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The Register
Society of Friends,

Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

The Register here first printed is No. "1558 Society of Friends, Monthly Meeting of Shropshire", now at the General Register Office, in the custody of the Registrar-General. It measures 15 1/2 inches tall by 6 inches wide, and is in its original vellum cover. James Bowden, Recording Clerk of the Society of Friends, in depositing it with the Commissioners on "the 12th day of the 2nd month, 1857", describes it as "the original Register Book of Marriages and Deaths, which has been kept for the Quarterly Meeting of the Society of Friends of Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Wales; and has been from time to time in the custody of the Registering Officers of the said Quarterly Meeting for the time being." The Commissioners, who "certify that this is one of The Registers which we find to be accurate and faithful", are John S. Burn, W.P. Parken, and Horace Mann.

The entries cover the period from 1657 to 1776.

The Marriage certificates and contracts vary occasionally in form, but not in substance - one or two are here given in full, as examples.

In the History and Antiquities of Shrewsbury, Thos. Phillips, 1837, there is this reference, on p. 109:- " The Quaker's meeting-place was also then where it now is, top of St. John's Hill; it was erected as early as the year 1746, and considerably enlarged in the year 1807."

The building is still the property of the Society of Friends, and attached to it is the small burial ground, neatly laid with grass; there are no headstones nor memorials visible, to any persons here interred.

William Griffin, corn dealer, College Hill, d. 21 Feb. 1864. aet. 68, was one of the last Friends in Shrewsbury actively connected with this meeting-house, though an effective meeting here did not continue up to the date of his decease.

The building is now leased to the Atcham Union, for their offices.

Wm. Gregory Norris. J.P., Coalbrookdale, is the custodian of the Digested Transcript of the Friends' Registers of Births, Marriages, and Burials for the county.

GEORGE EYRE EVANS. Tan-y-bryn, Aberystwyth, Easter, 1903.

William Gregory Norris, J.P., kindly furnishes the following valuable historical note:-

The earliest visits of Quaker Preachers to Shrewsbury and its neighbourhood appear to have been about the year 1654. The strangers were apprehended and committed, but were guarded out of town "with a pass towards their own country, but two friends of Shrewsbury, that is to say, William Payne and Katherine Broughton, brought them on their way."


George Fox visited Shrewsbury in 1657 and again in 1667. Before 1660 a " hired house in the town of Shrewsbury" was used as the recognised place of Meetings for Worship. After the organisation of the Society had become more settled, it was agreed at a Meeting held at Dolobran in 1668 of " Representatives from ye several Meetings in Shropshire, Montgomeryshire, and Merionethshire," that " Charles Lloyd and Thomas Lloyd doe register all births. marriages and deaths, and sufferings of Friends of all kinds"; and in 1669 it was agreed to purchase "a Meeting Room and an enclosure for a Burying place " in Shrewsbury. Accordingly in 1670, Constantine Overton became the purchaser from John Thomas of two messuages. with their appurtenant gardens and premises, in a certain street called St. John's Hill, and assigned the same to trustees on behalf of the Society. About the same time John Millington gave a part of a garden: and afterwards Owen Roberts contributed 80 to the Society's funds, which were expended about 1730 in the rebuilding of the Meeting Room; which again was rebuilt and enlarged in 1807. From the association of Montgomeryshire with Shropshire the existing Register Book is not complete, and it is believed one or more volumes were lost on the removal of the Lloyd family from Dolobran about 1730. Since about 1710 the Shropshire Registers have been kept more distinctly separate, and they include the other Meetings as well as Shrewsbury, to which centre the present volume chiefly relates. It may not be out of place to explain that the number of signatures to the Registers or Certificates of Marriage arises from the care which was desired to be taken to certify each marriage. That there should be full publicity of the intentions of the parties, after enquiry as to the absence of other engagements and as to the consent of parents or guardians, was the invariable preliminary to the solemnisation of the contract. which also took place publicly, as is the rule at the present time, in a religious Meeting of the Society.


This iith } Wee whose names are heereunto
of the 6th } subscribed being eye and eare witnesses
Month } of the thing heareafter mentioned doo
1657. } in the presence of the Living God
testify to all whome it may concerne.
The Lawfull Marriage and joyning
Will } togeather in the Lord of our Brother
Trattle } and Sister, vizt. Willyam Trattle &
& Katherine } Katharn Broughton, both Members of
his wife } the Meeting of the Lord's people at
Shrewsbury and inhabitants of that
place, and in Testimony of the truth
of the things aforementioned, now
Subscribe our names, This 11th of the
6th Month called by the world August,

Wit.: Constantine Overton,
Humphrey Burton, John Paine,
William Payne, Saml. Overton,
Tho. Jackson, John Millington,
Elizabeth Lappington, Mary Millington.

1659 Thomas Jackson & Elizabeth Lappington, 13th day, 9th mo. Wit.: Constantine Overton, Humphrey Burton, John Millington, Willm. Trattle, Katherine Trattle, Mary Millington.
1658 John Paine & Margaret Bristowe, 17th day of 12th mo. Wit.: Constantine Overton, Humphrey Burton, John Millington, Will. Trattle, Mary Millington, Elizabeth Lappington.
1659 John Yardley, of the meeting att Malpas in Chester, & Elizabeth Farmer, of Shrewsbury, now both inhabitants in ye towne of Lyonsholt [?] co. Denbigh, 29th day, 10th mo. Wit.: John Millington, Constantine Overton, John Newton, Arther F.


2 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1658 Abraham Poyner & Jane Crowther, 13th day, 10th mo. Wit.: John Paine, Humphrey Overton, Elizabeth Loppington, Mary Millington, Margaret Bristowe, Katherine Trattle.
1661 Edward Edwards & Mary Sermon, 25th day, 5th mo. Wit.: Edward Jefferie, Will. Trattle, Samuel Everall, John Millington, Evan Thomas, Humphrey Overton, Thos. Somerfield, James Farmer.
1662 Thomas Somerfield, of Stanton, co. Salop, & Lucy Farmer, 2nd day, i ith mo. Wit.: Thomas Jackson, John Farmer, James Farmer, Henry Rawson.
1667 Evan Thomas & Ann Jeffereis, 4th day, 6th mo. Wit.: Richard Ward, Thomas Overton, Thomas Mansill, Will. Trattle, Richard Evans, Owen Roberds, Richard Lowndes, Richard Uggon.
" Richard Moore & Sarah Williams [rest torn off]* "both members of the Meeting in Shrewsbury or Elsewhere, and one or both of them Inhabitants, or intending themselves to be inhabitants, of the town of Shrewsbury." Wit.: James Farmer, Thos. Briscowe, Samuel] Everall, John Shawe, Thomas Overton, John Humstone, Mary Millington, Jane Overton, Edward Jefferies, John Jefferies, Thomas Somerfield, John Farmer, Bridget Davies, Margaret Payne, Anne Hall, Susanna Phillips, Dorothy Harper.
" Thomas Mancell & Susannah Phillips, 4th day, 8th mo. Wit.: Samuel Everall, William Trattle, Richard Lownds, Cicily Griffiths, Mary Millington, Elizabeth Jackson, Elizabeth Holston, Mary Turner, Ann Hall.
" Thomas Overton & Mary Farmer, 5th day, 11th mo. Wit.: James Farmer, Wm. Trattle, John Farmer, Richard Uggon, Thomas Mansill, John Simson, Samuel Everall, Richard Lowndes, Elizabeth Jackson, Jane Overton, Kathran Winser, Sarah Moore, Mary Millington.

* Supplied from the transcript (No. 705), viz., 13th day, 5th mo., 1662.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 3

1668 Owen Roberts & Mary Hughes, 10th day, 7th month. Wit.: Richd. Moore, Const. Overton, Tho. Overton, Richd. Lowndes, John Simson, Nicholas Ellis, Mary Millington, Jane Overton, Katherine Winser.
1669 Richard Evans & Parnell Jones, 6th day, 12th mo. Wit.: John Simson, Wm. Trattle, Thos. Overton, Owen Roberts, Robert Line, James Lloyd, Thos. Mansell, John Millington, Jane Overton, Sarah Moore, Ann Hall, Susana Mansell, Margt. Farmer, Mary Uggon, John Farmer.
" Willyam Lewis & Mary Reeves, 24th day, first mo. Wit.: Francis Reeve, Constantine Overton, Robert Line, John Simson, Owen Robert, Sam. Everall, Humphrey Overton, Mary Millington, Sara Moore, Ann Hall, Mary Overton, Elizabeth Houlson.
1668 Richard Ugan & Mary Davies, 19th day, 2nd mo. Wit.: Richard Moore, Will Trattle, Constantine Overton, John Millington, Owen Roberts, John Simson, Richard Lewis, Mary Millington, Jane Overton, Elizabeth Jackson, Mary Simson, Sarah Moore.
1669 Thomas Pugh & Briggett Palmer, 3rd day, 3rd mo. Wit.: William Glazzard, John [?- ], William Rowles, Thomas Palmer, Jane Woodruffe, John Webb, Dorothy Glazard, Elizabeth Glazard, Mary Glazard, Ann Palmer, Elizabeth Davise, Margt. Knott.
1674 Owen Robertts & Ann Hall, 20th day, 2nd mo. Wit.: James Farmer, Const. Overton, John Millington, Eliz. Lloyd, Eliz. Wright, Margt. Keene, Francis Keene, John Farmer, Tho. Overton, Richd. Uggon, Will Trattle, Evan Thomas, John Simson, Sidney Phillipps, Richd. Evans, Susan Mansell, Jane Overton, Mary Millington, Jane Poyner, Lucy Farmer, Mary Overton, Ann Thomas, Mary Farmer, Ester Griffithe, Marg. Bowen, Ann Lawrence, Mary Uggon.


4 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1669 Thomas Palmer & Elizabeth Hosking, 27th day, 12th mo. Wit.: Richard Evans, Wm. Glazzard, Humphrey Hoskin, Ann Hoskin, Elizabeth Glazzard, Jane Woodroofe, Dorothy Glazard, Margt. Knott, Mathew Bromly, Judeth Littale.
1674 William Hodges & Mary Turner, 10th day, 12th mon. Wit.: William Paine, William Trattle, Francis Reeve, James Farmer, John Simpson, Owen Roberts, Richard Evans, John Farmer, Abraham Poyner, Richard Ugin, Richard Moore, Thomas Overton, Roger Prichard, Mary Millington, Jane Overton, Margarett Bowen, Elizabeth Wright, Margaret Reeves, Ann Lawrence, Mary Ugin, Mary Overton, Katherine Trattell, Ann Roberts.
" Sydney Phillipps & Jane Jones, 22nd day, 12 mo. Wit: John Simpson, Owen Roberts, Roger Prichard, Wm. Hodges, Richard Ugon, Elizabeth Wright, Mary Millinton, Margaret Reeve, Margaret Bowen, Mary Overton, Jane Overton, Ann Lawrence, Ann Roberts, Mary Ugon.
1676 Edward Prichard, of Amyley meeting, co. Hereford, & Elizabeth Jackson, of Shrewsbury, belonging to that meeting, 18th day, 10th mo. Wit.: Henry Wright, Roger Prichard, Morgan Watkine, John Millington, Robb. Barrow, Charles Lloyd, Will. Tratle, Will. Payne, Const. Yonge, Tho. Lloyd, Sam. Farmer, Abro. Poyner, Will. Hodges, Fra. Reeves, Tho. Overton, John Simpson, Elizabeth Wright, Margarett Bowen, Ann Lawrence, Hanna Prichard, Jane Overton, Mary Millington, Mary Camberford, Kathrin Tratle, Mary Simpson, Mary Uggon, Margt. Lewis, Mary Overton, Mary Hodges.
1679 William Heywood, of Keele, co. Stafford, & Elizabeth Eardley, of Shrewsbury meeting, 16th day, 12th mo. Wit.: Randle Olcott, James Farmer, Will. Trattle, Richd. Evans, Jane Alcott, Elizabeth Wright, Ann Roberts, Jane Overton, Owen Roberts, John Millington, Thos. Overton, Robert Griffiths, Tho. Palmer, Richd. Tymmis, Will.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 5

Morgan, Tho. Jenks, Randle Turner, Ellis Davis, Richd. Davis, John Farmer, Will. Hodges, Tho. Pew, John Simpson, Margaret Rees, Mary Uggon, Mary Millington, Elizabeth Smith, Katherine Winsor, Debory Gregory, Mary Simpson, Mary Hodges.

Md. James Farmer proposed his purpose of marriage with Elizabeth Jordan, the xxth of the 10th month last, which was consented unto. And allso this 17th of 11th month, 1680, he hath satisfyed frende concerning making over pt. of his estate to his children which he had by his former wife.

1680 James Farmer, of ye pish. of Cound, yeoman, & Elizabeth Jordan, of Twexbury, co. Glosester, s., dau. of Tho. Jordan, of Stoke Archard, yeoman, 13th day, 12th mo., called February, in public meeting house of Twexbury.
1682 Henry Price & Mary Uggon, 28th day, 10th mo. Wit.: Henry Price, John Millinton, Constantine Overton, Randle Olcott, Owen Roberts, Thomas Petters, Christopher - [?], John Simpson, Sampson Lloyd, ye mark of mee x Mary Price, Mary Millinton, Jane Olcott, Margaret Reeve, Elizabeth Wright, Mary Overton, Jane Overton, Mary Scott, Mary Simpson, Ann Roberts. Katherine Winser, Alice Timmis, Sarah Overton.
1685 Jacob Cottrill, of Bewdly, co. Worcester, carrier, s. of Rowland & Alce Cottrill, of Birmingham, & Elizabith Heughs, dau. of Thomas & Jane Heughs, of Brosly, co. Salop, 27th day, 10th mo., call'd December. Wit.: Jacob Cottrell, Thomas Hughes, John Hughes, Constantine Overton, John Simpson, Tho. Palmer, Tho. Overton, John Scott, Tho. Peters, Tho. Evans, Tho. Hughes, juner, John Farmer, Morg. Vahan, Julius Palmer, Elizabeth Cotterell, Sarah Hughes, Ellinor Corbett, Jane Overton, Elisabeth Palmer, Katherin Windsor, Katherin Trattle, Parnell Evans.


6 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1686 Christopher Edwards & Mary Signer, 20th day, 12th mo. Wit.: Richard Evans, Richard Smith, John Farmer, Willm. Highway, Tho. Overton, Owen Roberts, Tho. Palmer, Tho. Peters, John Simson, Ann Roberts, Eliz. Wright, Mary Price, Mary Higges, Eliz. Palmer, Eliz. Paine, Kather. Windser.
1690 Roger Roaden & Elizabeth Paine, 29th day, 4th mo. Wit.: Ustus Beard, Will. Hodges, Owen Roberts, Thomas Petters, Owen Oliver, Richard Evans, Elizabeth Wright, Jane Ollcott, Jane Overton, Anne Roberts, Mary Hodges, Mary Price, Elizabeth Peeters, Sara Hughes, Elizabeth Smith, Margaret Haynes, Parnell Evans.

This is to Certifie all whom it may concern that I Icabod Bowen, belonging to friends meeting in Leominster, in the county of Hereford, and that I Sarah Wright of Shrewsbury, belonging to friends meeting there, having heretofore declared our intention of marriage to the men and women meeting of Shrewsbury who having received severall Certificates concerning his clearness from all others, and she also know unto us to be clear from any other, and having parents and relations consent thereunto we therefore have given our consent that the same be accomplished which was done the 17th day of the 10th month 1693, at a meeting of Frds. in Shrewsbury where the aforesaid Icabod Bowen took Sarah Wright by the hand and said in the fear of the Lord and in the presence of you my friends I take this my friend Sarah Wright to be my wife promising to her to be a loving husband till death separates us. And likemanner the aforesaid Sarah Wright took the said Icabod Bowen by the hand and said in the fear of the Lord and the presence of you my friends I take this my friend Icabod Bowen to be my Husband, promising to be to him a loving and tender wife till death separate us, so this being done and the same accomplished


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 7

the day and year above written we whose names are underwritten are eye and ear witnesses of the same. Icabod Bowen, Sarah Bowen.

Wit.: William Heighway, Constantine Overton, John Simpson, Senior, Owen Roberts, Richard Evans, William Hodges, Thomas Peters, John Simpson, Junior, Joseph Peters, Benjamin Roberts, Margaret Bowen, Elizabeth Wright, Martha Wright, Dorithy Bolton, Jane Overton, Elizabeth Heighway, Anne Roberts, Mary Uggan, Anne Holland, Senior, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Hodges, Elianor Corbet, Easter Fletcher, Mary Corbet, Deborah Lloyd, Elizabeth Peters, Hannah Roberts, Anne Holland, Junior.

1705 Thomas Pugh, of ye Woodmill, in ye parish of Elsemere, co. Salop, weaver, & Elizabeth Urion, of ye same place, 4th day, 9th mo., in the fourth year of the reign of Queen Anne.

{ Thomas Pugh
{ Eliz., her mark x Urion
{ now Pugh.

Wit.: Roger Urion, Owen Roberts, John Simpson, Wm. Osbourn, John Simpson, Junior, Thomas Johnson, George Hughes, Peter Lee, Joseph Roberts, Ann Roberts, Sarah Willson, Ann Holland, Eliz. Hodges, Deborah Gregory, Priscilla x Osborn, Phebe Simpson, Isabell Beddow, Ann Haines.

1709/10 Amos Davies, of Mathraval Forge, co. Montgomery, widdower, & Anne Hollard, Shrewsbury, widow, 19th day, 11th mo., call'd January.

{ Amos Davies.
{ Anne Hollard.

Wit. Owen Roberts, Robt. Griffith, John Simpson, Wm. Reynolds, John James, Thos. Cadwal'dr, Jno. Kelsall, Richd. Lewis, Jno. Rogers, Wm. Hodges, Jno. Sympson, Junior, Willm. Osborn, Willm. Winter, David Nicolas, Jonathan Nicolas, Tho. Oliver, Tho. Mansell, Mary Nicolas, Susanna Davies, Elizabeth Davies,


8 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

Anne Roberts, Eliz. Wright, Mary Hodges, Mary Mozely, Alice Reynolds, Deborah Gregory, Martha Pearson, Anne Pearson.

1709/10 Joseph Phelps, s. of Thos. Phelps, dec'd, of the Citty of Limerick, merchant, & Hannah Tayler, dau. to Hannah Tayler, widdow, Citty of Bristoll, 19th day, 1st mo.

{ Joseph Phelps.
{ Hannah Phelps.

Wit.: Owen Roberts, John Simpson, Wm. Hodges, Amos. Davies, Thom. Mansell, Josh. Toft, Jon. Simpson, Junior, Eliz. Wright, Ann Roberts, Ann Davies, Mary Simpson, Han. Tayler, mother of Han. Phelps, Rebeck. Lowe, M. Staunton, Mary Hicks, Kath. Hanwy, Eliz. Owen, Mary Stodart, Eliz. Lyster, Frances Lyster, Henry Ravenscroft, Rebb. Severn, Margt. Dunn, Isabel Beddow, Sus. Davis, Eliz. Davis, Bd. Grant, Mary Grant, Junior, Judeth Crowley, Jane Hollings, Chas. Lloyd, Anthoy. Maude, David Sutton, John Scott, A. Owen, Jn. Meredith, H. Dowdeswell, Margt. Evans, Mary Herbert, Alethea Clifford, Alethea Clayton, J. Powell, Mary Middleton, Han'h. Tayler, Thom. Grant, Mary Grant, Arthur Tayler, Sibilla Wood, John Lowe, Andrew Wood, Richd. Woollaston, Jn. Wood, Joseph Tayler, Rd. Vaughan, John Hollings, John Hollings, Junior.

1721 George Brawne, of Bridgnorth, patternmaker, & Isabel Beddow, of Shrewsbury, 27th day of ye mo. called July.

{ George Brawne.
{ Isabel Brawne.

Wit.: Anne Davies, Mary Millward, Mary Dowdeswell, Mary Hodges, Amos Davies, Junior, Jno. Corbin, Julius Palmer, J. Dowdeswell, Anne Juson, Mary Davies, Mary Barton, Jno. Simpson, Joshua Toft, Wm. Barton, Will. Hodges, Richard Juson, Thomas Palmer, Elisha Bently, Wm. Winter, Abraham Pugh Jane Evans.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 9

172; William Osborn, late of Haberley, co. Salop, now of Bromptrees, co. Hereford, & Parnell Evans, dau. of Richard & Parnell Evans, deceased, of Cund, co. Salop, 18th day, 12 MO.

{ Wm. Osborn.
{ Parnell Osborn.

Wit.: Amos Davies, Senior, Wm. Hodges, Jno. Simpson, Wm. Reynolds, Senior, Tho. Mansell, Joseph Juson, Wm. Barton, George Brawne, Amos Davies, Mary Dowdeswell, Isabel Brawne, Mary Bower, Mary Davies, Jane Evans, Phebe Simpson, Bridget Peate, Jno. Gilbert, Amos Davies, Junior, Jno. Juson, Abraham Pugh, Arthur Tomkins, Wm. Rey, Junior, Robert Juson, Charles Barnes, Elizabeth Barnes, Margt. Barnes, Anne Prichard, Eliz. Mansell, Richd. Mansell, Humphrey Owen, Wm. Prichard, David Prichard, Robert Bradley.

1722 Arthur Tomkins, of Dorrington, p. Condover, co. Salop, shoemaker, & Bridgett Platt, of ye same place, 15th day, 9th mo. called November.

{ Arthur Tomkins.
{ Bridgett Platt.

Wit.: Wm. Raynolds, Richd. Juson, Jno. Simpson, Joseph Juson, Wm. Barton, Anthony Parker, George Brawne, Amos Davies, John Juson, Abraham Pugh, John Gilbert, Wm. Raynolds, Junior, Mary Hodges, Mary Downsdell, Anne Juson, Mary Mansell, Anne Mannox, Ester Parker, Mary Bower, Mary Davies, Phoebe Simpson, Jane Evans, Debora Evans, Elinor Treaver, Wm. Pryce, Joseph Raynolds, Humphrey Owen, Richard Mansell, David Pritchard, Wm. Hodges, Mary Mosley.

1688 William Reynolds, of Winsbury, co. Salop, s. of David Reynolds, of ye same place, & Alice Timmis, dau. of Robert Timmis, late of Aston, co. Stafford, deceased, 22nd day, 1st mo., called March.

{ Wm. Reynolds.
{ Alice x Reynolds [sic].


10 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

Wit.: John Reynolds, Constantine Overton, Richard Evans, Thomas Palmer, Owen Roberts, John Simpson, Thos. Peeters, Julius Palmer, Joane Reynolds, Jane Olcott, Elizabeth Wright, Katherine Trattle, Jane Overton, Anne Roberts, Elizabeth Andrews, Katherine Windsor, Sarah Davies, Mary Price, Mary Hodges, Elizabeth Palmer, Elizabeth Peters, Mary Corbett, Elizabeth Dackin.

N.B.- This should have been inserted in the 14 page of this Record of Mariges.

1719 John Shier & Jane Roden, both of Colebrookdale, co. Salop, 19th day of November.

{ John Shier.
{ Jane x Shier.

Wit.: Job Lewis, Amos Davies, Jo. Simson, Julius Palmer, Richd. Juson, Joseph Juson, Will. Barton, Arthur Tomkins, Will. Osbourn, Abraham Pugh, Robert Budely, Mary Lewis, Anne Harvey, Mary Dowdeswell, Mary Baker, Mary Palmer, Anne Juson, Isabel beddow, Mary Davies, Jane Davies, Jane Evans, Anne Grout, Mary barton, Ruth Osborn, Saml. Roden, Anne Roden, Elizabeth Slycer.

1723 John Gilbertt, of London, baker, & Mary Davis, of Shrewsbury, dau. of Amos Davies, lately deceased, 27th day, mo., call'd June.

{ John Gilbert.
{ Mary Gilbert.

Wit.: William Raynolds, William Hodges, Richard Juson, Mary Downsdell, Dorothy Callcott, Anne Elisha, Anne Davies, Tho. Mansell, John Kelsall, Richard Easthope, Hennery DoDownesdellRichard Hollings, Joseph Bowen, George Brawne, Arthur Tomkins, John Juson, Wm. Raynolds, Junior, Prudence Perrey, Sarah Hannach, Mary Bower, Mary Stanley, Mary Moseley, Mary Hodges, Phoebe Simson, Jane Pryce, Mary Mansell, Amos Kelsall.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 11

1724 Abraham Pugh, of Shrewsbury, shoemaker, & Jane Evans, late of Dartia [?] now of Shrewsbury, spinster, 2nd day, 5th mo., call'd July.

{ Abraham Pugh.
{ Jane Pugh.

Wit.: Wm. Raynolds, Wm. Hodges, Richd. Juson, Jno. Simpson, Joseph Juson, Thomas Mansell, Hugh Jones, Wm. Barton, Arthur Tomkis, Mary Juson, Margaret Dowdeswell, Jane Callcott, Wm. Raynolds, John Juson, Ralfe Waters, Humphry Jandrell, Robert Hesketh, Robert Bridg, Richard Vaughan, Ann Ridge, Wm. Evans, George Brawne, Isabell Brawne, Mary Mansell, Phoebe Simpson, Anne Grout, Martha Lowry, Mary Bower, Mary Raynolds, Prudence Perry, Abigale Medlicott.

1725 John Jones, of Meale Brace, co. Salop, husbandman, & Bridgett Bradley, of the parish of Ryton, of the Eleaven Towns, spinster, 25th day, 9th mo., call'd November.

{ John x Jones.
{ Bridget x Jones.

Wit.: Wm. Reynolds, Wm. Barton, Wm. Stone, Geo. Brawne, Rd. Edwards, Amos Davies, Wm. Atkins, Rd. Bonville, Isabel Brawn, Jane Pugh, Pheby Simpson, Ann Grout, Mary Bowers, Ann Ridge, Mary Barton, Jane Myers, Deborah Evans, Elener Trevor, mother Jane Bradley, sister Mary Bradley.

1727 William Stone, of Salop, shoemaker, & Jane Pugh, of Salop, 7th day, 2nd mo., call'd Aprill.

{ Wm. Stone.
{ Jane Stone.

Wit.: John Fallowfield, Benj. Kidd, Chas. Lloyd, Senior, Chas. Lloyd, Junior, Ben Newall, Roger Prichard, Paul Craven, Allen England, Richd. Juson, Wm. Barton, Ar. Tomkis, Amos Davis, Richd. Phillips, Jno. England, Jos. England, Jno. Bradford, Wm. Baker, Wm. hodges, Jno. Simpson, Jos. Juson, George Brawne, Mary Morhall, Sarah Lloyd, Jane Lloyd, Pris. Summers, Sarah England, Alice England, Rebh. bevan, Mary Smith, Mary Lloyd, Sarah Smith, Mary Moseley, Ann Juson, Mary Barlow, Jane Myers.


12 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1732 John Morris, of Amely, maltster, & Elizabeth Clark, of French Hay, near Bristol, 10th day, 2nd mo., call'd Apprill.

{ Jno. Morris.
{ Elizabeth Morris.

Wit.: Jno. Simpson, Rd. Edwards, Ar. Tomkis, Geo. Brawne, Mat. Drinkwater, Wm. Stone, Rd. Juson, Isabel Brawne, Mary Juson, Eliz. Tomkis, Jane Stone, Ann Groutt, Mary Barton, Mary Juson, Jos. Juson, Jno. Juson, Wm. Hodges.

1730 William Hodges, of the Dayhouse, co. Salop, yeoman, & Margaret Rudge, late of Worcester, now of the Dayhouse, spinster, 25th day, 12th mo., call'd February.

{ Wm. hodges.
{ Mary hodges.

Wit.: Jno. Simpson, Wm. Stone, Geo. Brawne, Richd. Edwards, Rb. bradley, Matt. Drinkwater, Rd. Lloyd, Mary Dowdeswell, Isabel Brawne, Jane Stone, Pheby Simpson, Jane Brawne, Mgt. Dowdeswell.

1735 William Lloyd, of Eaton, co. Salop, husbandman, & Jane Roberts, of the Dayhouse, spinster, 6th day, 3rd mo., call'd May.

{ Wm. Lloyd.
{ Jane Lloyd.

Wit.: Sam. Elisha, James Downes, Wm. Baldwin, Wm. Stone, Geo. Brawne, Jno. Juson, Amos Davis, Jno. Morris, Rt. Horton, Rd. Juson, Rd. Patrele, Tho. Colefax, Mary Dowdeswell, Rob. Elisha, Eliz. Plimley, Judith Cotton, Mary Elisha, Ann Plimly, Ann Colefax, Sarah Sanford, Mary Dawson, Mary Patrele, Ann Mathers, Penelope Colefax, Mary Gough, Mary Edwards, Mary Juson, Jane Stone, Mary Barton, Mary Mansell, Jane Brawne, Eliz. Roberts, Elener Roberts.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 13

1739 William Morgan, of Aliney, co. Hereford, weaver, & Mary Gully, of Cordale, co. Salop, 20th day, 2nd mo., call'd April.

{ Wm. Morgan.
{ Mary Morgan.

Wit.: Jos. Gile, Caleb Baker, Jno. Thomas, Mary Dowdeswell, Thos. Williams, Ab. Darby, Jno. Simpson, Serjant Roaden, Tho. Wall, Ed. Prichard, Jno. Falkner, Rd. Edwards, Job Browne, Ed. Wynn, Rd. Churchill, Tho. Russell, Wm. Stone, Jno. Price, Wm. Tomkis, Wm. Osborn, Geo. Brawne, Sarah Harvey, M. Collier, Jane Smith, Sar. Thomas, Jane Stone, Jane Brawne, Rd. Gully, Ann Gully, Sara Blakeway, Susannah Williams.

1741 Jos. Williams, of Bristol, & Ann Derrick, of Tern, co. Salop, 30th day, 1st mo., call'd March.

{ Jos. Williams.
{ Ann Williams.

Wit.: Sam. Morris, Rd. Edwards, Amos Davies, Rd. Horton, Jon. Fawkner, Geo. Gepwell, Sam. Fawkner, Thos. Dowdeswell, Jeremiah Lakewood, Wm. Stone, Dav. Machen, Tho. Powell, Sam. Wheeler, Sam. Thomas, Tho. henler, Jas. Williams, Alex. Hastil, Jas. Pugh, Jane Stone, Jane Brawne, Rebecca Jones, Mary Devereux, Rachel Craig, Jane Roaden, Mary Barton, Hannah Thomas, Eliz. Roaden, Grace Roaden.

Relations:- Tho. x Derrick, Jon. Williams, Abel Johnson, Hy. Slicer.

1742 John Thomas, Junior, of Colebrook Dale, & Ann Mansell, of Atcham, spinster, 27th day, 3rd mo., call'd May.

{ Jno. Thomas.
{ Ann Thomas.

Wit.: Wm. Barton, Ab. Darby, Wm. Reynolds, Tho. Rose, Senior, Tho. Rose, Junior, Wm. Reynolds (Winsbury), Rd. Edwards, Tho. Cornwall, Geo. Brawne, Wm. Stone, Thos. Mason, J. Falkner, Amos Davies, Ed. Lewis, Jane Stone, Jane Brawne, Isabella Brawne, Mary Dowdeswell, Sarah Harvey, Ann Craig, M. Reynolds, Ann Giles, M. Jacks, M. Daniel, M. Appelby, A. Wallington.


14 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1746 John Young, of Leominster, mercer, & Jane Brawn, dau. of George Brawn, of Salop, spinster, 19th day, 8th mo., call'd October.

Wit.: Abraham Darby, Abraham Ford, John Gosling, Wm. Reynolds, Amos Davies, Richard Edwards, Thos. Breadley, Margt. Evans, M. Littlehales, Sue Key, Mary Gosnel, Rebecca Clayton, Martha Peers, Jane Topp, George Brawne, Isabel Brawne, Wm. Young, Peter Young, Wm. Stone, Jane Stone, Wm. Lloyd, Joshua Toft, John Jones, Robert Breadley, Jas. Bowen, Ger. Tayler, Sam. Evans, Wm. Briscoe, Thos. Sandford, Richd. Gwyn, Sarah Topp, Ann Davies, Sarah Harvy, Susanna Ford, Ann Ford, Mary Juson, Hannah Randles, Bridget Jones, Mary Dowdeswell, Hannah Darby, Margt. Reynolds.

1752 Thomas Wall, maltster, & Jane Jackson, spinster, both of Coalbrookdale, 16th day, 7th mo., call'd July.

Wit.: Richd. Edwards, Geo. Brawn, Jno. Gosling, Jno. Slicer, Thos. Slicer, Robt. Horton, Jno. Morris, Thos. Mallabeyr, Robt. Bradley, Jno. Young, Mary Williams. Susanna Ford, Mary Gosling, Mary Ickly, Agnes Horton, Eliz. Morris, Hannah Slicer, Rebecka Clayton, Hannah Bather, Bridget Wilcox, Mary Wilcox, Eliz. farrall, Margt. Andrews, Edw. Thomas, Arthur Haywood, Sarah Haywood.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 15

1756 John Tyler, of Worcester, s. of Richard Tyler, of Shipton, co. Worcester, flaxdresser, & Ann his wife; and Jane Bradley, dau. of Thomas Bradley, of Wikey, co. Salop, & Hannah his wife, 3rd day, 12th mo., called December.

{ John Tyler.
{ Jane Bradley.

Wit.: John Morris, Richd. Edwards, Thos. Barton, Edmd. Littlehales, Josh. Hayward, George Durant, Thos. Pemberton, Jas. Hemings, Richd. Cross, Wm. Reynolds, John Vaughan, Owen Ellis, Robt. Bather, John Gosling, Saml. Kent, Robert Gilpin, John Rose, Richd. Phillips, John Young, Elizabeth Presland, Eliz. Quinchant, Anna Slaney, Jane Pryer, Barbara Stubbs, Margt. Cross, Margt. Reynolds, Ruth Barton, Eliz. Morris, Mary Jukes, Arabella Maria Edwards, Eliz. Edwards, Mary Eckley, Elizabeth Davies, Elizabeth Titterton.

Relations: Thos. Bradley, Robt. Bradley, John Jones, Jane Jones.

1757 Richard Reynolds, s. of Richard Reynolds, of Bristol, & Jane his wife, & Hannah Darby, dau. of Abraham Darby, of Coalbrook Dale, co. Salop, ironmaster, & Margt. his wife, 20th day, 5th mo., called May.

{ Richard Reynolds.
{ Hannah Darby.

Relations:- Richd. Reynolds, Abraham Darby, Richard Phillips, Avice Phillips.

Wit.: John Warter, James Burly, Thos. Pemberton, John Bennett, Jno. Cotten, Rd. Slaney, Sam. Littlehales, John Upton, Thos. Upton, John Ashby, Wm. Sandford, John Vaughan, Robt. Bather, J. Blakeway, Richd. Edwards, John Young, John Gosling, Robt. Horton, John Summerland, Wm. Reynolds, Wm. Young, Geo. Young, Thos. Barton, Jno. Tyler, Robt. Gilpin, E. Webster, M. Sandford, A. Ward, John Pursall, Thos. Jones, Willm. Davies, J. Bickerton, Mary Barton, Ruth Barton, M. Green, E. Preacall, Rebeck Randles, Ann Summerland, Mary James, Eliz, Edwards, Jane Young, Eliz. Bradley, Eliz. Morris, Susanna Abrahams [sic], Margt. Reynolds.


16 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1760 Richard Phillips, of Ketley, parish Wellington, co. Salop, s. of Richard Phillips, of the same place, and Esther his wife, & Margaret Reynolds, of Shrewsbury, dau. of John Reynolds, late of Winsbury, p. Chirbury, co. Salop, yeoman, and his wife Margaret, both deceased, 25th day, 4th mo., called April.

{ Richard Phillips.
{ Margaret Reynolds.

Relations:- Benjamin Phillips, Avice Phillips, Catherine Reynolds, John Rose, Mary Rose, William Holtham, William Reynolds, Thomas Rose, Thomas Lloyd, Sarah Lloyd, David Reynolds.

Wit.: Richard Edwards, James Holt, John Torlock, Wm. Birchall, Isaac Wood, Wm Jeffries, Walthall Oliver, John Houldstow, Bold Oliver, John Hughes, Richard Corfield, Wm. Harris, T. Morrall, Thos. Jones, John Hinley, Jno. Walter Harwood, Wm. Young, John Young, John Gosling, Robert Gilpin, John Tyler, Josh. Crosley, Catharine Payton, Sarah Taylor, Hannah Palmer, Jane Young, Margaret Gilpin, Betty Mitchell.

1765 William Davis, of Shrewsbury, shoemaker, s. of Evan Davies, same place, husbandman, and Eleanor his wife, & Ann Bradley, of Shrewsbury, spinster, dau. of Robert Bradley, late of the same place, turner, and Ann his wife, both deceased, l0th day, 5th mo., called May.

{ William Davis.
{ Ann Bradley.

Relations: John Tyler, John Griffith.

Wit.: Ann Morris, Mary Darby, Catherine Reynolds, Elizabeth Ellis, Maria Wood, Cordelia Ellis, Mary Reynolds, Abiah Darby, Mary Rose, Sarah Darby, Elizabeth Birch, Mary Horton, Susanna Baugh, Eliz. Humphries, W. Nichols, Sam. Washington, Richd. Davies, Thos. Bennett, Robt. Perrott, Thomas Power, J. Walker, Richd. Harper, Thos. Blakeway, Richd. Leese, Willm. Harris, Joseph Sparkes, Henry Bennett, George Ellis, H. Scourfield, John Price, Edwd. Jones, John Hartshorn, Abram. Darby, Geo. Ray, Caleb Birchall, Mark Gilpin, Wm. Reynolds, Saml. Darby, Thos. Barton, John Morris, Daniel Rose, Robt. Gilpin.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 17

The following entries are taken from the original volumes in Somerset House, No. 702, Broseley meeting.

1764 Wm. Reynolds, of Shrewsbury, maltster, s. of Wm. & Alice Reynolds (decd.), of Longnor, co. Salop, husbandman, to Mary Barton, Shrewsbury, spinster, dau. Thomas & Mary Barton, taylor, were m. Coalbrookdale Meeting-house, 9, l0th mo.


1695 Enquiry being made concerning tithes, what was taken, and all the account that was given, was Thomas Evans, had last harvest taken by force from him 15 sheves of hard corn, and 2 great hay cocks, by Robert Evans and Richard Watkis, servants to George Evans, priest of the parish, the l0th day of the 1st mo.

Wit.: Thomas Palmer, Ralph Harper, Samuel Roden, Ralph Hartshorn, Julius Palmer, Thomas Evans.

[Loose paper in same book contains]:- "Register of Marriage Certificates at large, belonging to the Monthly Meeting of Shrewsbury," 1782-1794, in all, 9. Amongst them:-

1782 George Boxall, par. Wellington, Clerk to Lawley Coal Work Company, s. Henry Boxall, par. Godalming, co. Sussex, mealman, & Hannah his wife, m. to Elizabeth Bradley, dau. Andrew Bradley, par. Darolly, husbandman, & Isabella his wife, at Shrewsbury Meeting-house, 21, 2nd mo., Feb.
1786 William Rathbone, s. of Wm. Rathbone, Liverpool, merchant, & Rachel his wife, m. Hannah Mary Reynolds, dau. of Richard Reynolds, Ketley, co. Salop, and Hannah his late wife, at Shrewsbury Meeting-house, 17, 8th mo., Aug.


18 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1793 George Jones, Stockport, draper, s. of Wm. Jones, Redlake, par. Wellington, engineer, & Elizabeth his late wife, m. Sarah Hargrave, of Shrewsbury, dau. of James Hargrave, High Wycomb, co. Bucks, draper, & Jane his wife, decd., at Shrewsbury Meeting-house, 20, 6th mo., June.
1794 James Jackson, Ketley, s. of Robert Jackson, Crossdalebick, co. York, yeoman, & Lydia his wife, m. Hannah Young, dau. of John Young, Shrewsbury, linnen draper, & Jane his wife, decd., at Shrewsbury Meeting-house, 19, 6th mo.


1659 Jonathan, the sonne of Humphrey Overton, widdower, now of the meeting of the Lord's people in Shrewsbury, and Inhabitant of this place, the eleaventh day of the 12th month, called by the world ffebruary, being the 7th day of the week, he, the said Jonathan, departed the body, and the 13th of the same month, being the second day of the week following, was buried in the ground of John Millington, in the said Towne of Shrewsbury, and in Testimony of the truth heere of wee have heere unto set our hands.

Wit.: Will. Trattle, John Millington, Thomas Studley, Owen Roberts.

1661 Katharine, wife of John Hamstone, of Hawkstone, bur. 3rd, l0th, in their garden at Hawkstone.
1666 Richard, s. of Arthur Poole, bur. 10th of l0th mo. in our burying ground, which was provided for that porpus in Shrewsbury.
" Thomas Somerfeild, of Stantin, d. ye 23rd, bur. 24th, 10th mo., at Shrewsbury, in the site [sight] of many witnesses.
" Samuel Lloyd, d. 18th day, 1st. mo., bur. in Freinds burying ground in Shrewsbury.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 19

1671 Richard Warde, of Ritoone of thee Leavn Towns, d. 6th, 3rd mo., and was bur. in our burying ground in Salop.
" Mary Robarts, at 21st, 5th mo., wife of Owen Roberts, bur. in our burying ground in Salop.
1672 Elizabeth Stevens, a grandchild of francis Reass, d. 22nd, 2 mo., bur. in our burying ground in Salop.
" John Barker, of Edgment, d. 25th, 2 mo., bur. 26th in our burying ground in Salop.
1661 The 4th day of ye 9th mo., Martha ye daughter of ffrancis Winser, departed ye Body and was buried in ye garden of John Millington.

Witnesses hereof are wee:-
John Millington, Thomas Overton,
Owen Roberts, Job Gelbye.

1663 Francis winsor, d. 8th, 5 mo., bur. in ye garden of John Millington.
1664 Elizabeth, wife of Henry Rawson, d. 23rd 3rd mo., bur. in ye garden of John Millington, as many canst wittnes.
" Henry Rawson, ye Husband of ye above, d. 16th of ye 4th mo., and was buried on ye next Day Besides his wife, in ye garden of John Millington, in ye p'sence of many people.
" Richard Turner, bur. 25th, 5th mo., in the garden of John Millington, in ye p'sence of many people.
" Dorothy, wife of Owen Roberts, bur. 21st 6th mo., in the garden of John Millington, in ye p'sence of many people.
" Richar, s. of Richard Moor, bur. 24th 9th mo., in the garden of John Millington, in ye p'sence of many people.
1665 Thomas Jackson, d. in Bristol, 27th of 3rd mo., and was bur. in freinds bureying place.
" Henry, s. of Henry Rason, deceased, d. in ye 5th mo., and was bur. by his father and mother in Salop.
1666 John, s. of Thomas Jackson, formerly deceased, d. 19th 12th mo., and was bur. in frinds ground in Sallop.


20 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1667 Esther moor, d. 13th 4th mo., bur. in frinds ground in Sallop.
1669 Katran Overton, d. 28th 9th mo., bur. in frinds ground in Sallop.
1667 Sarah, dau. of Richard & Sarah Moore, bur. in the ground where friends usaly are laid, the 25th 11th mo.
1668 Richard Moore lade downe the body in London, ye 16th 11 th mo., and was bur. in freinds burying ground.
1669 Joseph Overton, s. of Humphrey Overton, & Kathrin his wife, d. ye 14th 12th mo.
1671 Benjamin Wright d. 22nd 12th ma, and was bur. wher friends yous to burey.
1773 Jeremiah, s. of Edward Jefferis, bur. 15th 1st mo.
" John Bayly, bur. 18th 2nd mo.
" Isaac, s. of Eliz. Wright, bur. l0th 4th mo.
" Edward Allen, bur. 27th 8th mo.
" Samuell Everall, bur. 5th 2nd mo.
1674 Abraham, s. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, d. 22nd 7th mo., bur. 23rd of same mo.
1676 Margaret Cumberford, bur. 18th 3rd mo.
" Richard Hoogen, bur. 16th day 4th mo.
" Margaret, wife of James Farmer, d. 3rd 7th mo., bur. 4th same mo.
" Ciceley Griffiths, bur. 7th 7th mo.
" William Oassler, bur. the
1677 Thomas Giles, bur. 23rd 5th ma, being ye next day after he died.
" Sara Everall, bur. 13th l0th mo.
1678 Francis Cumberford, d. 1st 1st mo., bur. 3rd day of same mo.
" Hanna Collins, bur. 7th day of ye same month.
" Richard Evans, s. of Richard Evans, d. 23rd d. second mo.
" Francis reeves, bur. 27th 5th mo.
1679 Jane Poyner, wife of Abram Poyner, d. 12th day 1st mo.
" Sara, dau. of Abram Poyner, d. 14th 12th mo.
1680 Richard Dios, d. 24th June.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 21

1680 Thomas Jinks, d. 19th l0th mo.
1681 John Wyer, d. 18th 8th mo.
" Margret Paddy, bur. 18th 2nd mo.
1680 John Medlicott, bur. ye 27th l0th mo.
" John Medlicott buried, who gave 2 pounds for ye service of truth.
1681 Abi Medlicott, bur. 4th 1st mo.
" Elizabeth Tranter, bur. 9th 10th mo.
" William Payne, bur. 21st 10th mo.
" John Swinpard, bur. 21st 12th mo.
1682 Caleb Simpson, d. the last day of ye 11th mo.; bur. 1st day 12th mo., in friends burying ground in Salopp.
1683 Abott Randall, bur. 19th 5th mo.
" A child of Evan Thomases, bur. 17th 5th mo.
" Henry Price, d. 21st 11th mo., and bur. ye 1st day of ye weeke following.
1683/4 William Trattle, d. 10th day 1st mo., and was bur. ye 12th of same. The same Wm. Trattle ordered 5ls. [sic for lbs. ?] to be for ye use of friends of Shrewsbury meeting, which his wife paid.
1684 Margaret Reeves, d. 31st 1st mo.
" Mary, wife of John Scott, d. 28th 12th mo., being the 74th year of her age.

[Suppose Anno 1685 or 86] John Crotson, bur. 7th 3rd mo. in friends buryall.
1687 Samuel [Evans scored out], of brozley, bur. - April, see below.
" Martha, dau. of John & Mary Simpson, d. 20th day of 5th mo., being ye 1st day of the week, bur. 3rd day following in friends burying ground in Shrewsbury.
" Mary, ye wife of John Millington, bur. 30th 4th mo.
" Elizabeth Smith, bur. in ye 6th mo.
" Samuel Evans, of Brosley, bur. the 2nd mo.
" Thomas Overton, d. 7th 8th mo., bur. 9th day same mo.
" Mary, wife of ye aforesaid Thomas Overton, d. 23rd of ye same mo.
1688 Richard, ye s. of John & Mary Roden, of Brosley, d. 25th 6th mo.


22 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1688 Ann Williams, bur. 25th 12th mo.
1688/9 Joice Roden, bur.
" Grace Jones, bur. in ye 3rd mo.
1689 John Millington, d. 26th 2nd mo., bur. 29th of ye same mo. in friends burying ground in Shrewsbury.
" Christopher Edwards, of Bentall, in ye co. of Salop, bur. August.
1693 Joseph Roden, of brosley, bur. in ye 5th mo.
1694 Roger Holland, bur. in ye 7th mo.
1695 William Petter, ye sonne of Thomas Peters & Elizabeth his wife, bur. november.
" Mary Parker, bur. 2nd mo.
" Ann Davies, bur. 13th 4th mo. in Friends burial ground.
" John Paine, bur. 13th day 4th mo.
1698 William Evans, of Brosley, bur. 14th day 8th mo.
" John Lloyd, bur. 22nd 12th mo.
1699 The dau. of John Elwick, bur. 5th 8th mo.
1700 Thomas Pughe, Senior, bur. 8th 11th mo.
1702 Elizabeth Hovay, d. 22nd 1st month.
" Mary Prees, widow, d. 2nd 2nd mo.
1701 John, s. of Richard & Parnell Evans, bur. 14th 4th mo.
1702 Mary Groome, bur. - december.
" Briggitt Pugh, widow, bur. 13th 5th mo.
" John Roden, of crosley, bur. - October.
" Ann Holland, ye joner [Junior], bur. 8th 8th mo.
1703 Sincerity Simpson, d. 2nd day 9 mo.
" Thomas Thomas, bur. 23rd of - mo.
1705 Jane Earswick, bur. sixth day 1st mo.
" John, s. of Julius & Mary Palmer, d. 17th 2nd mo.
" Hannah Roberts, d. 9th 7th mo., & bur. 12th.
1706 William Hanway, d. 27th 11th mo.
1707 Joseph Roberts, d. 16th 2nd mo.
" Ann Thomas, d. 27th 8th mo.
1708 Jane Olcott, widdow, d. 9th 4th mo., bur. ye 11th, aged about 85 years.
1709 John Yarren, bur. about the later end of ye 3rd mo.
1710 Richard Evans, d. 9th 2nd mo., bur. 12th, the same.
" Zipporah Osborn, d. 30th 3rd mo., aged 2 years.
" Mary Simpson, d. 16th 8th mo.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 23

1712 William Hodges, of Dorington, d. 9th 8th mo., bur. 12th same.
1713 Sarah Wilson, d. - 3 mo.
" John Sympson, of Shrewsbury, d. 8th 7th mo., in 90th year of his age.
1714/15 Anne, wife of Owen Roberts, of Shrewsbury, d. 5th day 12th mo., between eight and nine a clock in the morning, bur. 8th day of same, about 73rd year of her age.
1717 Thomas Bradley, of Ryton of the eleven towns, bur. 25th 10 mo.
1718 Owen Robers, of Shrewsbury, d. 7th 7br, bur. 11th of same, in the 86th year of his age; he was a very serviceable man and universally wel beloved by all that knew him.
1720 Priscilla Osborn, d. 29th 3rd mo.
1721 Ann Haines, Shrewsbury, d. 12th 7th mo.
1723 Parnell Evans, widdow, the wife of Richard Evans, d. 30th 7th mo.
174 Debora Gregory, of Bradon Heath, neare Welchhamton, d. l0th first mo.
1721 Mirabilis Watkins, d. 18th 6 mo.
1722 Amos Davies, d. 21st 7th mo.
1723 Anne Davies, d. 2nd 5th mo.
1725 William Price, d. 14 day 2 MO.
" Abraham Pugh, d. 12 day 3 mo.
1727 Brigett, wife of Ar. Tomkis, d. 2nd 11th mo.
1725 Mary Hodges, d. - 5th mo.
" Ann, dau. of Joseph & Ann Juson, d. 24th 12th mo., in 2nd year.
1728 Ann, wife of Richard Juson, of ye day house, & dau. to Will Hodges, of Little Righton, d. 11th 7th mo.
1729 Tho. Mansell, of Atcham, d. 4th 7th.
1735 Jane, wife of Richard Juson, of Nobold, d. 27th 11th mo., bur. at ffs. burying ground in Salop, 30th same.
1732 Mary, dau. of Richard & Ann Bradley, d. 24th 8th mo., aged 7 mo.
1733 Wm., s. of Richard & Ann Bradley, d. 14th 7th mo., aged 8 days.


24 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1734 Mary, dau. of Jno. & Elizabeth Morris, d. 8th 7th mo., age one mo.
" James Drinkwater, nephew to Jno. Corbin, of Worcester, & apprentice to Wm. Stone, d. 30 Aug., bur. first September.
" Elizabeth Horton, of Sherifhales, late servant to George Brawne, bur. 2nd 11th mo., at ffds. burying ground in Salop.
1742 Sarah, wife of Benjamin Harvey, d. 24th 3rd mo., bur. 27th of same.
1743 Pheby Simpson, d. 8th 2nd mo., bur. 10th of same.
" John Simpson, d. 17th 8th mo., bur. 19th same.
" Wm. Barton, d. 3rd 10th mo., bur. 6th of same in friends burying ground in Salop, aged 73; had been a minister of the Gospel about 30 years.
1745 William, s. of Thomas Barton, d. 18th 7th mo., bur. l0th of same.
" Mary, wife of Jno. Juson, d. - 4th mo., and was bur. 4th of the same.
" Richard Ford, of Coalbrookdale, d. 18th, bur. 10th 8th mo.
" Ann, widow of Thos. Harvey, bur. 27th 8th mo.
1746 Mary Reynolds, d. 8th 5th mo., bur. 9th of same.
1747 Allice, wife of William Reynolds, d. 24th 1st mo., bur. 26th same.
1748 Mary, widdow of Henry Dowdeswell, d. 30th 3rd mo., bur. 31st.
1748/9 Isabel, wife of George Brawne, d. 2nd, bur. 5th 1st mo.
1750 Mary, widdow of Richd. Ford, d. 11th, bur. 14th 11th mo.
" Bridget, wife of John Jones, bur. 5th 6th mo.
1754 Elizabeth, wife of Jno. Morris, d. 24th 3rd mo., in the morning, and was bur. 26th.
1755 George Brawne, d. about 7 in the morning the 19th, 2nd mo., and bur. the 21st, aged 62, a minister about 30 years.
" Peter, s. of John & Jane Young, d. 18th 12th mo., bur. l0th, aged 3 years and 4 months.
1758 Jane Bradley, bur. at Shrewsbury.
" Elizabeth, wife of Riehard Edwards, d. 4th 11th mo., bur. the 8th.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 25

1759 Thomas Bradley, d. - 6th mo., and was bur. at Salop the 5th of the 6th mo.
" Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Reynolds, d. at Longnor the l0th, and was bur. at Shrewsbury 13th 12th mo.
1760 Humphry Owen, d. 4th of 1st mo., bur. 6th same mo.
" Ruth, dau. of Thomas & Mary Barton, d. 15th, bur. 17th 7th mo.
1761 Susanna Abrahams, of Shrewsbury, d. 19th, bur. 21st 1st mo.
" Richard Edwards, of Shrewsbury, d. 19th, bur. 21st 12th mo.
1762 Peter, s. of John & Jane Young, of Shrewsbury, d. 25th 3rd mo.
" Thomas Humphries, d. 1st, bur. 2nd 7th mo.
1763 John Clare, d. at the house of Thos. Barton, in Shrewsbury, 14th, bur. 16th 5th mo.
1766 Robert and William, sons of William & Ann Davies, bur. 3rd 2nd mo.
" William Reynolds, of Longnor, d. 1st, bur. 3rd 8th mo.
1767 Ann, dau. of John & Jane Tyler, d. 18th, bur. 20th 9th mo.
" John Jones, d. 23rd, bur. 27th 12th mo.
1768 William, s. of William & Ann Davies, bur. 28th 3rd mo.
1763 Tace, wife of John Roberts, of Welshpool, co. Montgomery, d. 16th, bur. 19th 7th mo., at Cloddiecochion.


1766 John Roberts, husband to the above Tace, d. 29th, bur. 31st 8th mo., at Cloddiecochion.

N.B.- The above said Tace Roberts was dau. to Jacob Endon and Tace his wife, both of Cloddiecochion, and grand-dau. to Richard Davies, of the same place.

1768 Mary, wife of Joseph Parry, d. 22nd, bur. 26th 2nd mo., by request in Friends' Burial Ground in Shrewsbury.
1769 Hannah Clare, widow, and sister to Thos. Barton, d. at the house of Thos. Barton in Shrewsbury 12th, bur. 14th 4th mo.
1770 John Tyler, of Shrewsbury, d. 24th, bur. 27th 9th mo.


26 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1771 John Morris, of Shrewsbury, d. 13th, bur. 17th 2nd mo.
1774 Mary, wife of Thomas Barton, of Shrewsbury, d. 12th, bur. 15th 12th mo.
1776 Jane, wife of William Bradley, of Wickey, p. Ryton, of the 11 Towns, aged about 30 years, with two children, viz., Hannah, aged 2 years, and William aged about 4 mo., were bur. in one grave in Friends' Burial Ground in Shrewsbury 29th 5th mo. By Request.

No. 708 in General Register Office also contains Shrewsbury burials, being evidently a continuation without any break. This is a volume in rough, embossed leather, 9 in. tall, and 9 1/2 ins. broad.


On fly: "Shrewsbury Monthly Meeting consists of the following particular Meetings, viz., Shrewsbury, Broseley, Coalbrookdale, Newdale."

From 1777-1795.

1780 Hannah, dau. of Edward & Margaret Bradley, Shrewsbury, not members of our Society, bur. 31st 10th in Friends' Burying Ground, Shrewsbury, at or near John's Hill, Shrewsbury, aged 1 year and a quarter.
" John Reynolds, of Shrewsbury, bur. 26th 11 mo., aged 47.
1783 Mary Boulton, of Birmingham, who resided in Shrewsbury some time, bur. 9th 6th mo., called June, aged 27.
1784 Susanna Ford, dau. of Richard & Mary Ford, late of Coalbrookdale, bur. St. John's Hill, 25th 11 ma, aged 60.
1787 Thomas Barton, of Shrewsbury, bur. 6th 1st mo., aged 73.
" Hannah Bradley, of Wikey, bur. 21st 8th mo., aged 83.
" Mary, wife of Wm. Reynolds, Shrewsbury, bur. 30th 10th mo., aged 50.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 27

1787 Catharine Wellington, widow, of Shrewsbury, bur. 29, 12, aged 81.
1788 William Ayrey, a member of Penketh, co. Lancaster Meeting, bur. 13th 3rd mo., aged 61 years.
1790 Thomas Randles, New Mills, parish Ryton, not a member, bur. 11th 1st mo., aged 65 years.
1791 Phebe, dau. of Edwd. Bradley, Shrewsbury, not a member, bur. 5th 9th mo., aged 3 years.
1792 Jane, wife of John Young, Shrewsbury, bur. 25th 3rd, aged 70 years.
" Judith Stokes, of Shrewsbury, bur. 1st 5th mo., aged 70.
1793 Andrew Clarke, of Shrewsbury, not a member, bur. 3rd 2nd, aged 45.
1794 William Reynolds, of Cotton Hill, co. Salop, bur. 20th 3rd, aged 61.
1795 John Young, of Shrewsbury, bur. 29th 1st mo., aged 74 years.

No. 709 in General Register Office, also contains Shrewsbury burials, being evidently a continuation, without any break,
of above, until the last interment in the ground. Vol. in green vellum, two clasps, 10 in. tall, 13 in. broad. 1795 to


1797 Benjmn. Gilpin, late of Manchester, not a member, bur. 4th 4th, aged 37.
" John Davies, 1 year, s. of John & Jane Davies, of Shrewsbury, not members, bur. 3, 8.
1803 Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enock, of Shrewsbury, bur. 6th 5th mo., aged 10 mos.
1804 John Davies, of Shrewsbury, box and trunk maker, bur. 15th 3, aged 49.
1809 Arthur, s. of Arthur & Elizth. Enock, of Merthyr Tedvil, both deceased, bur. 30, 4, aged 10 mos.
" Thos. Robinson, of Shrewsbury, brush manufacturer, bur. 21, 5, aged 70.
" Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enoch, of Shrewsbury, bur. 27, 9, aged 31 yrs.


28 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1809 Josh. Woodman, s. of J. & M. Enock, bur. 27, 9, aged 12 mos.
1811 Sarah English, of Bishop's Castle, wife of Wm. English (she late a member of Brighouse M. Mg.) bur. 30, 3, aged 50.
1815 Susanna, dau. of John & Rosanna Robinson, Shrewsbury, bur. 31, 1, aged 10 mos.
" John Ellis, ironmonger, of Shrewsbury, not a member, bur. 17, 8, aged 37.
1816 Arthur, s. of Robert & Sarah Enock, bur. 14, 1, aged 2 yrs. 5 mos.
1818 Edward Bradley, of Shrewsbury, shoemaker, bur. 14, 5, aged 77.
1827 Mary Ann Ellis, spinster, not a member, bur. 14, 6, aged 18.
1828 Hannah Young, spinster, bur. 22, 1, aged 50.
" Eliza, dau. of Ann Ellis, not a member, bur. 28, 9, aged 17.
1831 Mary (Constantine) Young, widow, bur. 17, 3, aged 72.
1833 William, s. of Ann Ellis, not a member, bur. 17, 1, aged 19.
" Hannah, wife of Robert Whittaker, Ackworth, Yorkshire, bur. 6, 9, aged 6; note sent to Pontefract My. Meeting.
1834 Hannah, wife of Richd. Cureton, of Coalbrookdale, bur. 14, 7, aged 49, not a member.

No. 703 in General Register Office is a thin volume bound in vellum, 13 inches tall, by 8 1/2 inches broad, being the
Register of Births of the Monthly Meeting of Shropshire, 1656 to 1797.

Jane Overton, } Upon the first day of the week, being the
14th 7mo., } fourteenth day of the seventh month, 1656,
1656. } was borne Jane, the daughter of Constantine
Overton, by Jane his wife, in the town of Salop.

1658 Martha, dau. of Francis & Katherine Winsor, Shrewsbury, b. 21, 1, about the second hour in the morning.
1659 Lydia, dau. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, Shrewsbury, b. 29, 9.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 29

1659 Abraham, s. of John & Margaret Payne, b. 2, it, at Edgmont.
1660 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Jackson, b. 8, 6.
1661 Mary, dau. of Francis & Katherine Windsor, b. 9, 3.

John Rawson, } Elizabeth, the wife of Henry Rawson, of the
30th, 5mo., } Meeting of the Lord's People in Shrewsbury,
1661. } and the said Elizabeth, being convinced and
owning the Meeting to be the Lord's people, both inhabitants of the
said place, the thirtieth day of the fifth month, called by the world
July, being the third day of the week near the tenth hour in the
night, the said Elizabeth, in the said town of Shrewsbury, was
delivered of a son, and they called his name John, and as witnesses
to the Truth hereof, we have hereunto subscribed our Names,

{ Mary Millington.
{ Katharine Trottle.

[This form used (with slight variations) for first 9 entries.]

1661 John, s. of Henry & Elizabeth Rawson, b. 30, 5.
" Thomas, s. of Thos. & Elizabeth Jackson, b. 6, 12.
1662 Sarah, dau. of Thos. & Lucy Somerfield, b. 22, 11, at Stanton.
1663 Rebecca, dau. of John & Elizabeth Houlston, b. 2, 2, in the Abbey Foregate.
" Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Baker, b. 22, 3, in Barker Street.
" Sarah, dau. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 3, 4.
" Richard, s. of Arthur & Elizabeth Poole, b. 5, 4, on the Wile Cop.
" Mordecai, s. of Richard & Sarah Moor, b. 28, 4, in the Castle Forehead, in the Liberties of the Town of Shrewsbury.
" John, second s. of Thos. & Elizabeth Jackson, b. 15, 10.
1664 Richard, s. of Richard & Sarah Moor, b. 9, in Barker Street.
1665 Elizabeth, dau. of Arthur & Eliz. Poole, b. 5, 6, in the Wile Cop.


30 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1666 Esther, dau. of Richard & Sarah Moor, b. 9, 3, in the Wile Cop.
" Sincerity, dau. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 21, 1, in a street called Coleham.
1667 Rebecca, dau. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 16, 3, near to the Conduit.
" Sarah, dau. of Richard & Sarah Moor, b. 27, 1.
1668 Charity, dau. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 15, 4.
1669 John, s. of Owen & Mary Roberts, b. 1, 7, in Kiln Lane.
" Ebenezer, s. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 23, 10.
1670 Elizabeth, dau. of Thos. & Susanna Mancell, b. 27, 1.
" Abraham, s. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 4, 3.
" Joseph, s. of Henry & Elizabeth Wright, b. 10, 8, in the Mardoll.
1671 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas & Bridget Pugh, b. 2, 2.
" Benjamin, s. of Henry & Elizabeth Wright, b. 12, 11.
1672 Mary, dau. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 13, 7.
" John, s. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 5, 9.
" Isaac, s. of Henry & Elizabeth Wright, b. 5, 11, in Mardoll.
" Martha, dau. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 27, 12, in Coleham.
1674 William, s. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 14, 7.
" Sarah, dau. of Henry & Elizabeth Wright, b. 20, 1.
1675 John, s. of John & Mary Simpson, b. 23, 11, in Coleham, in the suburbs of Shrewsbury.
1676 Thomas, s. of Thomas & Bridgett Pugh, b. 22, 2.
" Martha, dau. of Henry & Elizabeth Wright, b. 30, 7.
" Abraham, s. of Abraham & Jane Poyner, b. 31, 1.
1677 Joseph, s. of Owen & Ann Roberts, b. 22, 3.
1678 Benjamin, s. of Owen & Ann Roberts, b. 15, 7.
1681 Hannah, dau. of Owen & Ann Roberts, b. 23, 6.
1720 Richard, s. of John & Mary Juxon, b. 1, 12, at the Bank, near Shrewsbury.
1747 William, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 14, 6.
1748 John, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 25, 7.
1750 Ge0rge, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 1, 3.
1752 Peter, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 20, 7.
1754 Constantine, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 28, 5.


Shrewsbury Society of Friends. 31

1756 Mary, dau. of John & Jane Young, b. 25, 6.
1757 Ann, dau. of John & Jane Tyler. b. 13, 12.
1758 Rebecca, dau. of John & Jane Young, b. 6, 7.
1759 Jane, dau. of John & Jane Young, b. 9, 10.
1760 Hannah, dau. of John & Jane Young, b. 25, 11.
1761 Ann, dau. of John & Elizabeth Areh, b. 20, 9.
1762 Peter, s. of John & Jane Young, b. 18, 2.
1766 Robert and William, sons of William & Ann Davies, b. 19, 1.
1767 William, s. of William & Ann Davies, b. 24, 2.

Last Shrewsbury entry; then to end in 1797, mainly Coalbrookdale.

No. 704 in General Register Office is a volume bound in green vellum, with 2 clasps, 10 inches tall, and 13 inches broad, being the register of births belonging to the Monthly Meeting of Shropshire, 1796- 837.

1796 John, s. of John & Ann Davies, of Shrewsbury, trunk maker, not a member, b. 17th 8th.
" Sarah, dau. of John & Mary Deaks, carpenter, not member, b. 18th 10th.
1797 John, s. of John & Mary Deaks, not member, b. 26th 11th.
1802 Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enocks, mereer, &c., b. 18th 7th.
1779 Richard, s. of Francis & Elizabeth Bradley, not member, b. 31, 12.
1782 Joshua, s. of Francis & Elizabeth Bradley, b. 25, 3.
1804 Lucy, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enocks, salesman, b. 25, 9.
1806 Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enocks, draper, &c., b. 11, 3.
1807 Caroline, dau. of Robt. & Sarah Enoek, grocer, b. 24, 2.
" Thomas, s. of Josh. & Mary Enock, mereer, b. 18, 5.
1808 Sophia, dau. of Robt. & Sarah Enock, grocer, b. 21, 5.
" Joseph Woodman, s. of Josh. & Mary Enoek, draper, b. 13, 9.
1809 Mary Ann, dau. of John & Ann Ellis, Shrewsbury, whitesmith or clerk, not members, Ann married out, b. 23, 8.

32 Shrewsbury Society of Friends.

1810 Mary Ann, dau. of Joseph & Mary Enock, mercer, b. 6, 3.
" Sarah, dau. of Robert & Sarah Enock, grocer, b. 8, 3.
" Eliza, dau. of John & Ann Ellis, elerk, not member, &c., b. 16th, 10.
" Robert, s. of Robert & Sarah Enock, grocer, b. 31, 12.


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