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The Register

Willey Registers.

WILLEY is a delightfully situated parish, four miles east from Much Wenlock and six miles north-west from Bridgnorth. It is in the franchise and rural-deanery of Wenlock, archdeaconry of Ludlow, and diocese of Hereford. Its area is 1,397 acres. The population in 1801 was 163; in 1831, 159; in 1851, 144; and in 1911, 154.

Willey Park is the magnificent seat of the Right Hon. Lord Forester, who is the lord of the manor and patron of the rectory. The hall is a spacious and handsome mansion of freestone, in the classic style, situated in an extensive and richly wooded park of about 150 acres, which contains several fine pools. The gardens and pleasure grounds are laid out with much taste, and the house is approached by two avenues of trees of great variety and beauty. The principal front of the residence, with its massive portico, is greatly admired for its superb workmanship and architectural effect.

The Saxon name was Wililey or Wilileg, the meaning being " the willow lea," from the Anglo-Saxon welig or wilig, a willow, and leah, ley, pasture. In Domesday Book it is termed Wilit, which Mr. Eyton thinks was probably some scribe's inaccuracy. At the Domesday Survey it was held of Earl Roger de Montgomery by Turold de Verley, a Norman or an Angevin, who held thirteen manors in Shropshire under the Norman Earl. These were Longford, Chetwynd, Pilson, Sambrook, Howie, Lawley, Bearstone, Little Drayton, Moreton Corbet, Preston Brockhurst, Willey, Pitchford, and Wigwig.

The following is the Domesday account of Willey:-


" The same Turold holds WILIT, and Hunnit (holds) of him. He himself held it (in Saxon times) and was free. There hide pays geld. There is land (enough) for 2 ploughs. They are there, with 2 vileins and 2 bordars. It was and is worth 5 shillings."

Hunnit, the Saxon under-tenant under Turold was the owner before the Conquest, and was permitted to retain Willey under a Norman lord. He was brother of Uluiet; and these brothers jointly held Moreton Corbet, Preston Brockhurst, and Lawley, as undertenants to the same Turold de Verley. Turold had a son Robert, who succeeded him. In the reign of Richard I. Willey had become absorbed into the Liberty of Wenlock. In the 13th century it was held of "the fee of Chetwynd," - a term which included ten out of the thirteen Domesday manors of Turold, - and by the family of Chetwynd under Fitz Alan, to whom the seigneury had passed.

In the twelfth century a family, who took their name from the place, held Willey by favour of the chief lord of the fee. About 1120 Hugo de Welileid and one Turold occurs as witnesses to a Wenlock Charter. In 1180 Warner de Williley was lord of Willey; he was deputy-sheriff of Shropshire in 1199, but was dead in 1231 his wife was Petronilla, daughter and heiress of Robert Fitz-Odo of Henley, and she was living in


1240. Nicholas, son and heir of Warner, was a knight in 1231, but was deceased in 1255; he married Burga, daughter of Ralph de Pitchford, who survived him. They had a son Andrew de Williley, a knight, who was slain at the battle of Evesham in 1265. Sir Andrew had an only daughter and heiress, Burga de Williley. Burga was twice married, first to Philip de Stapleton, who died without issue in 1283, and secondly to Sir Richard de Harley, of Harley, knight. By this marriage the manors of Willey and Kenley came to the Harleys. Burga de Harley was living in 1331.

In 1327, the following inhabitants of Wylileye were assessed to the Subsidy:- Burga de Wylileye iiijs, Ralph de Wylileye ijs, Nicholas le Spencer xiiijd, Richard Ball xiijd, Henry son of Ralph ixd, William Potel xiijd, Richard de Swyney xiijd, Walter de Sheynton xviijd, John Corbet xijd.

Sir Richard de Harley was Sheriff of Shropshire in 1300, M.P. for the County in 1305-6, had a grant of free warren in 1301, and died in 1320. His eldest son, Sir Robert Harley, knight, married in 1296 Margaret, daughter and coheir of Sir Brian de Brampton, lord of Brampton, Kinlet, &c. They had two sons. The elder son, Sir Robert de Harley, became lord of Harley and Willey; in 1364 he levied a fine of these manors in order to entail them; he died in 1375, having married Joan, daughter of Sir Robert Corbet of Moreton, knight, by whom he had an only daughter and heiress, Alice de Harley, who succeeded to Willey, and married Sir Hamond de Peshall, knight. The younger son, Sir Bryan de Harley, succeeded to the Brampton Bryan estate, and was ancestor of the Earls of Oxford.

Sir Hamond Peshall and Alice had issue an only daughter and heiress Elizabeth, who was married first to Sir Richard Laken, knight (living temp., Henry V. and VI.), and secondly to Henry Grendon (who died in 1445-6). By her first marriage Willey passed into the Laken (or Lacon) family. The Lakens were seated at Lacon near Wem from a very early period. The senior branch ended with Ellen, the only child of John Laken; she married Robert Hussey, and had an only daughter Margaret, who married Ralph Banaster, and carried the Lacon estate into the Banaster family. Sir Richard Lacon of Willey jure uxoris was grandson of Alan Laken, younger brother of the aforesaid John, and he served the office of Sheriff in 1415. The Willey estate continued in his descendants for six generations, and each successive owner served the office of Sheriff of Shropshire,- William in 1452; Sir Richard in 1477, 1487, and 1498; Sir Thomas in 1510, 1515, and 1533; Richard in 1540, Rowland in 1571, and Sir Francis in 1612. This shows the high position the Lakens (or Lacons) held in the County. At the Inquisition taken after the death of Rowland Lacon, esqr., in 1610, it was found that he died seised of the manor of Willey, the advowson of Willey, ten messuages, four cottages, 200 acres of land, 200 acres of wood, &c., in Willey. His son Sir Francis Lacon married Jane, daughter of Anthony Browne, Viscount Montacute; and his granddaughter Anne Lacon married 18 February, 1640, Sir William Childe, knight, whose descendants now represent the Lacons; and she carried the Lacon estates (except Willey, which had long before been sold) to the Childe family

In June, 1616, Sir Francis Lacon, who was then described as of Kinlet, agreed to sell the manor and estate of Willey to John Weld of London, esq., in consideration of 7,000. Twelve months later on 20 June, 1617, it was conveyed to Sir Francis Newport, presumably as a trustee; but it was not until 16 May, 1618, that the property was finally conveyed in fee to Mr. Weld. It consisted of the manor of Willey, the park of


Willey, the grounds comprised in Willey park, the advowson of the Church, and all houses and lands belonging to the manor of Willey, in the parishes of Willey, &c. On 25 January, 1619, he bought the manor of Marsh from John Slany, Citizen and Merchant Tailor of London; and in 1628 the manor of Chelmarsh from Sir Thomas Jervoise, knight.

John Weld, the purchaser of Willey, was the son of John Weld of London, by Dorothy Greswold, and was seventh in descent from William Weld, the Sheriff of London in 1355. For many generations the Welds were of Eaton in Cheshire. A younger branch was seated at Lulworth Castle in Dorsetshire. John Weld was appointed Town Clerk of London; and, as he was born in 1581, was 37 years of age when he purchased Willey. In the year 1626 he filed a Bill in Chancery against Sir Francis Lacon and Rowland Lacon for granting leases of certain lands which he claimed to have been included in his conveyance. In 1641 he was appointed High Sheriff of the County, and on the breaking out of the Civil War, when the King was at Wellington on to September, 1642, he received the honour of Knighthood. His eldest son, John Weld, junior, was knighted at Shrewsbury three days later. Father and son both took an active part on the King's side in the Civil War, for which their estates were sequestrated and they were fined as " delinquents," the father paying 1,121 18s. 4d. and his son 849. [1] Sir John Weld, senior, survived the restoration and died 6 November, 1666, and was buried on the 8th in a vault under the chancel of Willey Church. His son was buried in the same vault on 4 August, 1681. He contributed 12 to the " Free and Voluntary Present to His Majesty " King Charles II. in 1661-2.

The Willey estates continued in the Weld family until July, 1748, when on the death of George Weld, esquire, it passed to the Forester family, Elizabeth Weld, his only surviving child, having married on 4 May, 1734, Brooke Forester, esquire, of Dothill. The Foresters were originally of Watling Street (or Wellington), and were the King's foresters in fee, and held half a virgate of land in Wellington by the service of keeping the King's " hay " of Wellington. They are a family of great antiquity, and trace descent from Hugh Forester, who was living towards the close of the twelfth century. [2]

Unfortunately the early charters relating to the property of this family arc lost, but a long series of Inquisitions shows what lands they held. One John Forester became attached to the Court of Henry and on 22 November, 1520, on account of " certain diseases and infirmities which he hath in his hed," had license from the King "to use and were his bonet on his said hed at all tymes and in all places as well in our presence as eliswhere at his libertie." [3] The family resided at the Old Flail, Wellington, until the middle of the 17th century, when Francis Forester removed to Dothill. His son Sir William Forester married Lady Mary Cecil, daughter of the third Earl of Salisbury. Brooke Forester, grandson of Sir William, after his marriage with Elizabeth Weld on 4 May, 1734, came to reside at Willey, where his children were baptized. His son George Forester, esquire, lord of Willey, died unmarried on 13 July, 1811, having devised all his manors and estates to his cousin Cecil Forester, who took the additional name and arms of Weld, and was created on

[1] See "The Sequestration Papers of Sir John Weld senior and Sir John Weld junior, knights, of Willey," in the Shropshire Archaeological Society's Transactions, 3rd Series, I, 185-212.
[2] See "Some Account of the Family of Forester of Watling Street, and now of Willey," in the Shropshire Archeological Society's Transactions,> 2nd Series. III, 151- 184. I am also much indebted to a MS. "History of Willey," by Canon Bridgeman, kindly lent me by Lord Forester.
[3] Ibid, 3rd Series, II, 151-156, 392.


17 July, 1821, Baron Forester of Willey. He married Lady Katherine Manners, daughter of the fourth Duke of Rutland, and their grandson Cecil Theodore Weld-Forester, fifth Lord Forester of Willey, is the present lord of Willey and owner of the estate.

The Old Hall of Willey was apparently built in the 16th century, and what remains of it is now used as the estate offices and stabling of the New Hall. It was a spacious building, and in 1673-4 was assessed to the Hearth Tax for 31 fire hearths. The present noble edifice was erected by Wyatt in 1821.

Reference should be made to the magnificent charity of Mary Anne, Lady Forester, the widow of the third Lord Forester, who by her Will in 1893 left about 400,000 to establish a Cottage Hospital at Wenlock, and a seaside Convalescent Home, since built at Llandudno, as has also been a Cottage Hospital at Broseley,- institutions which have proved to be of the greatest value.


The Church of Willey is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It was originally founded and endowed by the lords of the manor, and there was no parish attached. It was found by inquisition of 1323-4 that there was no cure of souls attached to Willey, but that the Vicar of Wenlock Church was responsible for the services. [1] The Rectors were in early times probably non-resident, as there was no cure of souls; they were nominated by the lords of Willey to the Prior of Wenlock, who presented them to the Bishop of Hereford for institution. In 1291 the Church of Wyleleye was valued at 5 6s. 8d. per annum. In 1357, Wenlock being an " alien Priory," Willey came into the hands of the King, who presented to the rectory. After the dissolution of Wenlock Priory, the lords of the manor (Lacon, Weld, Forester) became patrons, and Lord Forester is the present patron of the rectory. In November, 1822, Willey became amalgamated with Barrow by faculty.

The present Church is mostly modern, and dates chiefly from 1880, when it was restored and aisles built, under the direction of Sir Arthur Blomfield, at a cost of 5,000, by Alexandrina, Lady Forester, in memory of her husband the second Lord Forester. In the Norman period, the Church consisted of nave and chancel, and two splayed round-headed windows in the south wall of the chancel, and a similar window in the north wall of the nave, are of this period. A double window in the north wall of the chancel is possibly 14th century work; and in the nave is a double square-leaded window, which was formerly shuttered. On the north side of the chancel are the remains of a low side window. At the west end is a plain Georgian tower. The plain round font may be of the Norman period or later. On the pulpit, reading-desk, and pews is a good deal of Jacobean carving. At the west end of the south aisle in the large Willey Hall pew. [2]

The chief monuments are those of the Weld and Forester families. On the north side of the chancel is a monument with Corinthian columns and wreath carving to Sir John Weld, knight, who died 6 November, 1666, and to his wife Dame Elizabeth (who died 7 October, 1668); and another to George Weld, esqr., of Willey, and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Peter Pinder, Bart. At the east end of the south aisle is a small memorial chapel with a finely carved monument by Boehm to the second Lord Forester, depicting the Resurrection.

[1] Bishop Orelton's Register, m. 77, page 281.
[2] See Dr. Cranage's Architecture Amount of the Church. of Shropshire, I, 231-292.


Underneath the chancel is the old vault, in which many of the Weld family were interred, but there are only these three Inscriptions:-

(1) George the son
of George Weld Esqr.
& Margaret his wife
Obijt July the 21st 1722
AEtatis 20.

(2) Mrs. Margaret Weld
Wife of George Weld ye 2d
Esqr. Obijt Decemb. 26 1719.
AEtatis 33.

(3) George Forester, Esq.
died July 13, 1811,
In the 76 Year of his Age.

There is a new vault under the Church, containing many fine Monuments and Inscriptions, and here the members of the Forester family are buried.

On 14 October 6 Edward VI. (1552), John Podmore, then parson of Willey, William Heynes and John Corbett, the churchwardens, and Hewe Baylye, returned to the Commissioners the following list of Church Goods belonging to the Church of Willey:-

Imprimis one Chalice with a paten of syluer.
Item one payre of vestements of blacke satem.
Item one Coope of say.
Item ij auter clothes, ij towelles.
Item ij belles and a pyxe of brasse.
Item a Cruett of pewter.

These goods were committed to the presentors.

On 18 May 7 Edward VI. (1553) John Podmore, parson. Wyllyam Henys and John Corbett, churchwardens, presented that there were then remaining in the Church of Willey " ... one chalys of sylver with the patent thereunto ..."

Some person unknown had given lands to maintain certain lights or lamps in the Church of Willey. By Act of Parliament passed at the close of the year 1547, all lands given to maintain obits, lights or lamps in Churches were forfeited to the Crown. The Commissioners for Co. Salop certified, 20 November, 1548, that there were in " the paryshe of Wylley, certen landes within the said parishe geven to the mayntenaunce of certen lyghtis for ever by yere ... ijs."

In 1552 there were two bells in the Church in 1740 and in 1752 the number of bells was three. There are now five bells, two new ones (cast by Mears and Stainbank) having been added in 1880. The two oldest bells are dated 1618, and were cast by William Clibury. The tenor bell is by Joseph Smith, of Edgbaston, and bears an inscription " Richard Roden, Church Warden, 1726." [1]

At the Religious Census of Shropshire taken in 1676, there were at Willey 90 Conformists, being " inhabitants above the age of sixteen"; no Papists, and no Nonconformists. The total population would then probably be about 180.

[1] See the Shropshire Archaeological Society. Transactions, 3rd Series, II, 945-5.


During the Commonwealth, when Presbyterianism was in the ascendancy, Shropshire was in June, 1646, divided into six Classical Presbyteries, and Willey was placed in the third Classis.

In the King's Books, the Rectory of Willey is valued at 5 6s. 2d.

In the Bishop's Registers there are notes of several appointments to the Rectory of Willey, by the family of de la Launde, the patrons. These Rectors are:- 1287, William de la Launde; 1306, William de Gittheby; 1309, Philip de Wick; 1334, Nicholas de Brewood. In 1350, William de While was presented by Sir Thomas de Maurdyn; in 1351, Thomas de Houton was presented by Thomas de Preston, and the same year Gilbert de Hundeton was instituted. I take these not to be Rectors of Willey in Shropshire, because the de la Launde family were not the patrons. They were Rectors probably of some place with a similar name, perhaps Willersey in Herefordshire. It is hardly possible that Willey in Warwickshire could be the place, because that is in the diocese of Worcester, and their institutions would not be in the Hereford Registers.

The following is the most complete list of the Rectors of Willey, that I have been able to compile from various sources:-


1276, June 24. Adam de Wetenhale, acolyte. The Bishop's Register states, September, 1277, that the Rector of Wililege did not come to Leominster to be ordained.
1277, October 6. Reginald de Brocbury, presented by Simon Bras.
1304, October 14. Henry de Forte (or le Forcer), subdeacon, presented by Sir Richard de Harley.
1317, January 2. William Souke occurs, as guardian of a ward entrusted to him.
1323-4, January 27. Sir Philip de Harley, priest, presented by the Prior and Convent of Wenlock, on the nomination of his mother Dame Burga de Harley. There are several documents in the Bishop's Register concerning his appointment to Willey.
1357, August 6. Philip de Harley, presented by Robert de Harleye.
1357-8, March 23. Robert de Shardelowe, presented by the King.
1359, March 30. Adam de Everyngham, Canon of York, presented by the King.
1360, March 30. Sir Hugh de Yonge, prebendary of St. Mary's, Shrewsbury; resigned 1377.
1377, December 15. John Hervy, chaplain, presented by the King. (Patent Roll.)
382-3, February 22. Sir William Aumeneye, chaplain, presented by the King; resigned 1386.
1386, August 13. Master Thomas Hertford (or Hereford), presented by the King; resigned 1387.
1387, December 16. Thomas Preston, presented by the King.
1391, August 2. Sir Robert Derby, also parson of Falley; resigned 1393.
1393-4, February 25. John Caysoho; died in 1410.
1410-11, January 15. Master Richard Talbot, presented by the Prior and Convent of Wenlock; resigned 1412.
1412, January 28. John Kingmon, presented by the Prior and Convent of Wenlock.

(The Rectors between this date and 1534 can only be found in the Hereford Episcopal Registers.)


1534. John Podmore, occurs also in 1552 (Valor Eccles: and Church Goods Return); died 10 March, 1556.
1557, June 28. Sir Michael Hale, presented by Thomas Ridley and Agnes his wife, late wife of Richard Lacon, Esq.
1558. Sir Richard Morgan.
1563, November 18. - Dicson, presented by Roland Lacon, esq.
1570-1, March 6. Giles Hotchekys, presented by Roland Lacon, esq; occurs also 1587 and 1591.
1595, September 27. Thomas Dowghtie (or Doughtie); occurs also 1614.
1638-9, February 28. Gilbert Walden (or Malden), presented by John Weld, esq.
16.. Robert Ogdon (or Ogden); also Rector of Broseley 1653 to 1680. His first wife, Elizabeth Ogden, was buried at Broseley 14 February, 1664-5. He married secondly at Willey, 27 July, 1665, Mary Crowe; she was buried at Broseley, 26 July, 1717. He was buried there 2 March, 1679-80. His widow gave 40s. to the poor in 1680.
1680, April 30. Francis Wheeler, of Balliol College, Oxford, B.A., 9 February, 1657-8; M.A. from New College, 10 November, 1600; Archdeacon of Salop in Hereford, 1684-6. His will, dated 8 February, 1682-3, was proved 12 February, 1686-7. Ile bequeathed a charity to the poor of Bridgnorth and of Willey. He was presented to Willey by Sir John Weld, knight
1686-7, January 6. Richard Hartshorne, presented by George Weld, esq.
1698, June 22. Joseph Barney, B.A., Christ's College, Cambridge; presented by George Weld, esq.; died 1727, buried at Barrow, 24 July, 1727.
1727, September 15. John Williams, B.A., Magdalen Hall, Oxford; presented by George Weld, esq. Son of John Williams, born at Cilycwm, co. Carmarthen, 1701; instituted 15 September, 1727; buried at Barrow, 12 June, 1740.
1740 July 3. John Fayle, D.D., St. John's College, Cambridge; presented by George Weld, esq. The Register has a note as to his preaching English and Latin sermons at Cambridge in June, 1768.
1779, April -. Morgan Jones (? B.A. Jesus College, Oxford, 1790); rector of Hughley, 1803, and again instituted 1813; died or resigned in April, 1817.
1817, December 12. Michael Pye Stephens, of Pembroke College, Oxford; son of Thomas Stephens, esq., born at Westminster, 1751; rector of Sheinton, 1803, and of Little Wenlock, 1803; also Rector of Hughley, 1777, and Incumbent of Barrow; died 1 August, 1822.
1823, January 31. William Bates (? M.A. Pembroke College, Oxford; son of John Bates, gent., born at Bridgnorth, 1775;) also Perpetual Curate of Barrow.


1852. Hon. George Thomas Orlando Bridgeman, M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; resigned Willey, x853; rector of Blymhill, 1853, and of Wigan, 1864; Hon. Canon of Chester, 1872, and of Liverpool, 1880, and Chaplain in Ordinary to Queen Victoria. He was second son of the 2nd Earl of Bradford; born 21 August, 1823; died 25 November, 1895. A learned antiquary and writer.
1854. Thomas Rowley, D.D., Christ Church, Oxford; educated at Shrewsbury School, 1810. Headmaster of Bridgnorth Grammar School, and Rector of Middleton Scriven, 1822 to 1854, and Rector of Frodesley, 1822. Son of the Rev. Richard Rowley, Rector of Middleton Scriven, and was born there 24 and baptized 27 August, 1797. He died during Divine Service in Willey Church, 11 November, 1877, and was buried at Middleton Scriven.
1878. William Henry Wayne, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; presented by Lord Forester. Also Vicar of Barrow. Rector of Sheinton, 1871 to 1878. Son of the Rev. William Henry Wayne, Vicar of Much Wenlock. The present Incumbent of Willey and Barrow.

John Corbett, a native of Willey, born at the Dean in 1656, son of Richard and Judith Corbett of Willey, was M.A. of Christ Church, Oxford, and praelector of Greek. He died 15 June, 1688, aged 32, and was buried at Christ Church, where is a monument to his memory. His will was proved at Oxford, 16 October, 1688. (See Wood's Colleges and Halls, edit. Gutch, f. 481.)

The following Curates of Willey occur in the Register;- 1759, John Marsh; 1763, Robert Parry; 1767, Christopher Hill; 1769, Richard Dewhurst; 1774, John Brown; 1779, Henry Williams.

The Parish Register Abstract of 1831 has this account of the Willey Parish Registers:-" WILLEY R., No. I., Bap. 1644-1812, Bur. 1666-1811, Marr. 1665-1753. No. II., Marr. 1754-1812."

Shropshire Parish Documents issued by the Salop County Council in 1903 gives this information:-

" General Register, 1644-1755 (imperfect-several leaves missing):
Baptisms begin 1644 and end 1812.
Marriages begin 1665 and end 1754.
Burials begin 1666 and end 1811.
Register of Marriages, 1755-1812."

The earliest volume is a parchment book of 35 leaves, measuring 13 inches by 7 inches, in a brown leather cover with clasps. It is in good condition and well written, but several blank leaves have been cut out. The Baptisms, Marriages and Burials are separated. The Baptisms are written in one handwriting from 1644 to 1675, and are perhaps a copy of an earlier register. The Marriages and Burials are in a different hand, and are apparently original entries,- excepting the first nine burial entries (four of which have no dates), and the first seven marriage entries, which seem to be copies of an earlier register. On the fly leaf are some notes of fees payable at the Bishop's Visitation, the building of the new


Rectory by George Weld, Esq., in 1736, the dedication of the Church, and a sermon preached at Cambridge by Rector Fayle, and his admission to the Degree of D.D. There is also an entry of the Induction of the Rev. John Williams in 1727.

The second volume is a paper book in a parchment cover, 14 inches by 9 inches, and contains entries of 71 marriages, between 1755 and 1811, on the usual printed forms. A note on the fly-leaf states that the book was bought at Bridgnorth on 1 February, 1755, for 4s. 6d.

The principal families named in these Registers are those of Weld (1644-1759), and Forester (1734 to 1811). There are also entries relating to the allied families of Pope (1665-69), Polden (1665), and Wolryche, Bart. (1689-94); also to Corbett of the Dean (1653-91), and Smitheman (1741).

It remains only to add that the Registers were copied by Mr. T. R. Horton, and afterwards collated with the original Registers by the Rev. W. G. D. Fletcher, F.S.A., who has also seen them through the press. They are now printed with the kind permission of the Rev. W. H. Wayne, the present Rector of Willey, Lord Forester and Mrs. Baldwyn-Childe having generously defrayed the cost.

July, 1914.

Willey Parish Registers.


[On the fly leaf:]

Exhibitions paid by the Incumbent of a single Living at the Bp. of
Hereford's Triennial Visitation taken out of a Protest directed from Mr.
Pyle Deputy Register to the Clergy of the Deanery of Ponsbury & Wenlock
in Order to Clear Himself from some Reflections cast upon Him for
exacting more some Time than Others.

Triennial Visitation li s. d. Primary Visit:
Exhibit' Orders & other Instruments 00 01 04 02s. 08d.
To the Chanceller & Register 00 02 02 02 02
Apparitor General 00 01 00 01 00

The New Rectory House at Willey was built by George Weld of Willey Esqr.,
in the Year of our Lord 1736. (sumptibus dicti Geo: Weld, Armig.)

Willey Church is dedicated to St. John, beheaded Aug: the twenty ninth.

Memm. The Revd. John Fayle, A:M:, of St. John's Coll:, Rector of Willey,
preached an English Sermon at Great St. Mary's Cambridge on Sunday morn'g
the 19th of June 1768, and a Latine Sermon on Tuesday the 21st being his
Birth Day.- was admitted Doctor in Divinity on Friday the 24th, and
Comenced D:D: The 5th of July following.

The Register Booke for the Parish of Willey from the yeare of Our Lord

Apr. 12. The Apparatour will be in Wenlock to receive ye Copy of ye

2 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1644


1644. Elizabeth, the daughter of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, was Baptized about May 15th, 1644.
1645. Thomas, the son of Mathew Bayley and [blank] his wife, was baptized about May 21, 1645.
1646. Robert, the son of Richard Golden & [blank] his wife, was baptized about february 12, 1646.
1647. Jane, the daughter of Mathew Bayley and [blank] his wife, was baptized about May 16, 1647.
1648. Margaret, the daughter of Richard Golden and [blank] his wife, was baptized about Decemb: 16, 1648.
" Lancelot and Maurice, the twin sons of Maurice Jones and his wife, was baptized about April 12, 1648.
1649. Dorothy, the daughter of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, was baptized about the 2d day of Novembr: 1649.
1650. Mary, the daughter of Mathew Bayley and [blank] his wife, was baptized about June 10, 1650.
" Elizabeth, the daughter of ffrancis Gittins and Mary his wife, was baptized January 29th, 1650.
" Richard, the son of Richard Golden and [blank] his wife, was baptized about March 20, 1650.
1651. Charles, the son of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, and Dame Elizab: his wife, was baptized on March 20 being Shrove-tuesday, 1651.

1652, Mar. 10 (about). Anne, d. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
" Feb. 4 (about). Sarah, d. of Richard Golden & [blank].
" Mar. 10. Francis, s. of Francis Gittins & Mary.
1653, Aug.14 (about). Francis. s. of Mathew Bayley & [blank]
" Apr. 29. Mary, d. of Richard Corbet & Judith.
1654, Jan. 14 (about). John, s. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
1655, May 21 (about). Anne, d. of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, & Dame Elizabeth.
" July 20. John, s. of Richard Corbet & Judith.
1656, Jan. 14 (about). Moses, s. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
1657, July 18 (about). Thomas, s. of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, & Dame Elizabeth.
1658, Jan.31 (about). Elizabeth, d. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
" Apr. 20 (about). Catharine, d. of Richard Golden & [blank].

1668] Willey. 3

1658, May 12. Elizabeth, d. of Richard Corbet & Judith.
" May 22. Sarah, d. of Henry Rainsford & Thomasin.
" Oct. 28. Mary, d. of Frarcis Gittins & Mary.
" Nov. 13 (about). Whitmore, the son of Sr. John Weld, knight. the younger, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, was baptized about Novemb: 13, 1658, and Lyeth buryed at Barrow.
1659, Sep. 12. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Evans & Martha.
" Mar. 27 (about). Elizabeth, d. of Roger Reynolds & [blank].
1660, June 29 (about). Abraham, s. of Sr. John Weld, knight, the younger, & Dame Elizabeth.
" Aug. 13 (about). Mary, d. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
" Nov. 30. Mary & Milcah, twin daus. of John Corbet & Elizab
" Jan. 2. Ambrose, s. of Henry Raynsford & Thomasin.
1661, Apr. 27. Judith, d. of Richard Corbet & Judith.
" Jan. 24. John. s. of Richard Read & [blank].
1662, Apr. 18. Alice, d. of Thomas Evans & Martha.
" Mar. 12. Henry, s. of Henry Raynsford & Thomasin.
1663, Oct. 17. Mary, d. of Richard Read & [blank].
" Feb. 4 (about). Jane, d. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
1664, Apr. 6 (about). Margaret. d. of Richard Corbet & Judith.
" Feb. 18. Sarah, d. of Francis Gittins & Joane.
" Mar. 5. John, s. of James Dovie & Joyce.
1665, Jan. 12. George, s. of Henry Rainsford & Thomasin.
1666, Nov. 10. Margaret, d. of Francis Gittins & Joane.
" Feb. 1. Ambrose, s. of Maurice Jones & [blank].
1667, June 11. Ellenor, d. of Thomas Evans & Martha.
" June 12. Richard, s. of Richard Read & [blank].
" Oct. 25 (about). Timothy & Mary, twin s. & d. of Roger Roger Reynolds & [blank].
1668, May 1. David, s. of Francis Gittins & Joane.
" Sep. 29. Francis, s. of Henry Raynsford & Thomasin.

4 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1668

1668, Oct. 28. Roger, s. of Roger Pope, Esqr., & Mary.
" Feb. 8. Thomas, s. of George Tompson & Dorothy.
1669, Mar. 9 (about). George, s. of Roger Pope, Esqur., & Mary.
Mar. 24. Frances, s. of Thomas Evans & Martha.
1670, Sep. 28. William, s. of Francis Gittins & Joan.
" Sep. 29. John, s. of George Tompson & Dorothy.
" Jan. 6 (about). John, s. of George Weld, Esqur., & Mary.
1671, June 16. Thomas, s. of Henry Rainsford & Thomasin.
1672, Apr. 23 (about), Elizabeth, d. of George Weld, Esqur., & Mary.
1673, Oct. 8. Catharine, d. of Francis Gittins & Joane.
1674, Apr. 9 (about). George, s. of George Weld, Esqur., & Mary
1675, July 11. William, a. of George Weld, Esqur., & Mary.
1678, Oct. 3. Anne, d. of John Wright & Mary.
1679, Dec. 30. Samuel, s. of Newell Edwards & Anne.
" Mar. 23. Jane, d. of Henery Gough & Alice.
1680, Oct. 21[?]. Mary, d. of John Wright & Mary.
1681, Aug. 17. Newell, s. of Newell Edwards & Ann.
" Oct. 25. John, a. of John Baylies & Dorithy.
1682, Apr. 4. Frances, d. of John Wright & Mary.
" July 20. John, s. of Richard Brinton & Elizabeth.
1683, Mar. 25. Thomas, a. of John Chilton & Joan.
" Sep. 4. Joh s. of Ann Vaughan.
" Feb. 10. Thomas, s. of Joh: Read & Martha.
" Mar. 2. Joh s. of Joh: Chilton & Joan.
1684, Nov. 18. Abigail, d. of Richard Brinton & his wife.
" Nov. 18. Thomas, a bastard s. of Jane Baylies.
1685, July 17. Mary, d. of George Weld, Esqr., & Mdm. Mary Weld his wife.
" Oct. 20. Elianor, d. of John Read & Martha.
" Jan. 30. Anne, d. of Richard Brinton & Elizabeth.
" Feb. 14. Elizabeth, a bastard child of Dorothy Simmonds.
1684, Oct. 26. Mary, d. of John Baylis & Dorothy.
1687, May 24. Sarah. d. of Ambrose Ransford & Sarah.

1696] Willey. 5

1687, Nov. 20. James, s. of John Dovey & Mary.
" Dec. 13. Elizabeth, d. of John Rhead & Martha.
1688, Jan. 20. Jane, a bastard child of Margery Simmons.
" Feb. 24. Henry & Mary, twin children of Ambrose Ransford & Sarah, bapt.; & were buried Feb. 29 following.
" June 17. Mary, d. of Robert Carelesse & Joane.
1689, Oct. 6. Mary, d. of John Read & Martha.
" Oct. 13. John, s. of John Dovey & Mary.
" Oct. 27. William, s. of Francis Bailies & Jane.
1690, Apr. 21. Richard, s. of Richard Mellen & Sarah.
" June 2. Henry, s. of Ambrose Ransford & Sarah.
" June 29. Elizabeth, d. of John Bailies & Dorothy.
" Nov. 9. Dorothy d. of Robert Carelesse & Joan.
" Feb. 2. Mary, cl. of Richard Vaughan & Mary.
" Mar. 1. Elizabeth, d. of Timothy Reignolds & Thomazin.
1691, June 24. Anne, d. of John Dovie & Mary.
" Sep. 1. John, the son of Sr. Thomas Wolryche, Barrtt., and the Lady Elizabeth his wife, was born Aug. 14th. 1691, baptized September 1st, 1691.
1692, June 26. Martha, d. of Richard Liner & Joyce.
" July 28. Mary, d. of Sr. Thomas Wolryche, Bartt., and the Lady Elizabeth his wife.
" Apr. 11. Richard, s. of Francis Baylies & Jane.
" Oct. 1. Elizabeth, d. of Robert Carelesse & Jone.
" Nov. 5. Joane, d. of Richard Vaughan & Mary.
1693, Dec. 10. Thomas, s. of John Dovie & Mary.
" Feb. 18. Elizabeth. d. of Richard Liner & Joyce.
1694, Apr. 9. Elizabeth, d. of Sr. Thomas Wolryche, Bartt., and the Lady Elizabeth his wife.
" June 3. Margaret, a bastard d. of Jane Jones.
" Oct. 10. John, s. of William Oseland & Jane.
" Nov. 9. Francis, s. of Wliliam Gittins & Sarah.
" Jan. 6. Joan, d. of John Read & Martha.
" Feb. 3. Jane, d. of John Baylies & Dorothy.
1695, Sep. 8. Henry, s. of Ambrose Ransford & Sarah.
" Feb. 2. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Englesfield & Mary.
1696, Oct. 14. Jane, d. of William Gittens & Sarah.

6 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1696

1696, Nov. 8. Margret, d. of Richard Linell & Joyce.
" Jan. 10. Francis, s. of John Dovey & Mary.
" Feb. 2. James, s. of John Bailies & Dorothy.
1697, Oct. 20. John, s. of William Corbett & Jane.

JOSEPH BARNEY of Xts Colledge in Cambridge, afterwards usher of the Free School in Bridgnorth & Curate of Quatford, then Curate of Morvill, & last of all Curate to Mr. Plaxton of Donington at Kynnardsey in ye Wildmoors, First began to serve ye Rectory of Willey, March ye 20th, 1697.
Was Presented by George Weld Esqr., March 25th, 1698.
Was Instituted into ye sd. Rectory of Willey by DR. GILBERT IRONSIDE, Bishop of Hereford, June 22, 1698.
Item, the Above-named JOSEPH BARNEY was Inducted into the said Rectory of Willey June ye 30th, by me
JOHN PARSONS, Vicar of Much-Wenlock.
MR. ROB: EVANS. Churchwarden.

1698, Dec. 4. Jane, d. of Robert Careless, of ye RudgeWood, labourer, & Jone, was born 15th Nov., & bapt. 4 Decr.
" Mar. 1. William, s. of William Gittins, of Willey, blacksmith, & Sarah, born 19 Feb., & bap. March.

JOS: BARNEY, Rector.
THO: PERTON, of ye Bold, Churchwarden.

1699, Mar. 26. Joyce, d. of John Dovey, of Willey-Mill, & Mary, born 18th March, & bapt. 26th.
" Apr. 16. Margaret, d. of Timothy Reynolds, of RudgeWood, wheelwright, & Jone, born April 9th, bapt. 16th.
" May 14. John, s. of Henry Littleford, gardiner at Willey, & Mary, born & bapt. 14th May.
" Oct. 8. John, s. of Richard Linell, taylor, & Joyce, born 1st, & bapt. 8th Oct.
" Nov. 28. Anne, d. of John Goulden, by Hangstree gate, ship-carpenter, & Anne, born 21st, & bapt. 28 Nov.

JOS: BARNEY, Rector [signs to 1704.]
AMBROSE RAINSFORD, of Whitehouse, Ch. W.

1704] Willey. 7

1700. None Born, & Consequently none Baptiz'd.
1701, July 20. Joseph, ye base s. of Margery Symons (alias Bridder), of Ridge-Wood. Father'd upon one Thomas Prichard a Vagabond, was born ye 8th, & bapt. 20th July.
" Dec. 27. Vincent, s. of Vincent Littleford, & Susanna, of Willey-Mill, born Dec. 4th, & bapt. Dec. 27th.
" Mar. 15. John, s. of William Gittens, of Willey, blacksmith, & Sarah, born Mar. 10th, bapt. Mar. 15th.
1702, June 10. Mary, d. of Timothy Reynolds, of RidgWood, wheelwright, & Joan, born 8th. & bapt. 20th June.
" Aug. 18. Thomas, s. of James Hardwick, of ye Dean, Cooper, & Mary, born 4th, & bapt. 18th August.
" Oct. 11. George, s. of Ambrose Rainsford, of ye Whitehouse, husbandman, & Sarah, born Oct. [blank], & bapt. 21st Oct.
1703, July 11. Elizabeth, d. of Robert Gough, of Ridgewood, labourer, & Anne, born July 1st, bapt. July 11th.
" Dec. 27. Jane, d. of William Crowther, son in law to Thomas Perton, of the Bold, & Jane, born 13th, bapt. 27th.
" Jan. 24. Mary, d. of William Corbett, of Hangstree Gate, joyner, & Mary, born 19th, & bapt. 24th Jany.
1704, May 29. Mary, d. of Ambrose Rainsford, of the White House, husbandman, & Sarah, born 14th, & bapt. 29th May.
" June 5. John, s. of Thomas Roden, of the Hill Farm, husbandman, & [blank], born May 21st, & bapt. 5th June.
" Aug. 27. Thomas, s. of William Gittens, of Willey, blacksmith, & Sarah, born Aug. 7th, & bapt. Aug. 27th.

8 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1704

1704, Nov. 1. Mary, d. of William Ames & Mary, born Oct. 28th, & bapt. Nov. 1st. The said Wm. Ames is a poor labourer.
1715, Sep. 18. Timothy, s. of Timothy & Jane Reynolds, born Sept. 12th, bap. 18th, 1715.
1724, Nov. 1. Sylvanus, s. of Timothy & Elizabeth Reynolds, born Oct. 26, bapt. Nov. 1, 1724.
[The next entry is written in the margin.]
1711, July 27. Sarah, d. of Tim. Reynolds & Joan, born July 8th, bapt. July 27, 1711.

1727. JOHN WILLIAMS, of St. Mary's Magdalen Hall in Oxford, Curate of Kidderminster, then Under-Master at the Free School in Bridgnorth, & Curate of Morvil, was Presented to the Rectory of Willey, by George Weld of Willey, Esqr., Aug. 14, 1727, was Instituted by DR. HENRY EGERTON, Bishop of Hereford, on September 15 following, and Inducted by MR. RICH: CORBETT HARTSHORNE, Rector of Broseley & Badger, on the 22nd day of Septembr. in the same year.
in the Presence of GEO: WELD, Esqr.
THO: LANE, & others.

1727, Oct. 7. Elizabeth, d. of Joseph Symons, of Barrow, & Mary.
" Dec. 18. Elizabeth, d. of William Winton & Jane.
" Feb. 11. Mary, d. of William Goodale & Mary.
" Feb. 25. Anne, d. of Edward Langford, of Barrow, & Mary.

JOH: WILLIAMS, Rector [signs to 1739].

1728, June 16. Jane, d. of Samuel Harris, of Barrow p., & Jane.
" Oct. 21. Elisabeth, d. of Richard Roden, of the Bold, & Jane.
" Nov. 3. Anne, the base child of Anne Wall, father'd on one William Howland ["Hulett" written over].
" Dec. 27. John, s. of John Ashwood, of Shurlett, and the Lady ["Caroline" written over] Withers his wife.

1732] Willey. 9

1728, Mar. 9. John, s. of Edward Jenkins (of Shurlett in Barrow p.) & Elisabeth.


1729, June 22. John, s. of Edward Barker, of Barrow p., & Ann.
" July 20. Thomas, s. of Tho. Guest, junr., of Upper Stardburn in Barrow p.. & Sarah.
" Oct. 26. William, s. of Wm. Lloyd (alias Piper), of Shurlett, & Mary.
" Feb. 2. Elisabeth, d. of Thos. Bill & Hannah.
" Feb. 22. Elisabeth, d. of James Massey (alias Carter) & Sarah, Inhabitants of Barrow.


1730, June 28. Marc, d. of NVilliarn Dickenson, of Linley p., & Rebecca.
" Aug. 23. Elisabeth, d. of Edward Langford, of Barrow p., & Mary.
" Dec. 6. William, s. of Edward Higgs & Eleanor.
" Feb. 7. Mary, d. of Humphrey Cook, of Linley p., & Bridgett.
" Mar. 21. William, s. of Francis Massey. of Barrow p., & Ann.


1731, June 27. Anne, d. of John Linel & Elisabeth.
" Aug. 19. William, s. of Wm. Goodale & Mary.
" Aug. 22. John, s. of Richard Roden & Jane.
" Sep. 5. Joseph, s. of Joseph Simonds & Mary.
" Dec. 5. Thomas, s. of William Corbett, junr., & Sarah.
" Dec. 28. Mary, d. of Tho: Guest, p. Barrow, & Elisabeth.
" Jan. 2. Elisazeth, d. of John Weaver, of Posenhall, & Sarah.
" Feb. 23. Francis, s. of William Lloyd (alias Piper) & Mary.
" Mar. 8. John, s. of Richard Bill, of Barrow p., & Anne.
" Mar. 20. Elisabeth, d. of John Williams, Cl., & Margaret, born March 12th.


1732, Mar. 26. Mary, d. of Edward Higgs, of Barrow p., & Eleanor.

10 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1732

1732, Apr. 10. Thomas, s. of Edward Barker, of Barrow p., & Anne.
" Nov. 26. Mary, d. of Francis Massey, of Barrow p., & Anne.
" Jan. 2. Benjamin, s. of William Corbett, junr., & Sarah, was bap. Jan 2, at Worfield.
" Feb. 26. Elisabeth, d. of Thomas Neath & Catherine.


1733, Mar. 26. Robert, s. of John Gough & Sarah.
" May 6. William, s. of Robert Ryhouse ["Griffiths" written over] & Elisabeth.
" Sep. 9. Anne, d. of Joseph Symmonds & Mary.
" Sep. 16. Eleanor, d. of William Hood, of Barrow, & Eleanor.
" Sep. 16. Elisabeth, d. of John Linel & Elisabeth.
" Nov. 18. John, s. of John Weaver, of the Coppice head, in the Township of Posenall, & Sarah.
" Dec. 30. Jane, d. of Richard Rhoden & Jane.
" Jan. 24. George, s. of John Williams, Rector, & Margaret his w., was born Jan. 19, three Quarters past eight in the Morning, and baptized Jan. 24, 1733.


1724, Apr. 3. William, s. of William Highway & Elisabeth.
" Jan. 4. John, s. of John Williams, clerk, & Margaret his wife, was born Dec. 30th, at half an Hour past five in the morning, and baptized Jan. 4th, 1734.
" Feb. 11. Anne, d. of William Corbett, junr., & Sarah.
" Feb. 16. Sarah, d. of Robert Griffiths & Eleanor.
" Feb. 9. John, s. of John Gough & Sarah.


1735, Dec. 21. George, the son of Brooke Forester, Esqr., & Madam Elisabeth Forester his Wife, was born Dec. 21, at 6 o'Clock at Night, and baptized the same night.
" Feb. 1. Thomas, s. of Henry Ransford & Mary.
" Feb. 15. Elisabeth, d. of William Highway & Elisabeth.


1736, May 30. Sarah, d. of Richard Roden & Jane.

1744] Willey. 11

1736, Sep. 12. Elisabeth, d. of Robert Griffiths & Eleanor.
" Feb. 5. William, the son of Brooke Forester, Esqr., and Madam Elisabeth Forester his wife, was born Feb. 1, at half an hour past 5 in the morning, & baptized the same day.
" Feb. 2. Edward, s. of William Corhett & Sarah.
" Feb. 23. John, s. of John Linel & Elisabeth.


1737, Apr. 1. Mary, d. of John Roden & Anne.
" May 19. Thomas, s. of John Gough & Sarah.
" Oct. 23. Richard, s. of Richard Coakley & Mary.


" Aug. 11. Brooke, the son of Brooke Forester, Esqr., and Mrs. Elizabeth Forester his wife was born Aug. 11th at two o'Clock in the Morning, and baptized the same day.
" Oct. 15. William, the base s. of Margaret Gardiner.
" Jan. 26. Elisabeth, d. of William Corbett & Sarah.
" Feb. 27. Anne, d. of John Roden & Anne.


[Two leaves cut out here, but apparently blank.]

1739, Jan. 17. Anne, d. of John Gough & Sarah.


1740, May 15. Richard, s. of Richard Pee, of the Bould, & Jane.
" Dec. 30. Elizabeth, d. of John Roden & Anne.

JOHN FAYLE. Rector [signs to 1767].

1741, May 3. Richard, s. of Willm. & Sarah Corbett.
" Feb. 11. William. s. of Brooke Forester, Esq., & Mrs. Elizabeth his Wife.


1742, May 9. John, s. of Wm. & Margt. Ashwood.
" Nov. 5. Robert, s. of John & Anne Roden.
" [blank]. William, s. of Wm. & Sarah Corbet.
1743, Oct. 24. Thomas, s. of Richd. & Elizth. Goodale.
" Nov. 1. Jane, d. of Richd. & Jane Pee.
1744, May 13. Mary, d. of Tim: & Elizth: Reignolds.
" July 5. Mary, d. of Hen: & Mary Rainsford.
" Aug. 24. William, s. of Sam & Mary Scale.

12 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1744

1744, Sep. 28. Edward, s. of John & Anne Roden.
1745, Aug. 21. Sarah, d. of Richd. & Jane Pee.
1746, Sep. 28. Mary, .d of Thos. & Eliz. Holms.
" Feb. 24. John, s. of Saml. & Mary Scale.
1747, Aug. 30. Elizabeth, d. of Wm. & Elizth. Adams.
" Jan. 24. Mary, d. of Richd. & Margt. Goodall.
" Feb. 14. William, s. of Thos. & Eliz. Holms.
1748, Apr. 11. Edwd., s. of Richd. & Jane Pee.
" May 1. Eliz., d. of Robt. & Grace Roden.
" Sep. 4. Jane, d. of Richd. & Eliz. Hart.
" Mar. 19. John, s. of Richd. & Margarett Goodale.
1749, May 15. Jane, d. of Thos. & Anne Roden.
" July 30. Ruth, d. of Robt. & Grace Rooden.
" Nov. 19. George, a. of Tho: & Eliz: Holmes.
" Jan. 8. Abigal, d. of John & Abigal Angsworth.
" Jan. 21. Sarah, d. of Richd. & Margarett Goodale.
1750, June 4. Jane, d. of Robt. & Elenor Griffiths.
" Sep. 16. Timothy, s. of Silvanus & Anne Reynolds.
" Nov. 30. Richd., s. of Thos. & Anne Roden.
" Dec. 5. Thos., s. of Robt. & Grace Roden.
" Mar. 10. Richd., s. of Richd. & Margarett Goodale.
1751, Sep. 15. Willm., s. of Thos. & Anne Savage.
" Oct. 10. John, s. of Thos. & Mary Perry, of the Dean.
" Nov. 17. Thos., s. of Thos. & Eliz. Holmes.
" Nov. 23. Kezia, d. of Thos. Roden & Anne.
" Feb. 9. Elizabeth, d. of Silvanus & Anne Reignolds.
" Mar. 18. Saml., s. of Saml. & Eliz. Scale.
1752, May 24. Anne, d. of Richd. & Margarett Goodale.
1753. New Style.
1753, May 2. William, s. of Thos. & Ann Savage, Butler and Housekeeper of Willey.
" May 1. Ann, d. of William Holm (a servant to Mrs. Dor: Weld) & Eliz: his wife.
" May 25. Elenor. d. of Robt. Darrel, labourer, & Sarah.
" June 3. Samuel, s. of Thos. Perry, farmer, & Mary.
" June 16. Joseph, s. of Sam: Scale, Agent in the Coal works, & Elizab:
" Dec. 26. Ann, d. of Thos. Holms, tricker, & Elizabeth.
1754, Mar. 22. Sarah, d. of Richd. Lionel, labourer, & Martha.

1762] Willey. 13

1754, May 5. Richard, s. of Thos. Roden, miller, & Ann.
" Oct. 14. William, a. of Thos. Perry, of the Dean, farmer, & Mary.
1755, Feb. 23. Silvia, d. of Silvanus Reignolds, carpentr., Ann.
" June 5. John, s. of Thos. Holms, cricker, & Elizabeth.
1756, May 2. Sarah, d. of Robt. Roden, labourer, & Grace.
" Aug. 7. George, s. of Thos. Perry, farmer, & Mary.
" Dec. 26. Levi, s. of Willm. Haslehurst. clark of the Coal Works, & Anne.


1757, Jan. 9. Anne, d. of Richd. Lionel, labourer, & Martha.
" Nov. 23. William. s. of John Pee, farmer, & Mary.


1758, Mar. 27. Catherine, d. of Robt. Darral, labr., & Sarah.
" Mar. 28. Richard, s. of Thos. Holms, farmer & cricker, & Elizth.
" June 4. George, s. of Robt. Roden. labourer, & Grace.
1759, Mar. 18. Willm., s. of Rd. Davis, furnareman, & Ruth.
" Sep. 5. Jane. d. of Sam: Chilton, New Furnace, & Anne.
" Dec. 9. Silvanus, s. of Thos. Holms, Coal Carrier & Farmer, & Elisahth.
1760, Feb. 13. Ann, base d. of Mary Lloyd (alias Shell).
" Feb. 24. Francis, s. of Thos. Pitt, farmer, & Ann.
" Feb. 29. Martha, d. of Robs. Roden. lahr., & Grace.
" Mar. 5. John, s. of Willm. Haselhurst (clark of the Coal Works) & Ann.
" Sep. 21. Isabell, d. of Wm. Macwrath, potter, & Dorothy.
1761, May 11. Elenor, d. of Thos. Halms, farmer, & Elizabeth.
" Aug. 9. Mary, d. of Robt. Darral, farmer, & Sarah.
" Aug. 30. Thomas, s. of Sam: Chilton, furnaceman, & Ann.
" Oct. 10. Sarah, d. of Wm. Haslehurst, coalmaster, Ann.
" Nov. 18. Robert, s. of Rob: Roden, labourer, & Grace.
1762, Jan. 1. Thomas, s. of Wm. Williams, tabourer, & Mary.

14 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1762

1762, Jan. 27. Mary, d. of Wm. Cock, weaver, & Mary.
" June 24. Syderina, d. of Richd. Pearce, coaker at New Wiley furnace, & Mary.
" Oct. 24. Thomas, s. of Thos. Pitt, farmer, & Ann.
" Nov. 13. Charles, s. of Thos. Holms, farmer, & Eliz:
" Dec. 12. Mary, d. of Richd. Wheeler, labourer, & Mary.
1763, May 24. Martha & Mary, daus. of John Adams & Ann.
" Sep. 18. Richard, s. of William Cope, New Willey, & Mary.
" Dec. 27. William Theophelus, s. of William Haslehurst, & Ann.
1764, Jan. 9. Edward, s. of Robert Darol & Sarah.
" Feb. 19. Joseph, s. of Mary Lloyd, base child.
" May 29. Thomas, s. of Robert Evans, farmer, & Mary.
1763, Jan. 27. Richard. s. of John Taylor, New Willey, & Mary.
" Feb. 3. Thomas, s. of John Adams, labr., & Ann.
" Feb. 20. Sarah, d. of William Williams, lab., & Mary.
" May 5. Ann, d. of Richard Wheeler & Sarah.
" June 23. Ann, d. of Francis Gough, lab., & Ann.
" Sep. 22. Thomas, s. of William Haslehurst, Coal Master, & Ann.
" Oct. 19. Francis, s. of Thomas Holmes, farmer, & Elizabeth.
1766, Jan. 9. Mary, d. of Robert Evans. farmer, & Mary.
" Mar. 14. Mary, d. of Thomas Pitt, farmer, & Ann.
1767, Apr. 20. Jane, d. of Robert Evans & Mary.
" Oct. 23. Charlotte, d. of Mary Barret, base child.
" Nov. 1. John, s. of William Williams & Mary.
" Nov. 22. Maria, d. of Ann Barret, base child.
[In another hand:] Omitted at the Time, as appears by the annexed Paper.
1767, Sep. 26. Thomas, s. of John & Gertrude Dovey.
1768, Apr. 10. Richard, s. of Richard Wheeler & Sarah.
" Nov. 27. John, base s. of Jane Harris.
" Dec. 18. Sarah, d. of Thos. Pitt, farmer, & Anne.
1769, May 21. Sarah, d. of Henry Morris & Sarah.
" Oct. 8. Sarah, d. of William Williams & Mary.
" Dec. 24. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Ostins & Jane.
1770, Apr. 10. William, s. of George & Elizth. Smith.

1778] Willey. 15

1770, May 13. Thomas, s. of Richard Wheeler, labourer, & Sarah.
" Sep. 16. Sarah, d. of Francis Gough, labourer, & Ann.
" Oct. 14. John, base s. of Elizabeth Liner.
1771, May 21. Robert, s. of Robert Evans & Mary.
1772, Apr. 19. Edward, s. of Thomas Holmes & Elizabeth.
" June 28. Thomas, s. of Edward Jones, shoemaker, & Jane.
" Sep. 16. Mary, d. of Richard Loyd & Jane.
" Nov. 1. Jane, d. of Thomas Bagley & Jane.
1773, Feb. 14. William, s. of Elizabeth Liner.
" Dec. 13. Sophia, d. of Mary Hayway.
1774, Apr. 10. Ann, d. of Edward Jones. Rudge Wood, & Jane.
" June 20. John, s. of John Roden. of the Bank, labr., & Ann.
" Oct. 2. Elizabeth, d. of Matthew Morris, labr., & Martha.
" Nov. 6. Esther, d. of Edward Bowyer, collier, & Mary.
1775, Aug. 20. Frances, d. of Samuel Pitt & Elizabeth.
" Sep. 28. Molly, d. of Richd. Goodall & Elizabeth.
" Dec. 4. John. s. of Benjamin Powney & Sarah.
1776, Mar. 17. John, s. of Edward Jones, Rudge Wood, & Jane.
" May 5. Jenny, d. of Samuel Sankey & Elizabeth.
" Oct. 27. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Pee & Elizabeth.
" Dec. 29. Susanna, d. of Thomas Fletcher & Elizabeth.
1777, Jan. 19. George, s. of William Bagley & Mary.
" Jan. 19. Mary, d. of William Phillips & Katherine.
" Jan. 19. Ann. d. of John Mullineux & Margaret.
" Feb. 16. Ann, base child of Ann Goodal.
" May 11. Thomas, s. of Benjamin Powney & Sarah.
" June 1. Mary. d. of Mathew Morris & Martha.
1778, Jan. 29. Richard, s. of William Jones & Ann.
" Mar. 15. John, s. of William Philips & Katharine.
" Apr. 12. John, s. of Thomas Easthope & Ann.
" May 10. Robert, s. of Richard Hickman & Mary.
" Oct. 9. John, s. of George Ensley & Elizabeth.
" Nov. 4. Edward, s. of Edward Jones, Rudge Wood, & Jane.

16 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1778

1778, Dec. 25. Michael, s. of Michael Willis & Elizabeth.
1779, Mar. 1. William, s. of Thomas Kidson & Sarah.
" Mar. 29. Frances Elizabeth, d. of John Perry & Elizabeth.
" Apr. 4. William, s. of Benjamin Powney & Sarah.
" May 23. Agnes, d. of Thomas Caven & Ann.
" Sep. 12. William, s. of Richard Goodall & Elizabeth.
" Oct. 10. Fanny, d. of William Phillips & Catharine.
" Dec. 12. Ann, d. of Matthew Morris & Martha.
1780, Jan. 16. John, s. of Luke Bradley & Elizabeth.
" Mar. 12. Joseph, base s. of Ann Higgs.
" May 21. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Mollineux & Ann.
" June 2. George, s. of John Perry & Elizabeth.
" July 9. Molly, d. of George Guest & Elizabeth.
" Oct. 1. William Daniel, a. of Thos. & Elizth. Fletcher.
" Oct. 29. Mary, d. of William & Martha Lister.
" Dec. 31. Mary, d. of Benjamin & Sarah Powney.
1781, Jan. 3. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Sarah Kidson.
" Jan. 14. Nancy, base d. of Elizabeth Bourton.
" Jan. 17. Mary, d. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" Feb. 25. Elizabeth. d. of John & Mary Roden.
" Mar. 11. Hasnah, d. of Richard Sr Sarah Lett.
" Mar. 18. William, base s. of Mary Taylor.
" Apr. 1. George, s. of Joseph & Anne Pierce.
" May 20. Mary, d. of William & Mary Guest.
" July 8. Molly, d. of Samuel & Elizabeth Sankey.
" July 8. Anne, d. of Thomas & Anne Mollyneux.
" July 22. Anne, d. of Edward & Mary Nest.
" Nov. 7. Thomas, base s. of Mary Blower.
" Dec. 9. Thomas, s. of Thos. & Mary Miles.
" Dec. 23. Enoch, s. of Enoch & Elizabeth Turnley.

MOR: JONES, Rector [signs to 1812.]

ded. into Court.

1782, Apr. 1. Ann, d. of Thomas & Kazia Poole.
" Apr. 4. Thomas, s. of Elizabeth Richards, base-born.
" May 26. Richard, s. of Richard & Elizabeth Goodall.
" June 16. William, base s. of Mary Nicholas.
" July 14. Anne, d. of Michael & Elizth. Willis.
" Oct. 13. Thomas, s. of Edward & Mary Turley.
" Dec. 29. Sarah, d. of Matthew & Martha Morris.

1789] Willey. 17

1783, June 22. Michael Mollyneux. s. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" June 22. Francis, s. of Thomas & Anne Mollyneux.

Duty on Registers commenced Octr. 2, 1783.
" Oct. 5. Francis, s. of Wi:liam & Sarah Wilkinson.
" Oct. 19. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Kaziah Pool.
" Nov. 2. Nancy. d. of Samuel & Mary Ward.
" Nov. 16. Sarah. d. of Elizabeth Burton, base-born.
1781. Look in the Register of Barrow for Thomas, son of Elizabeth Pit.

Examined by me Thos. Morrall, Dep. Collector.

1785, Jan. 16. Jane, d. of Thomas & Anne Mollyneux.
" Mar. 27. Harriot, d. of Richard & Mary Hickman.
" June 17. William. base s. of Sarah Callon.
" June 16. Anne, d. of Richard & Elizth. Goodall.

Inspected per. Theos. Morrall.

" Nov. 20. Elinor, base d. of Jane Smout.
1786, Feb. 1. Elizth., d. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" Mar. 9. Marg., d. of William & Elizth. Samuel.
" Apr. 16. Jane, d. of Thos. & Kaziah. Pool
" May 11. Elizth., d. of Silvanus & Anne Holmes.
" Oct. 1. Samuel, s. of Thomas & Jane Humphries.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

1787, Jan. 1. John, s. of John & Jane Dawes.
" Apr. 10. James. base s. of Susanna Freeman.
" Apr. 22. Nancy, d. of Richard & Elizth. Goodall.
" May 20. Mary. d. of Thos. & Ann Mollyneux.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

1788, Jan. 20. Wiliam. s. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" Jan. 27. John, a base s. of Elizth. Howard.
" Mar. 23. Samuel, s. of John & Jane Daw.
" Aug. 3. Thomas, s. of Thos. & Jane Humphreys.
" Aug. 24. Thomas, s. of Edward & Elizth. Holmes.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Dec. 14. Edward, s. of Thos. & Kaziah Poole.
" Dec. 14. Phillis, base d. of Abigail Davis.
" Dec. 25. Martha, d. of Matthew & Martha Morris.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1789, Jan. 11. Mary, d. of Silvanus & Anne Holmes.
" Mar. 1. Flizabeth, d. of Benjamin & Ann Hughs.

18 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1789

1789, May 17. John, s. of John & Mary Jones.
" July 24. Sarah, d. of Thomas & Ann Mollyneux.

Thus far accounted for to the King.
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1790, Feb. 15. John, base s. of Susannah Freeman.
" Apr. 2. Ann, d. of William & Elinor Sheward.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Oct. 3. John, s. of Joseph & Elizabeth Blocksidge.
" Nov. 15. William, s. of Richard & Elizabeth Goodall.
" Nov. 15. Phanny, d. of Henry & Anna Morris, P.
" Nov. 28. Clemant Francis, s. of Edward & Jane Jones.

MOR. JONES, Rector.
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1791, Feb. 20. Samuel, s. of John & Elizth. Lewis.
" Apr. 7. Maria, base d. of Sarah Morris.
" Apr. 24. John, s. of Thos. & Jane Humphries.
" May 8. Mary, d. of Benjamin & Anne Hughes.
" May 29. Elizth., d. of Samuel & Mary Scale.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Nov. 20, Phanny, d. of Samuel & Mary Burton.
" Dec. 15. Sarah, base d. of Mary Jones.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1792, Mar. 4. Willm., s. of Willm. & Margt. Miles.
" Apr. 22. Thos.. s. of Thos. & Ann Mollyneux.
" May 27. George Robert, s. of Elizth. Price.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Nov. 18. Anne, d. of Benjamin & Anne Hughes.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1793, Jan. 6. Thomas Perry. s. of Thos. & Margery Perry.
" Mar. 3. William, base s. of Elizth. Richards.
" Sep. 29. Solomon, s. of Thos. & Jane Humphries.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Oct. 23. George, s. of Samuel & Mary Burton.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1794, May 18. Susannah, d. of Benjamin & Ann Hughes.
" July 20. Elizabeth, d. of John & Margery Perry.
" Sep. 7. Martha, d. of Willm. & Anne Hare.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1795, Feb. 15. Martha, d. of Richard & Esther Bennet.
" May 3. Elizth., d. of Richard & Elizth. Goodall.

1802] Willey. 19

1795, July 12. Harriot, d. of Edward & Elinr. Richards.
" Oct. 4. Mary, d. of Benjamin & Jane Venn.
" Oct. 11. Joseph, s. of Joseph & Anne Maiden.
" Oct. 18. Thos., s. of Thos. & Elizth. Speeke.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1796, July 26. Elizabeth Price, base d. of Susannah Taylor.
" Oct. 16. John, s. of Thomas & Anne Mollyneux.
" Dec. 25. Elizabeth. d. of John & Margaret Gould.

Thus far sent to Hereford.

1797, Mar. 5. Hannah, base d. of Frances Pitt.
" Sep. 10. Isabel, d. of John & Mary Low.
" Oct. 15. Frances, base d. of Anne Morris.
1798, Feb. 11. Thos., s. of Benjamin & Jane Venn.
" July 15. William. s. of Thomas Sr Elizth. Haslehurst.
" Oct. 28. Edward, s. of John & Frances Deason, Linley.
" Nov. 11. Thos. & Hannah, twin children of John & Mary Perry.
" Nov. 18. Willm., s. of John & Mary Porter. Linley.
" Dec. 23. Richard, s. of John & Margaret Gold.
1799, Mar. 31. George, s. of Thos. & Anne Mollyneux.
" May 12. John, s. of Richard & Elizth. Goodall.
1800, Jan. 19. Thos., s. of Thos. & Elizth. Haslehurst.
" Mar. 16. Sarah, base d. of Frances Bill.
" Sep. 28. Richard, s. of Thos. & Frances Roberts.
" Nov. 30. Mary, d. of Ralph & Anne Pope.
1801, May 24. Thomas, s. of Thos. & Anne Maiden.
" June 7. Matthew, s. of Thos. & Anne Mollyneux.
" July 4. Anne, base d. of Margaret Giles.
" Sep. 13. Mary, d. of Thomas & Elizth. Haslehurst.

MOR: JONES, Rector.

1802, Jan. 11. Elizabeth, base d. of Elizth. Price.
" Feb. 18. Anne, d. of John & Mary Perry.
" Apr. 11. Frances, d. of John & Anne Meredith.
" Apr. 25. Elizabeth, d. of Ralph & Anne Pope.
" May 2. Mary, d. of Willm. & Elizth. Price.
" May 23. Mary. d. of Thos. & Anne Maiden.
" June 6. Mary, d. of Willm. & Elizth. Bembow.
" June 26. Thos., s. of Thos. & Catherine Maiden.
" July 18. Mary, d. of Edward Sr Jane Jones.

20 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1802

1802, Aug. 9. James, s. of James & Sarah Maiden.
" Dec. 5. Elizth., d. of Benjamin & Mary Bembow.
1803, May 8. Phanny, d. of James & Jane Meredith.
" Oct. 16. Sarah, d. of William & Elizth. Price.
" Nov. 13. Margaret, d. of John & Anne Pugh.
" Dec. 9. George, s. of James & Ann Morris.
1804, Mar. 18. William, s. of Thomas & Anne Gough.
" May 2. Thomas, base s. of Esther Roper.
" May 13. Sarah, d. of Willm. & Elizth. Bembow, Linley.
" May 13. Richard, d. of Richard & Margaret Pee.
" May 22. George, base s. of Elisabeth Mollyneux.
" May 24. Margaret, base d. of Mary Bill.
" June 3. Richard, base s. of Jane Smout.
" July 1. Thomas, s. of Thos. & Jane Jones.
" July 1. Susannah, d. of John & Sarah Maiden.
" July 1. Elizabeth, dau. [blank].
" Sep. 9. Alice, d. of John & Sarah Firmstone.
" Sep. 16. George. s. of Thos. & Elizth. Haslehurst.
" Oct. 14. Hannah, d. of James & Sarah Maiden.
" Oct. 14. Mary, d. of Willm. & Susannah Beetlestone.
" Nov. 4. Anne, base d. of Anne Martin.
1805, Jan. 13. Mary, d. of Samuel & Sophia Vaughan.
" Feb. 26. John, s. of Samuel & Mary Millward.
" Apr. 26. Thomas, s. of Edward & Elizabeth Holmes.
" May 16. John, s. of Richard & Mary Roden, Norley.
" May 22. William, s. of Joseph & Fanny Walford. Norley.
" June 12. Maryanne, d. of William & Christiana Felton, Dareley.
The two following Baptisms omitted in their proper place.
1805, June 2. Anne, d. of Willm. & Elizth. Nich'las.
" June 9. Elizabeth, d. of John & Elizabeth Bickley.
" July 2. Joseph, s. of John & Mary Lowe.
" July 7. Edward, s. of James & Anne Morris, Astley Abs.
" July 21. Robert, s. of Edward & Jane Jones. Astley Abs.
" July 30. Edward, base s. of Esther Bayer, Barw., P.
" July 31. Maryanne, d. of John & Martha Evans, Linley.
" Sep. 8. Anne, d. of John & Anne Pugh.

1807] Willey. 21

1805, Sep. 20. Hannah, d. of Joseph & Anne Maiden.
" Nov. 10. Thomas, s. of Thomas & Anne Hazeldine.

MOR. JONES, Rector.

1806, May 25. Elizabeth. d. of Thos. & Anne Gough.
" June 9. George, s. of James & Elizth. Redwood.
" July 31. Emma. d. of Edward & Elizth. Holmes.
" Aug. 3. William, s. of John & Sarah Maiden, As. Ab.
" Aug. 11. John, s. of John & Elizth. Goodall.
" Aug. 13. William. s. of George & Frances Nicholas.
" Aug. 15. John, s. of Thomas & Jane Hill.
" Aug. 26. William, s. of William & Elizth. Bembow.
" Sep. 1. Hannah Jones, base d. of Mary Evans.
" Oct. 11. Sarah, d. of Thos. & Jane Harris.
" Oct. 12. Joseph, s. of William & Margaret Miles.
" Nov. 9. Cornelia. d. of Ralph & Anne Pope, By. P.
" Dec. 8. Mary Anne. d. of Benjamin & Elizabeth Goodwin, Barrow Parish.
" Dec. 14. George, s. of Richard & Mary Davis.
" Dec. 26. Sarah, d. of John & Martha Evans.
" Dec. 28. Morris, base s. of Damazine Roberts.


1807, Jan. 4. Emma, d. of Samuel & Mary .Millward.
" Jan. 20. Joseph, s. of John & Mary Philpot.
" Feb. 23. William. s of John & Sarah Firmstone.
" Feb. 25. Thomas, s. of John & Sarah Wem.
" Mar. 1. John, s. of John & Elizabeth Price.
" Mar. 8. Sarah. d. of Edward & Sarah Fillpot.
" Apr. 12. Harriot, d. of James & Anne Morris.
" Apr. 19. Maryanne, d. of William & Anne Miles.
" Apr. 26. John, s. of Thomas & Jane Jones.
" May 10. Thomas, s. of Richard & Mary Goodall.
" June 7. George, s. of Benjamin & Elizth. Evans.
" June 16. William, s. of James & Elizth. Smith.
" July 5. Edward, s. of Richard & Jane Boyer.
" Aug. 9. Hannah. d. of Thomas & Ann Hasledine.
" Aug. 23. Samuel, s. of Richard & Mary Roden.
" Aug. 23. George, base s. of Jane Jones.
" Aug. 28. Jane, d. of Richard & Margaret Pee.
" Sep. 6. William. s. of John & Mary Low.

22 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1807

1807, Sep. 13. Samuel, s. of William & Christiana Felton.
" Sep. 26. Emia, d. of James & Susannah Paine.
" Sep. 24. Susannah, d. of William & Sarah Wood.
" Oct. 4. James, base s. of Mary Low.
" Oct. 9. William, s. of Edward & Elizth. Holmes.
" Nov. 15. Margaret, d. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" Nov. 29. Elizabeth. d. of Samuel & Sophia Vaughan.

J. C. MORRIS, Ch. W.

1808, Jan. 20. Thomas William, s. of John & Anne Hill.
" Jan. 31. Ted, s. of Joseph & Anne Maiden.
" Feb. 28. John, s. of John & Mary Harris.
" Mar. 27. Thomas, s. of William & Elizth. Bembow.
" Apr. 10. Jane, d. of Thos. & Elizth. Chaddock.
" May 1. William. s. of Thos. & Martha Jones.
" May 8. Mary, d. of John & Anne Pugh.
" June 7. Elizabeth, d. of Josiah & Anne Steele.
" July 31. William, s. of John & Hannah Kidson.
" Aug. 7. Richard, s. of Richard & Mary Davis.
" Sep. 15. Sarah, d. of John & Mary Cork.
" Oct. 30. Charlotte, d. of John Sr Martha Evans, Linley.
" Nov. 13. William, s. of Charles & Ann Cox, Norley.
" Dec. 25. Sarah, d. of Thomas & Anne Gough.

MOR. JONES, Rector.
J. C. MORRIS, Ch. W.

1809, Jan. 15. Anne. d. of Edward & Frances Payne.
" Jan. 29. John, s. of James & Anne Morris.
" Feb. 5. Thomas, s. of William & Anne Miles.
" Mar. 15. Ellen, d. of Edward & Elizabeth Holmes.
" Mar. 26. Anne, d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Chaddock.
" Apr. 2. Edward, s. of John & Sarah Maiden.
" Apr. 3. Chris'ned & baptized before by The Revd. Mr. Stephens, Minister of Barrow. Thomas, base son of Anne Price, by Colonel Clarke.
" Apr. 23. Edward, s. of William & Elizabeth Price, Linley par.
" May 14. Harriot, d. of Samuel & Mary Millward.
" May 21. Jeremiah, s. of James & Susannah Payne.
" June 12. George, because born on the 4th instant being George the 3d's Birthday, son of Richard & Margaret Pee, the Father Richard being in his 10th year.

1811] Willey. 23

1809, July 16. Emma Maria, d. of John & Elizabeth Bickley, Linley.
" Aug. 6. Sarah, d. of George & Frances Nicklas.
" Aug. 27. Born Aug. 21st, Eliza, d. of Thomas & Elizabeth Haslehurst.
" Sep. 24. William, s. of John & Elizabeth Goodall.
" Oct. 22. Sally, d. of John & Sarah Firmstone.
" Oct. 29. Richard, s. of Richard & Jane Boyer.
" Dec. 10. Thomas, s. of William & Anne Jackson.
" Dec. 11. Anne, d. of Richard & Mary Roberts.
" Dec. 24. Maria Anne, d. of William & Sarah Wood.


1810, Jan. 21. Anne, d. of William & Margaret Miles.
" Jan. 28. Elizth., d. of James & Elizth. Smith.
" Feb. 18. Anne, d. of William & Christiana Felton.
" Mar. 18. Mary, d. of Richard & Mary Roden.
" Apr. 1. Francis, s. of John & Sarah Maiden.
" Apr. 1. Benjamin, s. of Benjamin & Jane Payne.
" Apr. 1. John, s. of Richard & Mary Davis.
" Apr. 14. William, base s. of Hannah Garbet.
" Apr. 15. John, s. of William & Elizabeth Benbow.
" Apr. 22. Jane, base d. of Mary Sankey.
" May 20. Sarah, d. of Joseph & Anne Maiden.
" May 27. Anne, d. of John & Sarah Wem.
" July 1. Thomas, s. of John & Anne Pugh.
" Aug. 4. Edward, s. of Thomas & Martha Jones.
" Aug. 19. Mary, d. of George & Annamaria Perry.
" Sep. 2. Jeremiah, s. of Richard & Mary Goodall.
" Sep. 16. Caroline, d. of William & Jane Samuel.
" Sep. 16. John Benbow, s. of William & Elizabeth Benbow.
" Oct. 2. Thomas, base s. of Anne Edwards.
" Dec. 9. John, s. of Thomas & Sarah Seeward.
" Dec. 16. Enock, s. of Edward & Anne Owen.
" Dec. 16. John, s. of Charles & Anne Cox.


1811, Jan. 6. Emuel, d. of James & Jane Morris.
" Jan. 8. Charles, s. of Edward & Elizth. Holmes.
" Feb. 1. Samuel, s. of John & Martha Evans.
" Feb. 17. John, s. of Thomas & Elizabeth Chaddock.

24 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1811-12

1811, Apr. 14. Enock, s. of Edward & Anne Owen.
" Apr. 14. Anne, d. of Thomas & Anne Gough.
" May 5. Charles, s. of Thomas & Jane Harries.
" May 26. Edward, base s. of Elizabeth Roden.
" May 26. Edward, s. of Samuel & Sophia Vaughan.
" June 9. Elizabeth, d. of Thos. & Jane Jones.
" June 16. Elinor, d. of Thos. & Hannah Kidson.
" July 24. Mary, base d. of Esther Bowyer.
" Aug. 11. Richard, s. of Thomas & Jane Hill.
" Aug. 18. William, s. of Edward & Frances Payne.
" Sep. 15. Francis, d. of John & Sarah Maiden.
" Sep. 21. Selina, d. of Benjamin & Sarah Jones.
" Sep. 29. Josiah, s. of Josiah & Anne Steel.
" Nov. 10. John, s. of Thos. & Elizabeth Davy.
" Nov. 17. Edward, s. of John & Elizth. Goodall.
" Dec. 1. Elizabeth, d. of Samuel & Jane Jones.
" Dec. 9. Mary, d. of John & Mary Cork.


1812, Jan. 12. William, s. of John & Elizabeth Noakies.
" Jan. 26. William, s. of Edward & Jane Jones.
" Mar. 15. Elizabeth, d. of John & Sarah Firmstone.
" Mar. 27. Marc, d. of Charles & Elizth. Harvey.
" Apr. 5. Eliza, d. of William & Anne Miles.
" Apr. 10. Thomas, s. of Samuel & Mary Millward.
" Apr. 19. Jane Caroline, d. of John Cox & Catharine Bridgett Morris.
" May 10. July, d. of William & Anne Jackson.
" May 31. Margaret, d. of Willm. & Christiana Felton.
" June 15. Jane, d. of Richard & Mary Davies.
" July 15. Eliza, d. of Benjamin & Jane Payne.
" Aug. 30. Elinor, d. of William & Susannah Roberts.
" Nov. 1. Mary Anne, d. of William & Anne Oaks.
" Nov. 8. William, s. of Charles & Eliza Clebrook.
" Dec. 13. Thomas, s. of John & Sarah Maiden.
" Dec. 13. Benjamin, s. of Benjamin & Sarah Jones.
" Dec. 25. Margaret, d. of Thos. & Elizabeth Chaddock.


1665-1702] Willey. 25


1665, Robert Ogden, clerk, and Mary Crowe, wr. married July ye 27, 1665.
" Roger Pope, Esq., and Mary Weld, wr. married ffeb: 12th, 1665.
" Mr. William Polden and Doro: Weld, wr. married ffeb. 26, 1665.
" ffrancis William and Elizabeth Carter wr. married. [No date given.]
1674, July 22. Robert Evans & Mary Corbet.
1675, July 11. Robert Guest & Elizabeth Mason.
1679, May 29. Richard Tompson & Elizabeth Bishop.
1683, Aug. 2. Thomas Morris & Mary Tart.
1684, Jan. 17. William Roberts & Margarett Hill.
1686, Jan. 14. John Dovey & Mary Davis.
1687, Apr. 14. John Price & Abigail Baxter.
1688, Jan. 20. Charles Gilbert & Elizabeth Ransford.
1689, Nov. 26. Sr. Thomas Wolryche, Barrtt., & Mdm. Elizabeth Weld, were married November 26th, 1689.
" Feb. 10. Timothy Reignolds & Tomazin Devy.
1690, July 2. John Chilton & Anne Corbett.
1691, May 12. Humphrey Wood & Margarett Jones.
1692, June 14. William Oseland & Jane Heely.
" Jan. 24. William Gittins & Sarah Billingsley.
1695, Apr. 2. Thomas Englefield & Mary Corbett.
" May 20. Timothy Reignolds & Joane Wilkes.
1700, Apr. 16. Edward Maurice, of p. Astley Abbots, & Mary Perton, of p. Willey. By Banns.
1701, May 29. James Hardwick, p. Pattingham, in co. Stafford, cooper, & Mary, d. of John & Mary Wright, of ye Deane, were Married May ye 29th, being Holy Thursday. By Banns.
1702, Apr. 13. Robert Roper, of Shurlett, labourer, & Mary Baldwin, servant to Mr. Evans, of ye Deane, were maried on Munday, April 13th, 1702.
" June 1. John Smith & Mary Reynolds, both of p. Barrow. Married at Willey.

26 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1702-40

1702, Nov. 5. Newell Edwards, of p. Broseley, & Elizabeth Smith, housekeeper at Willey.
" Dec. 3. John Whitehead, of p. Morvill, husbandman, & Sarah Juson, of p. Wellington.
" Dec. 13. Bartholomew Pee, of Nordley, in p. of Astley Abbots, husbandman, & Joyce Prees, of p. Broseley, by licence.
1703, Jan. 17. Thomas Guest, of Dareley, labourer, & Ursula Cyril, servant to Francis Oakes, of Swinney, both of ye p. of Barrow, by banns.
1727. Marriages, None.
1728, Nov. 9. Edward Embrey, of p. Much-Wenlock, & Sarah Roden, of Willey p., by banns.

JOH: WILLIAMS, Rector [signs to 1739].

1729, May 6. Thomas Bill & Hannah Baker, both of this p., by banns.
" Jan. 25. Edward Higgs, collier, & Eleanor Bowyer, both inhabiting then in the p. of Barrow, by banns.
1730. Marriages, None.
1731, Dec. 28. Samuel Haddon, of p. Sutton Madock, & Elizabeth Bryneton, of Barrow p., by banns.
1732, Feb. 13. Francis Bill & Elisabeth Pee, both of this p.
1733. Marriages None.
1734, May 4. Brooke Forester, of Dothill in the Parish of Wellington, Esqr., and Mrs. Elisabeth Weld, only Daughter of George Weld, of Willey, Esqr., were Married the fourth day of May, by licence.

THO: AINGWORTH, Churchwarden.

1735. Marriages None.
1736. Marriages None.
1737. Marriages None.
1738, Nov. 13. John Perry & Jane Bailey.
1739. Weddings None.


1740, Jan. 29. Timothy Reinolds & Eliz: Duncuff, both of this p., by banns.

1684] Willey. 27

1741. Weddings None.
1742, 1743, 1744. Weddings None.
1745, Sep. 18. George Dixon, of Broseley, & Frances Readding, of Willey p., by banns.
1746, June 17. Richard Geary, of Marvil, & Mary Geary, of Willey p.
" June 27. Richard Goodale & Margt. Roper, both of Willey p.
1747, 1748. Weddings None.
1749, Sep. 4. Silvanus Reignolds, of Willey, & Anne Tooley, of Linley.
1750, 1751, 1752, 1753, 1754. Weddings None.


1666. Sr. John Weld the elder was Buried Novem. ye 8th, 1666.
1668. Lady Elizabeth Weld ye elder was Buried Octob: ye 7th, 1668.
1671. Lady Elizabeth Weld, junr., was Buried May ye 30th, 1671.
1672. John Weld the sonne of George Weld Esqr. was Buried Sept. 9th. 1672.
1674. Mrs. Dorothy Weld was Buried March 30th, 1674.
[no date] Mrs. Mary Saltonstall was Buried.
[no date] Mrs. Doro: Polden was Buried.
[no date] Mr. William Polden was Buried.
[no date] Mr. William Pope was Buried.
1681. James Dovy was buried August ye 2d, 1681.
" Sr. Joh: Weld was buried ye 4th day of August, 1681.
And noe Affidavit brought in.
" George Reece was Buryed Jan. 22.
" Theophilus Woosall was Buryed ffeb. 1st.
" Eleoner Bayley was Buried ffeb. 7th.
1683, July 2. Elizabeth, w. of Richard Brignton.
" July 5. Thomas, the son of Chilton [sic].
" July 30. George Tomson.
" Feb. 6. Joan Langley.
" Feb. 17. Thomas Littlehales.
" Feb. 26. Susan, w. of David Edwards.
" Mar. 3. Joh:, s. of Joh: Chilton.
1684, Apr. 5. Richard Corbett, of ye Dean, gent.

28 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1684

1684, July 23. Anne. w. of Ambrose Ransford.
" Oct. 26. Thomas, s. of Henry Gough & Alice.
" Oct. 26. Thomas Chilton.
" Nov. 7. Edward, s. of Hen: Gough & Alice.
" Jan. 31. Jerome Gatacre, gent.
" Feb. 1. Joan Read.
" Mar. 17. Jane. w. of John Chilton.
1684, Apr. 15. Mr. Richard Corbet.
1685, Sep. 22. Mary, ye d. of Geo: Weld, Esq., & Mary, his wife was buried Sept: 22d, 1685.
Affidavit brought in Sept. 28th Anno pr'dicto.
" Oct. 5. Richard Brinton. Affid. brought in Oct. 10th eodem Anno.
1686, Sep. 21. Francis Gittins. Affid. Sept. 28th.
1687, May 25. Mrs. Margaret Corbett.
1689, June 18. Henry Ransford. Affid. June 25.
" Aug. 20. David Gittins. Affid. Aug. 25th.
1690, May 20. Thomas Ransford.
1691, Apr. 21. Richard Rhead.
" July 1. Jane Wheeler alias Reignolds.
" Oct. 9. William Bailies.
" Oct. 22. A child of John Rhead & Martha.
" Mar. 16. Mrs. Judeth Corbett, of ye Dean.
1692, Sep. 27. Martha Linel, a child.
" Feb. 24. Joan Smith.
" Mar. 6. Thomazin Reignolds.
1694, Apr. 24. Richard Rhead, a child.
" June 1. Jane Goulden.
1697, Aug. 17. Joan Gittens.
" Oct. 22. John Corbett, an infant.
" Oct. 27. Jane Corbett.
1701. George Weld, Esqr., departed this Life on Sunday Morning being September 14th, betwixt 11 & 12 a clock, whilst we were at Divine Service in ye Church, and was Buried in ye Old Vault Septemb: 17 ejusdem Anni vizt 1701, In ye 6 year of his Age.
1727, For Burials, vide Barrow Register.

1759] Willey. 29

1730, Apr. 28. Mrs. Catherine Strange was buried in Willey Church-Porch.
1732. William Weld, Esqr., died at London Jan. 20, and was buried in the old Vault at Willey on the first day of February following. Affid. Febr. 1, 1732.
1737, Apr. 3. John Jones, was buried in the Area in Willey Church, down at the Door, Apr. 3. Aff. 6.
1738. Mrs. Mary Weld, relict of the late George Weld, Esqr., was buried in the old Vault at Willey, May 24, 1738.
William Forester (an Infant), son of Brooke Forester, Esqr., was buried Jan. 23. Aff: 26.
1739, Sep. 30. Brooke, the son of Brook Forester, Esqr., was buried Sept. 30. Affid. Oct: 4.
1740. Buried None.
1741, Aug. 26. Catherine, d. of John Unet Smitheman, Esqr., of Little Wenlock, was buried in the Church Porch at Willey, Augst. 26.

JOHN FAYLE, Rector [signs to 1759].

1742, 1743. Burials None.
1744, Jan. 2. Elizabeth Betton, was buried in Willey Chch., Jan: 2d.
" Feb. 17. Thomas Lane, an old servt. of Geo: Weld, Esqr., was buried in Willey old Church Porch Feb. 17th.
1745, 1746, 1747. Buried None.
1748, July 9. George Weld, Esqr., was buried in the old Vault at Willey, July 9th, 1748.
1749, 1750, 1751, 1732. Burials None.
1733, Mar. 28. Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Brook Forester, Esq., and only daughter of the late Geo: Weld, Esq., of Willey, was buried at Willey old Vault March 28th, 1753.
1754, 1755, 1756, 1757, 1738. Burials None.
1759, May 18. Mrs. Dorothy Weld was buried in the old Vault at Willey May 18th.

J. FAYLE, Rector.
THO: PITT, Ch: Warden.

30 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1769-1811

1769, Dec. 23. Richard Pee, farmer.

Duty on Registers commenced Octr. 2, 1783.
Examined by me, Theo: Morrall, Dep: Collector.

1793, Oct. 23. Jane Pee, aged 93.

MOR: JONES, Rector [signs to 1812].

Thus far accounted for to the King.
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1802, Mar. 21. George Robert Price, near 10 years of Age.

J. C. MORRIS, Church Warden.

1808, Feb. 4. Susannah Griffiths, of the Bank.
" Oct. 18. John Griffiths, of the Bank, Husband of the said Susannah Griffiths.

J. C. MORRIS, Church Warden.

1811. George Forester, Esqr., departed this Life half an Hour past seven o'clock in the morning of Saturday the thirteenth day of July, & his Remains on the Friday following the nineteenth instant, were deposited in the Vault under the Chancel of Willey Church between the Hours of eight and nine in the Afternoon.

[blank] Church Warden.



[On the Cover:]

Willey Register of Weddings According to the New Marriage Act 1754.

J: FAYLE, A.M., Rector.
SILVAN: MORGAN, Ch: Warden, 1755.
1756 to 1811.

[On the Fly-leaf:]

February th: 1st, 1755. This Book was Bought At Bridgnorth of Mr. Haslewood Book-Seler for the Use of the Parrish of Willey.
The price four shillinges and Sixpence.

1756-61] Willey. 31


[The parties are of Willey, unless otherwise stated, and the marriages are by banns, except where "lic." is mentioned.]

1756, May 31. William Haslehust, b.. & Ann Pugh, sp., lic. By J. FAYLE, Rector of Willey [signs to 1769]. Wit: Silvanus Morgan, Edward Roden.
1758, May 29. Richard Price. labourer, p. Astlev Abbotts, & Martha Lotun, widow. Wit: Will. Lloyd, Ed: Roden.
" June 27. John Adams, labourer. & Anne Bagley, sp. Wit: Eliz: Roden. Edward Roden.
[The next four are by JOHN MARSH, Curate.]
1759, Apr. 30. Richard Hammons, labourer, & Anne Evance, sp. Wit: Edward Roden, Rd. Davies.
" May 12. Edward Knowles, p. Barrow. labourer, & Sarah Onions, of the same p.. sp. Wit: Ed: Roden, John Churchman, Esther Pinches.
" July 5. William Wood, p. Barrow. labourer, & Mary Paine, sp. Wit: Silvanus Morgan. Ed: Roden.
" July 10. Thomas Jones. p. Broseley, butcher, & Mary Miles, sp. Wit: Jno. Lloyd, Ed. Roden.
" Dec. 31. Joseph Bebb, p. Linley, labourer, & Elizabeth Gethyn, sp.. Wit: Ed. Roden, John Hare.
1760, Apr. 7. Geo. Guest [signs Geust]. p. Barrow, collier, & Elizabeth Griffiths, sp. Wit: Frances Griffiths, Ed. Roden.
" May 18. Edward Crump, p. Broseley, joiner, & Elizabeth Roden, sp. Wit: Jane Roden, Edward Farnols.
" May 25. Edward Sankey, p. Broseley. shoemaker, & Mary Beetlestone, sp. Wit: John Wild, Ed: Roden.
1761, Aug. 21. William Ward, labourer. & Ann Weaver, of the Township of Posenall, sp. By JOHN DAVIES, Minister. Wit: Edwd. Roden. John Aston.

32 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1761

1761, Oct. 25. John Mackreth, b., & Agnes Atkinson, sp., Wit: Ed. Roden, John Taylor.
1763, Jan. 31. Robert Evans. b., & Mary Overton, sp., lic. By ROBT. PARRY, Minister. Wit: Ann Jones, Edward Roden.
" May 5. Francis Gauf, labourer, & Ann Baynum, sp. By ROBERT PARRY, Curate. Wit: Ben. Gauf, Edward Roden.
" Sep. 22. Thomas Knowles, labourer, & Eleanor Wood. sp. Wit: Edward Langford, E. Roden.
1767, Apr. 6. John Pee, widower, & Joyce Newman, widow, lic. By CHRIS. HULL, Curate. Wit: Martha Pee, Ed. Roden.
1768, Dec. 10. Thomas Pren & Elizabeth Felton, sp., lic. Wit: E. Roden, Mary Rainsford.
1769, Feb. 6. Henry Morris, p. Linly, labourer, & Sarah Griffiths, sp. Wit: Thomas Ostins, Jane Griffiths.
" May 16. Thomas Ostins, labourer, & Jane Griffiths, sp. Wit: Ben Gough, Ed. Roden.
" July 4. Francis Booker, b., & Elizabeth Wright, sp , lic. By RICHD. DEWHURST, Curate. Wit: Ruth Roden, Ed. Roden.
1770, Sep. 10. John Griffiths, a widr., & Susanna Mitchell, p. St. Chads, a wid., lic. Wit: D. Jones, Wm. Pugh.
1774, May 9. Richard Hickman, b., & Mary Holmes. sp., lic. By JNO. BROWN, Curate [signs to 1776]. Wit: Elizabeth Lea, Ed. Roden.
1775, May 8. Thomas Davis, p. Asly Abots, farmer, & Jane Pee, single woman, lic. Wit: Richard Pee, Elizabeth Pee.
" June 26. Joseph Gouf. collier, & Mary Goodall, sp. Wit: John Gauf, Eliz. Goodall.
" Aug. 16. William Lister, p. Barrow, wheelright, & Elizabeth Bradley, sp., lic. Wit: Juli Forester, Elizabeth Forester.
1776, Dec. 24. William Jones, p. Broseley, & Ann Liner. Wit: Thos. Jones, E. Roden.

1786] Willey. 33

1779, May 10. James Piggott & Elizabeth Turner, lic. By HENRY WILLIAMS, Curate. Wit: Eliza Lea, E. Roden.
" May 28. Thomas Mollineux [signs Mullinieux] & Anne Lloyd, lic. Wit: Juli Forester. Richd. Slater. Sarah Morris.
" Sep. 16. John Brown, p. Brosley. & Anne Roden. lic. By JON WILLIAMS, Officiating Minister. Wit: Sarah Hancox. Jane Roden.
1780, May 23. John Hooper, p. Kinlet, co. Salop, & Jane Roden, lic. Wit: Elizabeth Roden, Walter Corbett.
" Dec. 25. William Derbyshire & Ann Taylor. By MOR. JONES, Rector [signs to 1812]. Wit John Dorsett. Edwd. Jones.
1781, May 4. John Rickkus, b., & Sarah Bagnall, sp. Wit: Juli Forester, Edwd. Jones.
" Aug. 13. Francis Banks, p. Broseley, b., & Anne Davies, sp. Wit: Cecil Forester, Juli Forester.
1783, Apr. 9. Edward Price, b., & Elinor Holmes, sp. Wit: Juli Forester. John Pugh.

Examined by me. Thcos. Morrall, Dep. Collector.
Duty on Registers commenced Octr. 2, 1783.

1785, Mar. 28. Andrew Child, b., & Elinor Meacham, sp. Wit: Mary Child. Edward Baker.
" July 17. Samuel Hussey, b., & Mary Weltch, sp Wit: Martha Wright, John Hussey.

Inspected per Theos. Morrall.

" Dec. 1. William Samuel, widower, & Elizabeth Southern, sp. Wit: E. Farmer, Thos. Bayley.
" Dec. 24. William Hammonds, widower, & Sarah Pitt. sp. Wit Ann Roden. William Cock.
1786, May 27. William Howels, b., & Mary Hayward, sp. Wit: Elizabeth Aingel, Thomas Bull.

Thus far accounted for to the King.

" Dec. 24. William Asbury, b., & Susannah Botfield, sp. Wit: Moses Evans. William Cock.

Thus for accounted for to the King.

34 Shropshire Parish Registers. [1788

1788, Nov. 2. Thomas Perrey, b., & Ann Farnalls, sp. Wit: Henry Hughes, Sarah Bateman.

Thus far sent to Hereford.
Thus far accounted for to the King.

1791, Feb. 3. Samuel Scale, b., & Mary Butler, sp., lic. Wit: Mary Corbett, John Perry.

Thus far accounted for to the King
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1792, Sep. 4. William Wyer & Betty Gethin. Wit: William Tomlins, William Cock.

Thus far accounted for to the King.
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1793, Apr. 1. Thomas Mills, b., & Susannah Roper, sp. Wit: Samuel Lloyd, William Cock.

Thus far accounted for to the King.
Thus far sent to Hereford.

1795, Apr. 12. James Maiden, b., & Sarah Longmore, sp. Wit: Thomas Maiden, William Cock.
" July 10. Thomas Nock, widower, & Martha Owen, sp. Wit: Ann Forester, Sarah Richards.

Thais far sent to Hereford.

1797, May 4. Thomas Haslehurst, b., & Elizabeth Perry, sp., lic. Wit: Ed. Eley[?], Tho: Corbett.
" July 24. William Sankey, b., & Mary Langford, sp. Wit: John Roden, Elizabeth Miles.
1798, May 31. Richard Sankey, widower, & Frances Meredith, sp. Wit: Ann Forester, Sarah Griffiths.
1799, Aug. 26. William Norton, b., & Frances Lewis, sp. Wit: Richard Howells, S. Richards.
" Aug. 29. Richard Mullineux [signs Molyneux], b., & Mary Francis, sp., lic. Wit: John Horton, Betty Francis.
1802, Nov. 25. William Richards, b., & Ann Miles, sp., lic. Wit: Sarah Evans, Geo. Hewlett.
1804, Mar. 5. Samuel Shepherd, b., & Ann Wheelwright, sp, By M. STEPHENS, Officiating Minister. Wit: John Cox Morris, Margaret Ward.
" Mar. 30. John Price, b., & Rebecca Hughes, sp. Wit: Thomas Milner, Mary Milner.

1811] Willey. 35

1804, July 27. Samuel Millward, b., & Mary Guest, sp , Wit: John Lowe, Susana
" Aug. 26. Thomas Roberts, b., & Kitty Howells, sp. Wit: James Poulton, William Cock.
" Nov. 11. Edward Holmes, b., & Elizabeth Price. sp., lic. Wit: Ann Horton, William Holmes.
1805, Mar. 18. Thomas Corfield, b., & Sarah Garret, sp. Wit: Richard Baldwin, William Cock.
" May 5. Edward Hartshorn, of p. St. Julian's, in this County, b., & Sarah Griffchs. sp . lic. Wit: Harriet Edwards. Ann Callart.
1806, Sep. 30. William Miles, b., & Anne Goodall, sp. Wit: John Lowe, William Cock.
" Dec 8. Richard Boyer. b., & Jane Walters, sp. Wit: Francis Tomkins, Esther Pinches.
1807, May 21. Benjamin Davis. p. Broseley, b., & Mary Ann Perry, lic. Wit: Thos. Haslehust, Ann Loyd.
" June 30. Richard Pee, b., & Margaret Giles, sp., lic. Wit: Martha Evans, William Cock.
1808, Jan. 10. Josiah Steele, b., & Ann Mullaneux, sp. Wit: John Richards, Sarah Richards.
1809, Jan. 18. Peter Smith, b., & Rachel Hartshorne, sp. Wit: Frans. Tomkins, William Cock.
" June 21. William Jackson, widower, & Anne Cotes or otherwise Anne Smith, widow. Wit: Elizabeth Mulinex, William Cock.
1810, Jan. 1. Randle Smith, widower, & Hannah Hughs, wid. Wit: William Thomas, Ann Glase.
" June 2. Richard Haynes, b., & Bettrige Jones, wid. Wit: Samuel Morris, William Cock.
1811, Sep. 16. Samuel Jones, b., & Jane Jones, sp. John Jones, Anne Dorset.
" Nov. 21. John Noakes, b., & Elizabeth Jackson, sp. Wit: Wm. Jackson, Edwd. Jackson.


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