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The Register
of the
Independent Chapel,

Ellesmere Independent Chapel Register.


The records relating to the earlier history of this congregation are very meagre and confused. " The Independents have preached here from as far back as somewhere about 1770."* Services were held first in the dwellinghouse of Mr. Francis Lee, by Rev. Edward Williams and his students from Oswestry; then a house was fitted up in St. John's Hill, and afterwards one in Church Street. The Church was formed on Sunday, 12 November 1786. According to a note in the Register, which contains entries other than those of baptisms, the Chapel was erected in 1805-6. The sum of 8 0s. 6d. was collected at the opening service, and Sir Rowland Hill gave the congregation 10. The old chapel was replaced by the present building in 1884, the foundation stone being laid on 24th July by the late Thomas Barnes, esq., of the Quinta.


This was given by Messrs. Menlove, Baugh, Gough, and Roaf, on the occasion of the ordination, on 11 November 1829, of the Rev. Wm. Roaf.

" March 16th, 1787. Recd. a present from Mr. Thomas Jones, of Chester, cutler, two double candlesticks for the pulpit." " Of thine own have we given unto thee," Chron. 29, 14. H. Hunt."

Extracts from the Register.

Tan-y-bryn, Aberystwyth,
Midsummer Day, 1902.

* A History of Congregationalism in Shropshire, edited by Ernest Elliott (1898), p. 125.



HENRY HUNT, 1786-1791; b. at Dublin; ord. there Oct. 1762; min. Dub-lin; Stafford Street, Lancaster; Delph. Yorks; Ellesmere, 1786- Christmas 1791; Stourbridge, 1792-August 1810; Southwark, Back Street, 1810 d. 26 June 1815; aet. about 90; cf. Evangelical Magazine, xxiii, 320. Supplied by Ministers and Students from Wrexham, 1791-24 June 1812.

JEREMIAH AUBREY THOMAS, 1812-1828; ed. Wrexham Academy; schoolmaster at Oswestry, Jan. 1807 to Jan. 1812, in connection with Rev. J. Whitridge; ord. at Ellesmere, Midsummer Day, 3812; min. Ellesmere. 1812-1828.

WILLIAM ROAF, 1829-1839; ed. Highbury College; invited to Ellesmere, 12 Nov. 1828, accepted 24 July 1829; ord. there 1t Nov. 1829; min. Ellesmere. 1829-1839; removed to Wigan.

JOSEPH BARTON, 1840-1843; min. Market Drayton, -1840; Ellesmere, 2 Feb. 1840-Dec. 1843.

C.B. HOLDER, 1844-1845; ed. Spring Hill College; ord. Ellesmere, August 1844; min. there, 1844-end of 1845.

GEORGE EDGE, 1846-1851; min. Congleton, Jan. 1843-1855; Ellesmere, 29 March 1846-January 1851.

B.W. EVANS, 1851-1853; min. St. Florence, Pembrokeshire. 1851; Ellesmere, 29 June 1851-Christmas 1853, when rem. to Ebbw Vale.

- TYSON, 1854-1855.

JOHN THOMAS, 1856-1861; min. Shrewsbury Welsh Independents. 1856; Ellesmere, 1856-April 1861. when rem. to Tredegar.

HENRY WARNER, 1862-1865; min. Eccleshall; Ellesmere, Jan. 1862-Aug. 1865, when returned to Eccleshall.

CHARLES BATEMAN, 1866-1870; min. Newmarket; Ellesmere. June 1866- 1870.

RICHARD HURLEY TAYLOR, January 1877-September 1878.

H.C. WELSFORD; supply, 1878-1887, once every month.

S.T. WILSON BARKER; ed. Lancashire College; ord. 14 Oct. 1887; min. Ellesmere, Easter Day, 1887-.

The Register.

A vellum bound volume (clasps missing), 8 in. tall, by 6 1/2 inches broad, No. 11 Shropshire, General Register Office, Somerset House, W.C. Inscribed:-

" The gift of Edward Williams, Minister of the Gospel at Oswestry, Salop, to the Church of Christ meeting at Ellesmere, of the independent Denomination, 9 Nov. 1786."

1787 Samuel Roberts was. bap. at his father's (Joseph Robert's) house, & Sarah his wife, near Didleston-heath, by H. Hunt, Monday, 17 September.
1788 Joseph Saddler, s. of John & Elizabeth Saddler, Houghton (b. 3 March), bap. 1 June.
" Anne, dau. of John & Ann Richards, Stockath Gate (b. 12 May last), bap. 8 June.
" Martha, dau. of William & Hannah Kynaston, of Brown heath, bap. in the chapel 2 November.
1790 Ann, dau. of Edward & Margaret Williams, Dudleston (b. November last), bap. in Ellesmere Chapel 12 December.
1791 George, s. of Thomas & Mary Jeffries, near Ellesmere (b. this month), bap. 15 January.
" Mary, dau. of John & Elizabeth Williams, Penby, Flints. (b. 18 June), bap. 4 September.
" Elizabeth, dau. of John & Elizabeth Saddler, of the Eleven towns (b. 12 July), bap. 9 October
" Paid the stamp duty on Baptisms for this year, being four.- H.H. December.
[Henry Hunt resigned Christmas, 1791.]
1792 William, s. of John & Ann Richards, Stockett Gate, p. Ellesmere (b. 13 March), bap. 15 April, by John Whitridge, Minister of the Gospel.
" Buckley, s. of John & Sarah Buckley, Duddleston, bap. 17 October, by ditto.
1793 Elizabeth, dau. of Edward & Margaret Williams, Duddleston (b. 17 March), bap. 7 July, by ditto


2 Ellesmere Independent Chapel.

1792 William, s. of John & Ann Richards, Stockett Gate, p. Ellesmere (b. 13 March), bap. 15 April, by ditto.
1802 Thomas, s. of John & Margaret Windsor, Duddleston Heath, bap. 14 July.
" Rebeccah, dau. of Joseph & Mary Cartwright, Duddleston Heath, bap. 22 August, by John Whitridge.
1803 Mary, dau. of Samuel & Martha Bromfield, Colemere, p. Ellesmere (b. 7 March), bap. 30 March, by D. Powell.
1807 John Lloyd, s. of William & Mary Hollis, Ellesmere (b. 18 October), bap. 29 October, by Rev. Mr. Merrall, of Wem.
" William, s. of Benjamin & Mary Willings, Ellesmere, bap. 10 December, by ditto.
1808 Margaret, dau. of Thomas & Ann Colley, Duddlestone Heath, bap. 13 November, by Rev. Mr. Harris, of Pool [Welshpool].
1809 Benjamin, s. of Benjamin & Mary Willings, Ellesmere (b. 28 May), bap. 18 June, by Mr. Thomas.
" William, s. of Benjamin & Ann Whenlock, Colemere (b. 29 October), bap. 12 November, by ditto.
1811 Mary, dau. of Thomas & Mary Evans, Woodlane, township Colemere (b. 12 August), bap. 25 August, by J. Whitridge, Oswestry.
1808 William, s. of George & Sarah Edge, Welsh Hampton (b. 22 September 1807), bap. 6 May, by Richard Everall.
1809 Silas, s. of George & Sarah Edge, Welsh Hampton (b. 28 February), bap. 9 July, by ditto.
" William, s. of Benjamin & Ann Wenlock, Colemere (b. 29 October), bap. - November, by Jer. Aubrey Thomas.
1811 Joseph, s. of Joseph & Jane Tinsley (b. 15 January), bap. -, by ditto.
" Benjamin, s. of Benjamin & Ann Wenlock (b. 25 December), bap. by ditto.
1802 Hanna, dau. of Thomas & Ann Colley, Duddleston heath, bap. 20 September.


Ellesmere Independent Chapel. 3

1804 James, s. of Peter & Sarah Garves [sic Jarvis ?], (b. 18 September), bap. 16 October, by Mr. Everall.
1806 Sarah, dau. of Peter & Sarah Garves [sic Jarvis ?], bap. 26 October, by Mr. Whitridge.
1804 James, s. of Thomas & Ann [Roberts] Colley, labourer, Duddleston heath (b. 29 November), bap. 19 December, by ditto.
1806 James, s. of Thomas & Ann [Roberts] Colley, labourer, Duddleston heath, bap. 5 August, by Richard Everall.
1809 Peter, s. of Peter & Sarah Jarvis (b. 17 February), bap. 26 February, by J. Whitridge.
" Benjamin, a boy of Benjamin & Mary [formerly Jeffreys] Wellings, Charlotte Row, Ellesmere, shoemaker (b. 28 May), bap. 18 June, by Jeremiah Awbrey Thomas, minister.
1811 Joseph [male] of Joseph 8z Ann [formerly Edge] Tinsley, Forsters' End, farmer, bap. 15 January, by J. A. Thomas.


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