford.
1713, April 1. Samuel Casson, M.A., Oriel College, Oxford; born at Ombersley, 1678; Rector of Chetton, 1716; bur. at Chetton, 20 Aug., 1750.
1751, August 11. Richard Hurdman, M.A., Worcester College, Oxford.
1757. Charles Edmund Wylde, B.C.L., of Merton College, Oxford; born at Worcester, 1733; also Rector of Chetton and Rodington; buried 25 Jan., 1798.
1798, April 16. Edward Davenport; also Rector of Chetton. 1813. William Vickers, M.A., Trin. Coll., Cambridge; Rector of Chetton; Archdeacon of Salop in Hereford, 1830; died 10 May, 1851; bur. at Worfield.


1851. Richard Herbert; Rector of Chetton; died 1861.
1861. John Smyth Purton, B.D., St. Catherine's College, Cambridge; Rector of Chetton; buried at Chetton, Jan., 1892.
1892. Henry Kemble Southwell, M.A., Magd. Coll., Oxford; Hon. Canon of Truro and Provost of Lancing.
1895. Alfred Gray, M.A., University College, Oxford; also Rector of Chetton; Rector of Filby, 1900.
1905. James Shepherd, the present Rector of Deuxhill and Glazeley, and of Chetton.

Amongst the Curates named in the Register, R. Wylde occurs in 1797, and Charles Fewtrell, 1795 and 1798-1807, and W. Vickers in 1812.

The Parish Register Abstract of 1837 contains this account of the Registers:- "Deuxhill and Glazeley P.C. No. I. (three pages), Bap., Bur., Mar., 1655-1668, 1694-1719. No. II., Bap., Bur., 1736 -1769. Mar., 1736-1812. No. III., Bap., Bur., 1770-1812. No. IV., Mar., 1768-1812". This account is substantially correct.

Volume I. is a small parchment book, not in good condition. It contains entries between 1654 and 1720 in this order:- 1718- 1720, 1660-1668, 1654-1659, 1694-1717. Volume II. contains 9 parchment leaves, 7 3/4 inches by 5 3/4 inches, in a parchment cover, and extends from 1736 to 1769. Volume III. contains 13 parchment leaves, 8 inches by 5 3/4 inches, in a stiff parchment cover with flap. At the end are entries of six baptisms at Loton in the years 1804 and 1805. Volume IV. is the usual printed form of Marriage Register, on paper, 14 1/2 inches by 9 3/4 inches, in parchment cover with flap. It contains entries of 23 marriages and 2 banns, between 1768 and 1812. The last three volumes are well written and in good condition throughout.

There are no very important entries in the Registers. In the earliest volume, the families of Wylde, Hensloe, Kynnersley, Cole, Spencer, Wheeler, and Hassold are termed "esq." or "gent."

The present transcript was made by Mr. T.R. Horton, and it was collated with the Registers by the Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher, F.S.A., who has also seen the proof-sheets as they passed through the press. It is now printed by kind permission of the Rev. James Shepherd, the present Rector of Deuxhill and Glazeley.

Oxon Vicarage,
February, 1906.

A Register Booke for Deuxhill and Glaseley, Conteneing all the Weddings,
Burialls and Christianings within
Deuxhill & Glaseley, Beginning Anno
domini 1654.


1718, Apr. 24. Tho. Barker & Widow Harley ... mar.
" Jan. 13. Wilm., s. of Wilm. & Elizabeth Holland, bap. at Deuxhill.
1719, May 15. Anne, d. of Morgan [Jones?] & Jane ... bap.
" Aug. 2. John, s. of Richard & Martha Breakneck, of Chetton, bap. at Glaseley.
" Feb. 2. Catherine, d. of David Gough & Anne, bap. at Glaseley.
" Feb. 7. Daniel James & Margt. Bacon, mar. at Deuxhill.
1720, Sep. 8. Mary, d. of Wm. & Eliz. Holland, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Oct. 1. Mrs. Hazzal, buried at Deuxhill.
" Nov. 20. Anne, d. of Daniel & Margt. James ... bap.
" Dec. 16. Tho.[?] Home, pauper ... bur.

1660, Nov. 6. [Samuel?], filius Richardi Kynnersley et Sarae, bap. apud Deuxhill.
1661, June 3. [Thomas?] Taylor et Maria Midleton, p. de Deuxhill, nupt' fuerunt apud Glaseley.
1662, Mar. 30. Richardus Cole, f. Georgij Cole, gen., sep. fuit apud Glaseley.
1663, Apr. 25. Fraunciscus Corfield et Rebecca Aston, nupt. erant apud Deuxhill.

2 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1664

1664, Nov. 15. Samuel Garbett. de Walton in parochia de Morvill, et Elizabetha Brownell, de hac parochia. nupt. erant apud Glaseley.
1665, Oct. 12. Maria. f. Samuelis Garbett et Elizabethae uxoris eius bap. fuit in Ecclesia parochiali de Glaseley.
1666, Nov. 10. Thomas, f. Thomae Hensloe, de Borehurst in Comitatu Hamptoniae, Armigeri, et Elizahethe uxoris ejus, natus erat in parochia mea de Glaselev, octavo die Novembris, 1666, et decimo die eiusdem mensis baptizatus (ut ferunt), sed non a me nee in Ecclesia mea.
1667, Apr. 13. Clemens, f. Richardi Kynnersley, gener., et Sarae ux. eius: sepultus fuit apud Deuxhill. hunc Edw. Walker cessit cui successit Geo. Walker, et Induit ing.
1668, Nov. 30. Johanes Catoroll. p. de Chetton, et Maria Wellesley, p. de Priors [illegible] in Com. Vigorniae post hanna matrimonialia debite .... in ecclesia parochiali de Glaselei.
1654, Jan. 6. Edwardus Kynnersley, f. [illegible] Kinnersley ... sep.
" Feb. 5. Maria Bevan, vidua ... sep.
1656, Sep. 16. Edwardus Hassald, gen., apud Deuxhill ... sep.
" Feb. 2. Timotheus, f. Edwardi Hassold et Annae, apud Deuxhill ... bap
1657, Nov. 10. Philippus. f. Richardi Kynnersley et Sarae ... bap.
1658, Dec. 17. Maria, f. Richardi Kynnersley et Sarae apud Deuxhill ... bap.
" Feb. 27. Thomasin, uxor Johannis Tayler, de Deuxhill ... sep.
1659, Sep. 24. Maria, f. Richardi Kynnersley, gent., et Sarae, apud Deuxhill ... sep.
" Dec. 29. John Woodwell. p. de W-, et Joanna Holley, de Glaseley, apud Glaseley ... nup.

1701] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 3

1659, [illegible]. Fraunciscus Child et Frauncisea Chur[illegible] de p. de Sidbury, in ecclesia parochiali de Glaseley ... nup.
1694, Apr. 14[?]. Humphrey [torn off], of Glaseley, & Elizabeth Farmer, p. Chetton, mar. at Glaseley.
" Sep. 24. Catherine, d. of Timothy Hassold & Honour, bap. at Deuxhill, & buried the fift day of [December ?].
" Mar. 5. Joseph, s. of Thomas Corbet & Elizabeth ... bap.
1695, Apr. 17. John Lyde, of ye Nash in ye p. of Preston, co. Hereford, & Gertrude Sheebu[-], of Pembridge in ye co. aforesd., mar. at Glaseley by lic.
" Jan. 7. Edmund Wylde, Esq.. at Glaseley ... bur.
1696, Apr. 5. John, s. of Thomas Corbett & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill, & was bur. May ye 26th.
" June 19. Henry, s. of Humphrey Wheeler & Elizabeth, bap. at Glaseley.
" Mar. 5. John, s. of Richard Owens & Mary his reputed wife, they being wandring people, bap. at Glaseley.
1697, June 13. Edward, s. of Thomas Corbett & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill.
1698. Nothing this year to be recorded.
1699, Oct. 31. Richard Wilkes. a poor wandering man, bur. at Glaseley.
" Nov. 11. Richard Spencer, of Eardington in p. of Quatford, gener., bur. at Glaseley.
" Feb. 21. Humphrey Longmore, a servt., of Eudon Burnell, in p. of Chetton, deceased, was bur. at Glaseley.
1700, Jan. 20. Marv, d. of Humphrey Dallow & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Feb. 27. George Rea, shoomaker, & Anne Keene, servant, both of p. Billingsley, mar. at Glaseley by lic.
1701. Nothing this year to be recorded.

4 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1702

1702, June 4. Hercules Harold, a day labourer, & Martha Roberts, then a sojourner in Deuxhill, mar. at Deuxhill (the banns, &c.).
" June 13. William Osland, a servant, & Elizabeth Tedstill, a widow, both of Eudon, mar. at Glaseley by lic.
" Jan. 4. Anne, d. of William Osland & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill by me [torn off].
" Feb. 4. Joan, [d. of Hercules Harold?] & Martha, bap. at Deuxhill.
1703, Jan. 24. Elizabeth Oldnall, sojourner at Glaseley, bur. at Glaseley.

Exam. per Cha. Jones.

1704, Nov. 2. Abel Wilkes & Katherine Croft, both of p. Chelmarsh, mar. at Glaseley (the banns, &c.).
1705, July 3. Abigail. d. of William Oseland & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill.
1706, Dec. 22. Hercules, s. of Hercules Harold & Martha, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Mar. 4[?]. Mary, d. of William Osland & Elizabeth, bap. at Deuxhill.
1707, Apr. 20. Richard Normecott, of p. Diddlebury, was mar. to Anne Norwent, of Glaseley, at Glaseley, by lic., per me.
" July 17. Francis Corfield of Deuxhill, bur. at Deuxhill.
1708, Apr. 16. Rebecca Corfield, of Deuxhill, bur. at Deuxhill, per me.
1709, Apr. 7. Richard, s. of Sarah Roper, a wandring woman, & (as it was said) of Richard Bibb, a stranger here and single person, bap. at Glaseley.
1709, Aug. 1. Marjery, d. of Richard Normecott & Anne, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Nov. 21. William, s. of William Osland, of Deuxhill. & Elizabeth, bap. at Glaseley.
1710, Mar. 28. Timothy Hassel, generosus, of Deuxhill, bur. at Deuxhill.

1717] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 5

1710, July 14. Richard Overton, a poor servant, bur. at Deuxhill.

" Sep. 28. Thomas, s. of John Wheeler, of Glaseley, Mary, bap. at Glaseley.
" Mar. 2. Thomas Harris, bur. at Glaseley.
1711, Oct. 9. Arabella, d. of Richard Normecotte & Anne, bap. at Deuxhill, & buried at Deuxhill Nov. ye 12th in the same year.
1712, Apr. 2. Richard Normecott, of the p. of Deuxhill, bur. at Deuxhill.
1713, Mar. 14. Thomas, s. of John & Elizabeth B[en]net, bap. at Deuxhill.
1714, May 23. Mary, d. of John & Elizabeth Shepherd, bap. [entry erased].
" May 23. Elizabeth, d. of John & Mary Shepherd, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Nov. 28. John Williams, of p. Wenlock, & Anne Habberly, of Chetton ... mar.
1715, Apr. 10. Henry, s. of Mr. Henry Wheeler & old Abby his wife, bur. at Glasley.
" Apr. 6. Catherine, w. to Aaron Chanteman[?], bur. at Glazeley.
" Apr. 20. John Smith, of p. Shifnol, & Elizabeth Rawlins, of Chetton, mar. at Glazeley.
" May [?]. Richard Shepherd, of Deuxhill, bur. at Deuxhill.
" June[?]. Mr. Luke Head, of Chetton[?], bur. at Glazeley.
1717, [?] 29. Elizabeth Harrald[?], bur. at Deuxhill.
" May 3. [illegible] Owen, of Glaseley, bur. at Deuxhill.
" July [?]. [illegible], s. & Ann, d. of [illegible] &
" Aug. 15. Tho., s. of Wm. & Elizabeth Holland, of Deuxhill ... bap.
" Sep 8. Tho., s. of Wm. & Elizabeth Holland ... bur.
" Sep 17. Sarah, d. of Mary [torn off], of Chetton, bur. at Glazeley.
" Oct. 17. Wm. Hassol, of Chetton p., bur. at Deuxhill.
" Nov. 29. Mary. d. to Joseph & Eliz. Chidley, of Chetton, bap. at Glazeley.

6 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1736




1736, Sep. 10. Worthington Francis, s. of John Dallow. of Deuxil, & Mary ... bap.
" Sep. 19. Francis. s. of Francis Lane, of Dewxil, & Jane ... bap.
" Mar. 13. Anne, d. of Geo. Perry, of Glazely, & Anne ... bap.

The Register for 1737.

1737, Mar. 30. Mary Head, wid., relict of Luke Head ... bur.
" Apr. 10. Anne, d. of John Harly, junr., & Anne ... bap.
" May 30. Richard Brown, of Stotesden, & Eliz Smith, of Glazely ... mar.
" Sep. 2. Thomas, s. of John Dallowe, of Deuxil, Mary ... bap.
" Nov. -. George, s. of Thomas Carter & Mary, privately bap. & buried the Toth at Glazely.
" Nov. 26. Robt. Walker, bur. at Glazely.
" Dec. 4. William, base s. of Wil. Evans, of Chelmarsh, & Anne Doughty, bap. at Glazely.
" Feb. 19. Mrs. Corfield, bur. at Deuxil, wife of John Corfield.

The Register of Dewxil and Glazely for the year 1738.

1738, Aug. 6. Arrther, s. of Arrther Hurlston & Anne. bap. at Deuxil.
" July 31. Anne, d. of John Glaze & Anne, bap. at Deuxhil.
" Oct. 6. Hercules Horrald, bur. at Dewxil. No affidt. recd. & Notice given 22nd.
" Oct. 22. Richd., s. of Wm. Head & Eliz., bap. at Dewxil.
" Jan. 10. Stephen, s. of Edwd. Weaver & Anne, bap. at Dewxil.
" Jan. 22. James, s. of John Dallow & Mary, privately bap. at Dewxil, publicly recd. Feb. 21.

1744] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 7

1738, Feb. 26. Mr. Corfield ... bur.

Here begins '39.

1739, Dec. 13. William, s. of George Perry & Ann, privately bap., bur. ye 14th at Glazely.

Here begins 1740.

1740, Jan. 6. John, s. of George Perry & Ann, bap. at Glazely.
" Jan. 27. Elinor, d. of John Daflow & Mary, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Mar. 20. Abigail, d. of Francis Lame & Jane, bap. at Glazely.

Here begins 1741.

1741, Mar. 31. John, s. of William Head & Elizabeth, bur. at Glazely.
" Apr. 14. Ann, d. of Edward Wheeler & Ann, bap. at Glazely.
" Oct. 71. John, s. of John Glaze & Ann, bap. at Glazeley.
" Oct. 26. Sarah Phillips, bur. at Deuxhil.
" Oct. 27. Humphery, base child of Richard Morgan & Mary Perry, bap. at Glazely.

Here begins ye year 1742.

1742, Mar. 28. John, s. of Aurther Holston & Anne, bap. at Glazely.
" July 16. Thomas, s. of Thomas Carter & Mary, bur. at Glazely.
" May 2. Joshua Fletcher & Deborah Wall, mar. at Glazely.

Here begins ye year 1743.

1743, July 17. Luke, s. of William Head & Elizabeth ... bap.
" Oct. 2. Richard, s. of William Birch & Sarah ... bap.
" Jan. 19. Thomas, s. of Edward Wheeler & Ann, privately bap. & bur. ye 22 at Deuxhill.
" Feb. 18. Ann, w. of John Glaze, bur. at Deuxhill.
" Feb. 19. Thomas Pratt, bur. at Glazely.

Here begins ye year 1744.

1744, May 4. William Bagley, bur. at Glazely.
" Oct. 28. Richard, base s. of Mary Perry, of p. Dukeshill, bap. at Glazely.

8 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1744

1744, Feb. 25. Elizabeth, d. of Edward & Ann Wheeler, bap. at Dewxhill.

Here begins ye year 1745.

1745, May 4. Stephen, s. of Thomas Pratt & Ann, privately bap., publicly recd. ye 5th at Dewxhill.

Here begins ye year 1746.

1746, Apr. s. Edward, s. of George & Ann Perry, bur. at Glazely.
" Apr. 16. John Jesper, bur. at Glazely.
" Oct. 10. William Osland, bur. at Dewxhill.
" Nov. 30. Jane Ashwood, bur. at Deuxhill.

Here begins ye year 1747.

1747, June 14. Mary Green, bur. at Glazely.
" Sep. 27. Sarah, d. of John & Sarah Glaze, bap. at Deuxhill.
" Jan. 10. Beniamin, s. of Edward & Ann Wheeler, privately bap., publickly received ye 25 at Dewxhill.

Here begins ye year 1748.

1748, June 4. John, s. of Richard Hinksman & Ann, privately bap.. publickly received ye 8 at Glazely.
" June 10. Elizabeth, d. of Richard & Hannah Wyer, bap. at Glazly.
" June 27. Joyes James, bur. at Glazley.
" Oct. 18. Thomas Watkins, of p. Wheathill, & Sarah Berry, of p. Chetton, mar. at Glazeley.
" Oct. 31. James, base s. of Abigail Head, bap. at Glazely.

Here begins ye year 1749.

1749, Apr. 9. Mars, d. of John & Sarah Glaze, bap. at Dewxhill.
" Nov. 28. Edward, s. of Edward & Ann Glaze, bap. at Dewxhill.

Here begins ye year 1750.

1750, May 21. Mrs. Hinksman, bur. at Glazley.
" May 27. [blank] Osland, wid., bur. at Dewxhill.
" Oct. 21. Richard, s. of Richard & Hannah Wver, bap. at Glazley.

1758] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 9

1750, Feb. 3. John Williams & Ann Shinton, mar. at Glazeley, both of this p.

Here begins ye year 1751.

1751, Apr. 7. Edward, s. of John Glaze & Sarah, hap. at Dewxill.
" May 26. Mary, d. of Edward Wheeler & Ann, bap. at Dewxill.
" Dec. 13. Joseph Rogers, bur. at Glazeley.
" Dec. 22. William. base child of Mary Lame, bap. at Deauxhill.
" Dec. 29. Charles, s. of Richard & Ann Hincksman ... bap.
1752, Sep. 25. Ann Hurlston, an infant ... bur.
" Oct. 29. Edward, s. of John & Anil Williams ... bap.
" Nov. 7. Ann Williams ... bur.
1753, Jan. 1. John Jones & Ann Doughty, of Dukeshill, by banns ... mar.
" Mar. 18. Thomas, s. of John & Sarah Glaze ... bap.
" May 27. Thomas, s. of Samuel & Martha Kerkham ... bap.
" June 26. William Glaze ... bur.
" Nov. 25. Thomas, s. of John & Sarah Glaze ... bur.
1754, Jan. 16. Giles Halyard. at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Apr. 28. Anne, d. of John & Mary Rowley, of Tedstillbap.
" Oct. 13. William, s. of Thomas & Mary George, at Dukeshill ... bap.
" Dec. 27. Anne Bagley, wid.. at Glazeley ... bur.
1755, Sep. 26. Arthur Hurlston ... bur.
1756, Feb.1. Elizabeth, the posthumus d. of Arthur Hurlston & Anne ... bap.
" May 2. Sarah, d. of William & Jane Page, at Dukeshill ... bap.
" May 30. John, a. of John & Sarah Morgan, at Glazley ... bap.

1757. No Christenings, Marriages, or Deaths happened in this year.
C. E. WYLDE, Rector. [signs to 1796.]

1758, Mar. 5. Elizabeth, d. of Wm. & Jane Page, at Dukeshill ... bap.

10 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1758

1758, Dec. to. Anne, d. of John & Sarah Jones. at Glazeley ... bap.

1759. No Christenings, Marriages, or Deaths happened in this year.
C. WYLDE, Rector.

1760, Feb. 24. William, s. of William & Jane Page, at Dukeshill ... bap.
" Sep. 21. Anne, d. of John & Elizabeth Jones, at Dukeshill ... bap.
" Nov. 8. Edward Corfield, a stranger, at Glasely ... bur.

C. WYLDE, Rector.

1761, Mar. 31. Anne, w. of Richd. Hinckesman, at Glasely ... bur.
" July 25. David Gough, of p. Chetton, at Glasely ... bur.


1762, Jan. 4. Richard Millachip, at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Mar. 7. Jane, d. of William & Jane Page, at Dukeshill ... bap.
" Apr. 18. Jane, w. of Francis Jones, at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Dec. 17. Francis Jones, at Dukeshill ... bur.
1763, Jan. 9. Jane, d. of John & Elizabeth Jones ... bap.
" July 19. Elizabeth Kinnersly, wid., at Glaseley ... bur.
1764, Sep. 16. James, s. of William & Jane Page, bap. at Dukeshill.
1765, Mar. 6. Anne, d. of James & Anne Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.
1766, May 11. John, s. of Richd. & Elizabeth Humphries, bap. at Glaseley.
" May 18. William, s. of John & Elizabeth Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Aug. 12. Edward Powell, at Glasely ... bur.
1767, Jan. 25. Francis, s. of Willm & Mary Doughty, bap. at Dukeshill.
" July 12. Mary, d. of William & Jane Page, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Aug. 16. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Mary Dallow, bap. at Glasely.

1770] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 11

1767, Sep. 6. Martha, d. of John & Hannah Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Dec. 26. James, s. of James & Anne Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.
1768, Jan. 31. James, s. of James & Anne Dallow, at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Feb. 28. Thomas. s. of Richard & Margaret George, bap. at Glasely.
" July 9. William Page, at Dukeshill ... bur.
1769, Feb. 19. Elizabeth, d. of John & Elizabeth Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Mar. 25. Richard, s. of James & Anne Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill, ... bur. 26th.
" Apr. 9. William, s. of William & Mary Doughty, bap. at Glasely.
" Apr. 22. Elizabeth, d. of John & Hannah Jones, bur. at Glaseley.
" July 7. Elizabeth, d. of Thos. Massey, bur. at Glaseley.
" Aug. 16. Mary, w. of Thomas Massey, bur. at Glaseley.
" Oct. 21. James, s. of Thomas & Mary Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill, buried Octr. 25th.


[On the cover.]

Pr: 5

[Inside the cover.]

Loton Register is at the other end of this Book.

1770, Oct 16. Elizabeth Browne, d. of Charles Edmund Wylde, Rector, & Mary. bap. at Glaseley.
" Oct. 17. Mary, w. of John Dallow, bur. at Dukeshill.
" Oct. 20. John, s. of Richard & Frances Head, bap. at Dukeshill.

C. WYLDE, Rector.

12 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1771

1771, Jan. 12. Eleanor, d. of James & Anne Dallow, bap., bur. at Dukeshill Jan. 15th.
" Apr. 15. William, s. of Thomas & Mary Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Apr. 28. Mary, d. of Richard & Mary George, bap. at Dukeshill.
" June 16. James, s. of William & Mary Doughty, bap. at Glaseley.
" Nov. 13. Katherine, d. of James & Anne Dallow, bap., bur. Nov. 21st.
" Dec. 3. Robert, s., & Mary, d. of Robert & Mary Monk ... bap.
" Dec. 15. Elizabeth. d. of Francis & Elizabeth Jones ... bap.


1772, Apr. 12. John, s. of John & Elizabeth Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Apr. 29. Thomas George, bur. at Dukeshill.


1773, Mar. 12. Joanna, d. of James & Anne Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.


1774, Jan. 23. Jane, d. of William & Mary Doughty, bap. at Glaseley.
" Mar. 25. Robert, s. of Charles Edmund Wylde, Rector, & Mary, bap. at Glaseley.
" July 6. Mary, d. of Thomas & Mary Dallow, bap. at Glaseley.
" July 13. Mary Powell, of p. Chelmarsh, bur. at Glaseley.
" Aug. 21. Anne, d. of Richard & Margaret George, bap. at Glaseley; buried Sep. 25th at Dukeshill.
" Dec. 9. Thomas Gyles, of Tedstill, bur. at Dukeshill.
" Dec. 30. James, s. of John & Elizabeth Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.


1775, Jan. 3. Sarah, base child of Anne Botwood, of p. Chelmarsh, bap. at Glaseley.
" June 6. John. s. of James & Anne Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.

1783] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 13

1775, Sep. 24. Margaret, d. of Richard & Margaret George, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Nov. 19. Abigail, d. of Robert & Mary Monk, bap. at Dukeshill.


1776, Aug. 27. John Fewtrell, s. of Charles Edmund Wylde, Rector, & Mary, bap. at Glaseley.


1777, Oct. 12. Anne, d. of Thomas & Mary Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Dec. 9. Mary, w. of Robert Monk, bur. at Dukeshill.


1778, Mar. 29. Benjamin, s. of John & Elizabeth Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Nov. 17. Thomas Massey, bur. at Glaseley.


1779, Feb. 28. Richard, s. of Richard & Margaret George, bap. at Dukeshill.


1780, Apr. 9. Anne, d. of Francis & Sarah Dallow ... bap.
" May 3. Thomas Massey, bur. at Glaseley.


1781, May 26. Elizabeth, d. of James & Anne Dallow ... bap.
" May 28. The above Elizabeth ... bur.


1782, Jan. 3. Richard Hinckesman, senior, of p. Neend Savage, bur. at Glaseley.
" Jan. 20. Sarah, d. of Richard & Margaret George, bap. at Glaseley.
" June 9. Eleanor. d. of Francis & Sarah Dallow, bap. at Dukeshill.


1783, Feb. 21. Jane, d. of James & Anne Dallowbap. bur. Feb. 24th.
" Apr. 10. Anne, wid. of Thomas Gyles, bur. at Dukeshill.
" June 18. Richard Hinckesman, bur. at Glaseley.
" July 25. James, s. of Francis & Sarah Dallow, at Dukeshill ... bur.


14 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1784

1784, July 5. John Williams, at Glaseley ... bur.


1785, Sep. 18. Robert. s. of Thomas & Mary Milner... bap.
" Nov. 14. Anne Hurltsone, wid., at Dukeshill ... bur.


1786, Jan. 22. James. s. of John & Mary Thomason ... bap.
" May 21. John, base s. of Joseph Bradley & Anne Lane, of p. Chetton ... bap.
" May 30. Mary George, wid., P. ... bur.
" June 15. John, s. of James & Anne Dallow ... bur.
" Aug. 6. Anne, d. of George & Abigail Street, of p. Chetton ... bap.
" Sep. 27. Benjamin. s. of Edward & Anne Gyles, of p. Chetton ... bap.


1787, Feb. 18. Anne, base child of May Pugh, of p. Quatford, bap. at Dukeshill.
" Feb. 25. Mary, d. of Samuel & Martha Harpur, of p. Chetton, at Glaseley ... bap.
" July 21. James. s. of John & Elizabeth Massey ... bap.


1788, Oct. 26. Margaret. d. of James & Sarah Wellings, of Stourport, bur. at Dukeshill.
" Dec. 28. Hannah. d. of William & Mary Hares, of p. Chetton ... bap.


1789, Jan. 7. Molly Smalman. d. of Edward Gyles & Anne, of p. Chetton ... bap.
" Apr. 29. Mary Hickson (pd. Tax for) ... bur.
" Oct. 11. Anne, w. of James Dallow ... bur.
" Dec. 6. Mary, d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Pugh ... bap.
" Dec. 20. Joan. d. of John & Elizabeth Massey ... bap.


1790, Jan. 31. Elizabeth Hinckesman, of p. Oldbury ... bur.

pd. Tax for. JAMES DALLOW, Ch. W.

1791, Jan. 12. Thomas, s. of Joseph & Elizabeth Wooton ... bap.
" July 10. William, s. of John & Sarah Botwood, of p. Chelmarsh, was bap. at Glazeley, Revd. W. Nichols being very ill.

1798] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 15

pd. Tax for, Dec. 14th. JAMES DALLOW, Ch. W.

1792, Jan. 10. Elizabeth Farr, bur. at Dukeshill.

pd. Tax for. Jan. 21st, 1793. THOMAS LEWIS, Ch. W.

1793, Mar. 24. William. base s. of William Nicklis & Elizabeth Catstree ... bap.
" Oct. 12. Anne, d., & John. s. of John & Elizabeth Massey ... bap.
" Oct. 14. The aforesaid John ... bur.


1794, July 24. Peter, base s. of Samuel Hickson & Elizabeth Burgess ... bap.
" Oct. 9. John Charnock ... bur.


1795, Feb. 15. Thomas Stocking, who died at Mr. Lewis's of Dukeshill ... bur.
" Mar. 11. John Bennet, of p. Chetton ... bur.
" July 7. Charles Edmund Wylde, junior ... bur.
" Oct. 2. Thomas Ror. Wylde, Esq. ... bur.
" Oct. 6. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Sarah By-Water ... bap.


1796. Nothing to be recorded.


1797, June 4. William Jones, base s. of Marc Bennet & James Jones ... bap.
" June 10. Richard George, at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Oct. 8. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas & Sarah Bywater ... bap.

R. WYLDE, Curate.

1798, Jan 25. Charles Edumnd Wylde. Rector ... bur.
" Aug. 2. Ann Robinson. base d. of Martha George ... bap.
" Nov. 11. Benjamin, s. of James & Mary Jones ... bap.
" Dec. 23. George, s. of Thomas & Mary Turner, bap. at Dukeshill.

CHARLES FEWTRELL, Curate. [signs to 1801.]

16 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1799

1799, Jan. 6. John Dallow, aged 95, at Dukeshill ... bur.
" Feb. 13. Thomas Dallow, senior, at Glazeley ... bur.


1800, Jan. 1. Publickly received Elizabeth, d. of Thomas & Mary Gibbon, at Glazeley.
" Feb. 17. Richard Jones, at Glazeley ... bur.
" Mar. 2. John, s. of Thomas & Sarah Byewater, bap. at Dukeshill.
" May 29. Samuel. s. of John & Elizabeth Hickson, bap. at Glazeley.
" Aug. 21. John Jones, at Dukeshill ... bur.


1801, Mar. 29. Elizabeth, d. of James & Mary Jones, bap. at Dukeshill.
" June 14. Elizabeth Jones, wid., at Dukeshill ... bur.
also Saml. Hickson, an infant, at Glazeley.

Charles Fewtrell. Clk.. resign'd the Curac of Dukeshill. & Glazele, to Revd. Edward Davenport - 24.

" June 14. William Hickson. an infant ... bur.
" Jul. 21. Sarah Williams ... bur.
1802, Nov. 5. Sarah, [d.] of John & Elizabeth Hickson, of Glaseley ... bap.
" May 16. George. [s.] of Thos. & Sarah Bywater, of Deuxhill ... bap.
1803, Dec. 4. Samuel Hickson Corfield, s. of Sarah Corfield ... bap.

Sent in.

1804, May 2. Mary. [d.] of James & Mary Jones, Deuxhill ... bap.
" May 21. Jane Davis, Deuxhill ... bur.
" Nov. 30. John Lewis. Deuxhill ... bur.

Sent in.

1805, Jan. 9. John. s. of John & Elizabeth Hickson ... bap.
" Jan. 22. Joseph. [s.] of Ann Pugh. Deuxhill ... bap.
" Feb. 24. John, [s.] of James & Mary Jones, Deuxhill ... bap.

Sent in.

1806, Dec. 22. Thomas Dallow, at Deuxhill ... bur.
1807, Jan. 16. Frances Bebb. Deuxhill ... bur.

1815] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 17

1807, June 7. William, [s.] of Griffin & Ann Lloyd, of Chetton ... bap.
1808, Aug. 29. James, [s.] of James & Mary Jones, Deuxhill ... bap.
" Apr. 18. Mary Dallow ... bur.
" Sep. 25. Margaret George ... bur.
1810, Mar. 18. Eliza, d. of Thos. & Maria Skerratt ... bap.
" June 29. Sarah Griffith ... bur.

1811. No Baptisms in 1811.

" Oct. 22. John Wheeler ["Glazeley" erased] ... bur.

(N.B.- Revd. Ed. Davenport died in Decr., 1812.)

1812, Apr. 19. Sarah, d. of John & Martha Lewis, of Chetton p. ... bap.
" May 10. John. s. of Richd. & Ann Parsonage, of Chetton p. ... bap.
" Aug. 2. Mare, d. of Griffin & Ann Lloyd, of Chetton p. ... bap.
" - -. Elizabeth, d. of Martha Griffiths ... bap.
" Dec. 27. Mary, d. of Thomas & Mary Lewis ... bap.
" May 28. Ann, d. of John & Elizabeth Massey ... bur.
" Dec. 3. Mary Dallow ... bur.
" Dec. 8. Thomas, s. of Thos. & Mary Jones ... bur.

W. VICKERS, Curate.

1804, Apr. 23. Sarah, [d.] of Edward & Ann Painter... bap.
" Aug. 5. Elizabeth, base [d.] of Milliona Bytheway ... bap.
" Nov. 11. William, [s.] of Margaret Onslow (base) ... bap.
1805, Mar. 8. Ann, d. of Willm. & Elizabeth Rea ... bap.
" Mar. 10. Thos., [s.] of Thos. & Sarah Onslow ... bap.
" July 10. William, base [s.] of Ann Painter ... bap.

For Baptisms & Burials from Loton, see the Chetton Register.

[Inside the cover.]

Registers of Deuxhill and Glazeley missing, Nov., 1821: -

All previous to 1655.
From 1669 to 1693, both inclusive.
From 1720 to 1735, both incl.

18 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1768

Transcripts in the Registrar's Office missing. Nov., 1821:-
From 1666 to 1673, both inclusive.
From 1676 to 1679, both incl.
1731 to 1733.


[On the cover.]


[The Marriages are by banns, except where "lic." is mentioned.]

1768, Jan. 11. Richard Jones, p. Glazely. b., & Susanna Wellings,
p. Middleton Scriven, sp., lic., in the Parish Church of Glazeley,
by JNO. HARDING, Curate of Oldbury.
Witnesses: John Hinckesman, John Williams.
1769, Apr. 16 Humphry Perry, p. Dukeshill, labourer, b., & Mary Higginson,
of the same p., sp.; in the Parish Church of Dukeshill,
by C.E. WYLDE. Rector. [signs to 1791.]
W: John Williams, Thomas George.
" Aug. 8. John Williams. of Glaseley. labourer. widr., & Sarah Moon,
p. Chelmarsh, sp.; in the Church of Glaseley.
W : Mary Wylde, James Moon.
1777, May 8. Benjamin Davies, p. Sidbury, husbandman, b., & Jane Page,
p. Dukeshill. wid., lic.; in the Church at Dukeshill.
W: Elinor Dallow, John Davis.
1778, May 14. Edward Teyerill, p. Quatt, farmer, b.. & Elinor Dallow,
of this p., sp., lic.; by EDD. EVANS, Curate pro tempore.
W: James Dallow, Catharine Astley.
" Sep. 13 & 27, & Oct. 1. Thomas Clinton, p. Stotesden, & Sarah Davies,
p. Dukeshill. [Banns only.]

1793] Deuxhill and Glaseley. 19

1779, July 7. William Hammonds, p. Glaseley, servant. & Elizabeth Perry,
p. Counde, sp., lic.; in the Church of Glaseley.
W: Margaret Wastall, Benjamin Perry.
1781, Jan. 28. Richard Cartwright, p. Glaseley, servant, b., & Mary Barker,
p. Chetton, sp.
W: John Williams, John Brown.
" Jan. 28. William Hopkins, of Glaseley, servant, b., & Mary Botwood,
p. Chetton, sp.
W: John Williams, John Brown.
" Dec. 21. John Bennet, p. St. Leonard in the Peculiar of Bridgnorth,
widr., & Elizabeth Okell. p. Glaseley, sp., lic.
W: Mary Hickson. John Green, junior.
1785, July 17. Thomas Milner, p. St. Leonard in the Peculiar of Bridgnorth,
b., & Mary Page, p. Dukeshill, sp., lic.; in the Church of Dukeshill.
W: Jane Page, Benjamin Davies.
" Aug. 10. John Thomason, p. Mincham, co. Chester, b., & Mary Dallow,
p. Dukeshill, sp., lic.; in the Church of Dukeshill.
W: James Dallow, Ann Dallow.
1786, July 24. John Massey, p. Sidbury, b., & Elizabeth Hurlstone,
p. Dukeshill, sp.; in the Church of Dukeshill.
W: Mary Lane, Thomas Massey.
" Oct. 18. John Evans, p. Dukeshill. & Winifred Yates, p. Dukeshill.
W: John Massey, John Dudley.
1788, July 22. Francis Pitt, p. Highlej, h., & Anne Dallow, p. Dukeshill, lic.
W: Elizabeth Farmer, Richd. Astley.
1791, July 3, 17 & 31. John Harris, p. Sidbury, & Elizabeth Charles, p. Dukeshill. [Banns only.]
1793, July 2. John Jasper, p. Quatford, b., & Ann Brown, p. Glaseley, sp.;
in the Church of Glaseley.
W: Martha Brown, William Dallow.

20 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1794-1812

1794, May 1. William Page, p. Neen Savage, b., & Ann Hill,
p. Glaseley, sp.; in the Church of Glaseley.
W: Mary Wylde & Elizabeth Browne Wylde.
1795, Dec. 29. John Dallow, p. Quatt, wheelwright, & Ann Steward,
p. Dukeshill, sp.; by CHARLES FEWTRELL, Curate.
W: Frances Bowres. Thomas Bywater.
1799, Jan. 3. Thomas Gibbon, p. Chetton, b., & Mary Dallow,
p. Glazeley, lic.
W: Ann Cook. William Dallow.
1806, Nov. 20. William Griffiths, p. Chelmarsh, b., & Sarah Skerratt,
p. Glazeley, sp., lic.
W: Elizabeth Skerratt, William Hickson.
1807, Aug. 17. John Turner & Mary Beddoes; by E. DAVENPORT, Rector.
W: Susannah Turner, Adam Dudley.
" Oct. 13. John Harvey, p. Elmeley Lovet, co. Worcester, b., & Eleanor
Skerratt, p. Glazeley, sp., lic.
W: Thos. Skerratt, Elizabeth Skerratt.

[The next entry is written on a loose sheet of paper stitched in.]

1810, Dec. 10. Benjamin Winwood & Mary Harris; in the Church of Deuxhill.
W: John Pugh, Margaret Winwood.
1812, Apr. 25. Thomas Lewis, p. Deuxhill, b., & Mary Beddoes,
p. Deuxhill, sp., lic.; by E. DAVENPORT, Rector.
W: John Dallow, Adam Dudley.
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