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The Burial Register of
White Ladies.

White Ladies' Register.

The extra-parochial district of White Ladies consists of 595 acres, of which 290 are allotted to the farm of Boscobel, and 305 to White Ladies. At the latter are the ruins of the Church once belonging to the Cistercian Convent of St. Leonards, the name of White Ladies being derived from the white dress of the Nuns to distinguish it from the Benedictine Convent of the Black Ladies in Staffordshire, some two miles distant. The date of the foundation of this Cistercian Convent in the midst of the forest of Brewood is uncertain, but from the fact that Emma de Pulverbatch, having granted a virgate of land in Beobridge to the White Nuns of Brewood, granted the remainder in 1186 to Haughmond Abbey, it has been concluded that it was in existence at least as early as 1185. Once founded, however, this Sisterhood soon acquired property, among the gifts being a grant by King John in 1212 of a weir on the Severn, near Bridgnorth. The advowson of Montford Church also belonged to them shortly after 1291. Members of rich and powerful families became members; in 1326 Elizabeth la Zouche, grandaughter of the great Alan la Zouche, and Alice de Kallerhale escaped from the Convent, but in 1332 the former made her confession before the Bishop of Lichfield in Brewood Church, and her petition before the Convent gate for re-admission, on which the Bishop gave her absolution, and admitted her to penance.

In 1338 a charge was made against the Convent of expensive dress, and laxity of rule, hunting dogs being also found there.

At the time of its surrender by Margaret Stamford the Prioress, there were six nuns, and she returned 31 1s. 4d. as the gross annual income of the House of St. Leonards, derived from demesne lands at White Ladies and rents in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire; Thomas Giffard was their Seneshal, and the Chaplain's income was 5 per annum. Very shortly after the dissolution of Religious Houses, at the West end of the now ruined Convent Church was erected the half- timbered mansion, (an engraving of which was published in Blount's Boscobel, ed. 1660*), where Charles II. found his first refuge on September 4, 1661, after his defeat at Worcester. Of this building not a vestage remains, though some of the foundations can be traced in very dry weather. Whether as owner or tenant, this house was the residence of William Skeffington, son of Sir John Skeffington, Alderman of London. He was

*Copied by Alan Fea on p. 18 of his "Flight of the King"; and by Griffithe on p. 87 of his "Tong and Boscobel".

buried in Tong Church in 1550, and on his brass is described as "late of the White Ladies, Esquire".

"An Esquier he was righte hardye to the fealde",
"And faithfull to his Prynce in quiet tyme of peace".

His widow re-married Edward Giffard, whose son, John, was the builder of Boscobel House, circa 1606. John Giffard invited Sir Basil Brooke with other friends and neighbours to the housewarming feast, and desired Sir Basil to give the house a name. He aptly called it Boscobel (from the Italian Bosco-bello, fair wood), because it was seated in the midst of many fair woods. This house, built in the demesne of White Ladies, seems to have been intended as a hiding place for Roman Catholic recusants, who at that time and subsequently suffered much from penal laws. For this reason the priests' holes (so useful to Charles II.). were contrived, it is said, by the Jesuit Brother, Nicholas Owen, nicknamed Little John, who devoted the greater part of his life to designing and constructing such hiding places in the principal Roman Catholic houses all over England. In 1651 White Ladies and Boscobel belonged to Frances Cotton, widow of John Cotton, and daughter and heiress of John and Dorothy Giffard; from her the estate passed to her daughter Jane, wife of Basil Fitzherbert, and remained in this family till 1812, when Thomas Fitzherbert sold it to Mr. Walter Evans, of Darley Abbey, Derbyshire, retaining, however, the ruined Church and an area of two acres around it, which still belongs to the Fitzherberts, and though unfenced is defined by boundary stones.

Formerly there was a considerable population here. Mr. Plaxton, a former Rector of Donington, makes this entry:- "All at ye White Ladyes, and all in one house, aged now 272 years, and all in good health. 92 Henry Gyles, 93 Judith Gyles, 87 Griffin Torry. Mem. yt. Henry Gyles died in ye yeare 1694". Judy Giles was buried at Tong, June 2, 1698, and Griffin, Nov. 30, 1697; and from the frequent occurrence of burials from White Ladies in that Churchyard there seems some truth in the description of White Ladies as being "in the parish of Tong", (which is found in 1550, 1651, and other years). Possibly this was the burial place for the Protestant inhabitants. In 1692 William Gyles, Yeoman, John Sotherne, Yeoman, and Henry Gyles, Yeoman, are described as "de le White Ladies in Com. Salop"; and in 1707 the Howe, Pendrill, and Spicer families were living in the "Aunccient Extraparochiall of White Ladyes", which then supported its own poor. At the time Mr. Evans bought the property for his step-daughters, the old gate house, used as a labourer's dwelling, and two small cottages on the West end of the ruin were standing, as well as other cottages elsewhere on the demesne, but they were all taken down at once in order to escape the payment of poor rates. In 1854 the present White Ladies farm house was built in the parish of Donington, and now Boscobel House is the only habitation in this extra-parochial district.

The ground enclosed within the walls of the ruined Church has probably from shortly after the Dissolution been used as a burial ground for the Roman Catholics of the neighbourhood, and was, till the consecration of the Cemetery at Brewood in 1844, their only place of sepulchre. There are, however, in the field called the Hall Orchard at Albrighton, several gravestones to recusants, possibly connected with the Talbots of Pepperhill. An order of Sessions, dated Jan. 15, 1694, 6 Will. III., ordered all burials at White Ladies to be registered at Donnington, and the following eleven are so registered:-

1694, Sept. -. Edward Revell, of Shiffnall, gent.
1694, Dec. 20. Charles Stanley, of Wolverhampton.
1694, Jan. 30. Ursala Stanforth, of Wolverhampton.
1694, Feb. 14. Mrs. Elizabeth Purcell, of Madeley.
1697, Mar. 11. Margaret, w. of John Martin, of Idsale.
1698, June 20. Issabella Duncan. of Tong.
1698, July 18. Joanna Purcell, of Wolverhampton.
1698, Dec. 25. William Illedge.
1700, Oct. 18. Dorothy Purcell.
1700, Mar. 21. George Talbot, gent.
1702, Apr. 21. Anne Purcell, late of Madely.

This order was not implicitly obeyed, for the following entries are found in other Registers:-

1700, Aug. -. Bur. at White Ladies, John Rogers, of Tong (Tong).
1701-2, Jan. 9. Mary Martin, bur. at White Ladies (Albrighton).
1707, Nov. 26. George Harrington, yeoman, bur at White Ladies (do.).
1723-4, Feb. 2. Mary, w. of John Rogers, from Boningale, bur. at White Ladies (Boningale).

There is also this entry in the Donington Register:-

1688, William Bach, of Albrighton, servt. of Mr. George Harrington, bur. at White Ladies, June 23.

Probably many other like entries would be found in the Shifnal and Brewood Registers.

Gilbert Talbot, 13th Earl of Shrewsbury, created by His Holiness the Pope, Bishop of Bertha, an Italian See, died at Pepperhill on Dec. 12, 1743, and was buried in the Cemetery.

The numerous burials in the Register of White Ladies from Bishop's Wood and Kiddimore Green are accounted for by the fact that, till some 50 years ago, nearly all the tenants of the Giffards of Chillington were Roman Catholics.

The following, among others, have had charge of the Cemetery:-

1651. Rev. William Walker. [Flight of the King, p. 204.]
1651. Rev. - Chambers. [Flight of the King, p. 328.]
1691. Rev. Robert Collingwood.
17-. Rev. Thomas Stone. Died March 7, 1797.
1790. Rev. John Roe. Died June 28, 1838, aged 82. Buried at White Ladies, July 3.
1838. Rev. Robert Richmond, three times Pastor of the Longbirch
Congregation, and Founder of St. Mary's Church at Brewood,
and its first Pastor. Died June 23, 1844, aged 62. Buried at
Brewood, June 24.
1844. Rev. William Richmond, Pastor of the Congregation of St. Mary's.
Brewood. Died Nov. 11, 1848, aged 50, Buried at Brewood,
Nov. 16.
1848. Rev. James Francis Jones; afterwards at Cheadle; Canon of
St. Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham.
1855. Rev. Philip Kavanagh; afterwards at Stafford.
1857. Rev. Michael O'Sullivan; afterwards at St. Chad's, Birmingham;
Canon of the Chapter, and subsequently Vicar General; the
builder of Stafford Church. Died at Solihull, near Birmingham.
1859. Rev. Henry Davey; afterwards Missionary Rector of Bromsgrove,
where he died.
1863. Rev. James S. Grenside. Died Dec. 29, 1867, aged 48. Buried at
Brewood, Jan. 2, 1868.
1868. Rev. Henry B. Davies; now Pastor of St. Mary and St. John's,
Wolverhampton, and Canon of St. Chad's.
1869. Rev. Edward C. Acton; afterwards exchanged with the Rev. J. Nary,
of Stafford: was subsequently President of St. Mary's College,
Oscott. Died at Stafford, 1899.
1873. Rev. James Nary; afterwards at Dorchester and Leamington.
Died at Leamington.
1877. Rev. Louis Groom; President of St. Charles' Conference, Wolverhampton;
Rural Dean of Staffordshire, and Vicar Farm; the
President Pastor of St. Marys Church, Brewood.

The transcript of the Burial Register has been made by the Rev. J.E. Auden, MA., Vicar of Tong (by the kind permission of the Very Rev. Dean Groom), and he also revised the proofs as they passed through the press, Mr. J.H. Clarke, of Tong Norton, giving him valuable assistance with the inscriptions and other information.


A Register of the Burials at White Ladies.

The only visible remains of the Cistercian Monastery at White Ladies consist of the Ruins of the Church, which appears to have been of Norman Architecture, and built in the form of a cross. The walls now standing are the North wall of the Church, the wall at the West end, the South wall of the Nave as far as the Transcept, and the end of the South Transcept. All the other buildings of the Monastery are levelled, though many of the foundations still remain underground. The greater part of the ground that was occupied by the Church, as likewise by what appears to have been a chantry chapel at the South-east corner, has been long made use of as a burial place for the congregation at Black Ladies, and a few families in the neighbourhood. From the confined nature of the place and the length of time it had been used, it became necessary to enlarge the Cemetery, and accordingly in the year 1834 a small piece of ground adjoining the Church on the South side was added to it, containing a space of about twenty yards by six. In the same year a new wall of the height of eight feet was built to enclose that part of both the old and new burial ground, round which the walls of the Ruin did not extend. The stone for this purpose was got principally from the foundations of some of the monastic buildings on the South side of the Church. The interior of the Cemetery which had been overgrown with weeds and bushes was likewise cleared, the stones and rubbish were removed and the ground was levelled. The expense attending these improvements amounted to upwards of 40.

2 Shropshire Parish Registers.

Sketch of the Cemetery and Ground plan of the Church.

Dimensions of the Church:-

Length of Church, 114ft., Breadth of Church, 25ft. 6in.
Length of Transept l0ft., Breadth of Transept, 15ft. 6in.



The Cross marks the site of the ancient Church; [the dotted lines the walls no longer standing; the guinea-edged lines those built in 1834.]

The part coloured yellow represents the old, and that which is blue the new burial ground. The North Transept lies open to the meadow.

It is evident that some bodies have been buried outside the walls, three grave stones being found at the East end of the Church under the turf, two of which* were removed into the Cemetery; they seem to have marked the graves of two priests, as there is a chalice represented on each of them but without . inscription or date.

An annual Mass for the repose of the souls of those who are buried at White Ladies is said by the nearest officiating priest, for whom a sum of money has been left. The donor and his intentions are as follows:- "Revd. Thomas Stone died at Moseley, March 7, 1797. He left 10 to the Common Purse, the interest

* [Dating probably from the years 1240 sad 1280. REV. H.G.De BUNSEN.]

White Ladies. 3

of which shall be given to the Priest who shall officiate the nearest to White Ladies, requiring that he should on the day of his anniversary say Mass for the repose of his soul, and for the souls of all those who are buried at White Ladies".

The following Inscriptions on the Tombstones will in part supply the deficiency of a Register of Burials which was not kept till the year 1828:-

[1] Here lieth the Bodie of a friende the King did call Dame Joane, but now she is deceast and gone. Interred Anno Do. 1669*

[2] Here lieth the Body of Barborah, the wife of William Webs who departed this Life - day of April, 1682.

[3] Hic Requiescat Corpus Richardi Gifford, Generosi, Obiit 17o Die Augusti, Anne Domini 1685.

[4] Here lieth the body of Henry Fletewood, Gent., sonne of Richard Fletewood, Baronet. He dyed August, 1685.

[5] Another Fletewood, 1692.

[6] Here lieth the body of Winefrad Gifford, the wife of Edward Gifford of Ofley Park, Gen., who dyed the 4th of June, Anno Domini 1695.

[7] Here lyeth the body of Margaret Martin, who departed this life March 9th, 1698.

[8] [-] Mary Martin, daughter of Bartholomew Martin 2 and Elizabeth his wife, of Cosford, who dyed January 6, Anna Dom. 1701.

Here lieth the body of Elizabeth the wife of Bartholomew, who dyed the 27 of January, Anno Dom. 1707.

[9] Here lieth the body of Elizabeth, the daughter of William and Ellinor Brooke, who departed this life the 14th of Dec., Anno Dom. 1706.

[10] Pray for the soul of John Pitt who departed Feb. 22, 1707.

[11] Here lyeth the body of William Pendrill, of Baskabell, son to him that preserved the King, who dyed March the 7, Anno Dom. 1707.

* [Wife of William Pendrill of Boscobel, and Mother of William Pendrill (No. 11). This Stone wae broken, 1807; Replaced, 1852; but since a second time broken.]

2 [Assisted in escape of Charles II in 1651.]

4 Shropshire Parish Registers.

[12] Here lyeth the body of Thomas Purcell, of Wolverhampton, Gent., who departed this life uppon the 23rd day of May, Anno Dom. 1707.

[13] Here lieth the body of Mary Worrilaw, spinster, who departed this life the 23rd day of December, Anno Domini 1719.

[14] Here lyeth the body of Thomas Hosier, who departed this life the 31 of Oct., Anno Dom. [-].

[15] Here lieth waiting for a happy Resurrection the body of John Paulton, of Kiddemore Green, who departed this life July ye 1st, 1729, aged 49.

[16) Here lieth the body of John Wilcox, son of Charles Willcox and Elizabeth his wife, born at [-] Wootton in Warwickshire. He departed this life 25 day of April, 1734, aged -

To the memory of Martha, the wife of James Lewis, who died Sept. 10, 1820, aged 66 years. Also Martha their daughter, who died November, 26, 1805, aged 9 years.

[18] "It is good to hide the secrets of a King, but honourable to confess the work of God". Tobias c. xii, v. 7. In memory of Winifred White, late of Wolverhampton, who was instantaneously cured of Hemiphlegia by bathing in the waters of Saint Winifred's Well, Flintshire, June 28th, 1805. Died of Consumption, January 13, 1824, aged 45 years.

[19] Sacred to the memory of John Mackrell (late of Harrington Birch), who departed this life the 19th May, 1825, aged 89 years.

[20] Sacred to the memory of Ann Mackrell, wife of John Mackrell, who departed this life 19th of Tune, 1826, aged 89

[The following, still legible, are not found in the above list. J.H. CLARKE.]

[21] 1819. Thomas Barber, Bishop's Wood, aged 21 years.

[22] Of your charity pray for the soul of Mary Walker, wife of James Walker of Bishop's Wood, and for 34 years Housekeeper to Miss Francis Evans of Boscobel House. She died September 9th, 1865, aged 81 years.

[There are also four small footstones, two to J. and A. Mackrell, one to C. Jebb, and one to John Toovey.]

1816-1834] White Ladies. 5


1816, Feb. 3. Susan Dyke ... bur.
1822, Mar. 16. Walter Talbot ... bur.
1820, Dec. 9. Elizabeth Darley, widdow of William Darley, of Boningale Woodhouse, Salop ... bur.
1828, Aug. 28. Thomas Roberts, of Shifnal, Salop ... bur.
" Sep. 22. John Fletcher, of Kiddemore Green ... bur.
" Nov. 4.. Thomas Day, of Bishops Wood ... bur.
John Griffiths, of Albrighton, Salop, aged22 ... bur.
" Nov. 30. Hannah Archer, of Bishop's Wood, aged 46 ... bur.
1829, June 9. Magdalen Anslow, of Codsall Wood, aged 77 ... bur.
" Sep. 5. Magdalen Pursell, of Kiddemore Green, aged 76 ... bur.
" Nov. 24. Joseph Anslow, of Brewood ... bur.
1830, Apr. 28. Thomas Yates, of Black Ladies, aged 2 ... bur.
" June 3. Joseph Woods, of Kiddemore Green, aged 45 ... bur.
" June 22. Catharine Jebb, of the Hattons, Staffordshire, aged 62 ... bur.
" July 1. John Toovey*, aged 84 ... bur.
" Dec. 12. George Ansell, of Bishop's Wood, aged 4 months ... bur.
1831, Jan. 23. Elizabeth Blakemore, of Bishop's Wood, aged 7 months ... bur.
" May 5. Mary Mercer, of Chillington, aged 63 years ... bur.
" Dec. 26. Elizabeth Whitehurst, of Kiddemore Green, aged 70 years ... bur.
1832, May 27. William Day, of Bishop's Wood, aged 42 bur.
" June 4. Mary Fielding, of Codsall Wood, aged 55 bur.
" June 8. Mary Staunton, of Bishop's Wood, aged 76 bur.
1833, June 7. Elizabeth Day, of Bishop's Wood, aged 41 bur.
" July 6. William Ryder, of Bishop's Wood, aged 67 bur.
" Sep. 17. Richard Evans, of Park Lane, aged 83 ... bur.
" Oct. 6. John Hill, of Codsall Wood, aged 71 ... bur.
1834, Jan. 21. Susannah Moreton, of Bishop's Wood, aged 72 ... bur.

* ["Late of Lone Green", vido Tombstone.]

6 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1834

1834, May 22. Martha Kirkham, of Ackbury Heath, aged 60. Died May 15 ... bur.
" Oct 27. Ann Hidgcock, of Bishop's Wood, aged 69. Died Oct. 23 ... bur.
" Nov. 23. Emma Blakemore, of Black Ladies, aged 1 year and 8 months. Died on 20th ... bur.
" Dec. 21. Barbara Griffiths, of Albrighton, aged 60. Died on 16th ... bur.
1835, Feb. is. William Moreton, of Bishop's Wood, aged about a fortnight ... bur.
" Apr. 3. Mary Ann Hawkins, of Bishop's Wood, aged about 9 months. Died Mar. 31. ... bur.
" June 10. Mary Griffiths, of Albrighton, aged 22. Died on 7th ... bur.
" July 7. Richard Whitehurst, of Kiddimore Green, aged 77. Died on 4th ... bur.
1836, Jan. 24. Mary Grinsell, of Codsall Wood, aged 79. Died on 19th ... bur.
" Feb. 18. John Lloyd, of Gunstone, aged about 6 months ... bur.
" Apr. 17. Margaret Anslow, of Bishop's Wood, aged 46. Died on 14th ... bur.
" Apr. 17. William Anslow, of Bishop's Wood, aged about 10 months ... bur.
1837, Feb. 2. James Lewis, of Kiddemore Green, aged 81. Died Jan. 28 ... bur.
" Feb. 22. Elizabeth Southwell, of Bishop's Wood, aged 28. Died on 18th ... bur.
" Mar. 22. Ann Archer, of Bishop's Wood, aged about 9 months. Died on 19th ... bur.
Mar. 20. Sarah Onion, of Bishop's Wood, aged 2. Died on 17th ... bur.
" Apr. 17. James Montgomery, aged about 7 mo. Died on 14th ... bur.
" Apr. 23. John Butler, of Kiddimore Green, aged about 7. Died on 20th ... bur.
" June 8. Hannah Toovey (formerly of Bilbrooke), aged 82. Died on 6th ... bur.
" Sep. 6. William Anslow, of Bishop's Wood, aged 52. Died on 3rd ... bur.

1839] White Ladies. 7

1837, Dec. 20. Frances Onion, of Belfields, aged 4. Died on 16th ... bur.
1838, Jan. 7. Elizabeth Ingram, of Longbirch, aged 38. Died on 4th ... bur.
" Feb. 21. James Roberts, of Bishops Wood, aged 67. Died on 17th ... bur.
" May 2. John Onion, of Bishop's Wood, aged 3. Died on 1st ... bur.
" May 3. James Reid, of Bishop's Wood, aged 74 Died on 1st ... bur.
" July 3. Was buried at White Ladies in the South Transept the Reverend John Roe, Pastor of the Congregation at Black Ladies for upwards of 48 years. He died on the 28th of June, 1838, in the 82nd year of his age and the 53rd of his Priesthood ... bur.
" Sep. 2. Anthony Gentry, from the County of Mayo, Ireland, aged 75. Died on 1st ... bur.
" Sep. 16. Patrick Sheridan, from the County of Mayo, Ireland, aged about 35 ... bur.
" Nov. 8. Mary Howell, of Brewood Lane, aged 70. Died on 4th ... bur.
" Dec. a. William Baxter, of Cosall Wood, aged 16. Died Nov. 29 ... bur.
" Dec. 13. Elizabeth Roberts, 0f Bishop's Wood, aged 20. Died on 10th ... bur.
" Dec. 29. Harriet Hidgcock, of Kiddemore Green, aged 14. Died on 26th ... bur.
1839, Jan. 2. Ann Hawkins, of Bishop's Wood, aged 67. Died Dec. 30 ... bur.
" Feb. 12. Harriet Roberts, of Bishop's Wood, aged 13. Died on 8th ... bur.
" Mar. 22. Henry Hawkins, of Codsall, about a week old. Died on 19th ... bur.
" Apr. 4. Susannah Onion, of Bishop's Wood, aged 40. Died on 30th ... bur.
" Apr. 7. Prudence Cocksell, of Codsall Wood, aged 64. Died on 29th ... bur.
" May 19. John Fieldhouse, sen., of Bishop's Wood, aged 70. Died on 17th ... bur.

8 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1839

1839, Aug. 29. John Hill, of Nittington Lane, aged 63. Died on 26th ... bur.
1840, Jan. 2. Richard Darley, sen., of Boningale Woodhouses, aged 63. Died on Dec 29th ... bur.
" Feb. 11. Charles Hill, of Codsall Wood, aged 1 year and 9 mo. Died on 8th ... bur.
Feb. 12. Thomas Day, of Bishop's Wood, aged 41. Died on 9th ... bur.
" Apr. 17. William Green, of Ivetsey Bank, aged 68. Died on 13th ... bur.
" Apr. 17. Mary Roberts, of Bishop's Wood, aged 58. Died on 14th ... bur.
" Apr. 19. Henry Lewis, of Brewood, aged 10. Died on 15th ... bur.
" Apr. 19. Witham Cocksell, of Codsall Wood, aged 73. Died 0n 14th ... bur.
" Sep. 19 John Ryder, of Bishop's Wood, about a week old ... bur.
1841, Jan. 2. Charles Bather, of Bishop's Wood, aged 76. Died Dec. 28 ... bur.
" Feb. 10. Ann Ford, of Bellfields, aged 81. Died on 7th ... bur.
" Feb. 13. Agnes Fletcher, of Kiddemore Green, aged 85. Died on 5th ... bur.
" June 16. John Clarke, of the New White Oak, aged 36. Died on 12th ... bur.
" July 23. Helen Archer, of Bishop's W00d, aged 14mo. Died on 19th ... bur.
" July 24. Sarah Whitehurst, of [blank], aged 74. Died on 10th ... bur.
" Aug. 29. Elizabeth Hill, of Codsall Wood, aged 3... but
" Oct. 21. John Day, of Bishop's Wood, aged about 60. Died on 16th ... bur.
" Dec. 15. Catharine Fieldhouse, of Bishop's Wood, aged 68. Died on 12th ... bur.
1842, Jan. 5. Annabella Hill, of Longbirch, aged 21. Died on 2nd ... bur.
" Mar. 25. Benjamin Moreton, sen., of Bishop's Wood, aged 81. Died on 21st ... bur.

1844] White Ladies. 9

1842, Apr. 28. William Spicer, of Brewood, aged 54. Died on 25th ... bur.
" May 6. Mary Ann Cooper, of Wolverhampton, aged 35. Died on 3rd ... bur.
" June 12. Joseph Shingler, of Shakerley, aged 44. Died on 11th ... bur.
" Aug. 25. Martha Baddeley, of Weston, aged 25... bur. Died on 10th
1843, Jan. 7. Ann Ryder, a few days old ... bur.
" Jan. 12. Catharine Barber, of Bishop's Wood, aged 79. Died on 8th ... bur.
" Feb. 23. Joseph Roberts, of Bishop's W00d, aged. 79. Died on 18th ... bur.
" Sep. 26. Edward Ward, 0f Wheaten Aston, aged 74. Died on 21st ... bur.
1844, Feb. 19. Elizabeth Day, 0f Bishop's Wood, aged 77. Died on 5th ... bur.
" Feb. 29. Ann Whitehurst, of Kiddemore Green, aged 54. Died on 24th ... bur.
" Mar. 21. Ann Shingler, of Bishop's W00d, aged 49. Died on 18th ... bur.
" Mar. 27. James Onion, of Bishop's Wood, aged 26. Died on 23rd ... bur.

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