Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1661 Mar 9Abbeydore. James Bernard.Lord Scudamore.  
1662 Dec 9Abbeydore. James Bernard. [2]The king, by lapse.  
1677 Jan 9Abbeydore. William Watts, B. D. Jane, widow of James Scudamore. James Bernard. Death.
1722 Nov 27Abbeydore. Matthew Gibson, M.A.Francisca, dowager Viscountess Scudamore.William Watts.Death.
1741 Jul 21Abbeydore. Digby Coates, M.A.Edw. and Wriothelsey Digby, esqs. (in trust for Frances, duchess of Beaufort.)Last incumbent.Death.
1793 Apr 23Abbeydore.VRobert Campbell, M.A.Charles, duke of Norfolk.Digby Coles. Death.
1801 Dec 19Abbeydore (Door). Robert Symonds, M.A.Charles, duke of Norfolk.Robert Campbell.Death.
1802 Nov 19Abbeydore (Door). Richard Lacy, B.A,Charles, duke of Norfolk.Robert Symonds.Cession.
1808 Jan 9Abbeydore (Door). James Roberts, D.D. Charles, duke of Norfolk.Richard Lacy.Cession.
1809 Apr 26Abbeydore (Door). John Duncumb, M.A.Chas Howard, duke of Norfolk.James Howard.Death.
1839 Oct 10Abbeydore. Josiah James, M.A.David James, of Presteigne, gent. [2]John Duncumb.Death.
1868 Jul 17Abbeydore. Alfred Phillipps.Fredk. Bodenham, esq.Josiah James.Death.
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