The data presented below has been extracted from the registers of the Bishops of Hereford. The Cantilupe Society took the initiative to make the registers from 1275 to 1900 available to the public and they were translated and published as books between 1907 and about 1921, often by the Canterbury and York Society. The references are available below.


The institutions presented form a complete extract from all the available Bishop's Registers of Hereford Diocese from 1275 to 1900. However, not all registers exist - see the list of Bishops for the status of each register.


There are many institutions to chantries in the registers but, because of the volume involved, all have been extracted as a single web page. Students of chantry institution can obtain such institutions by access to the spreadsheets.

How to Use

Clicking on a relevant entry takes you to the benefice. Using the alphabetic index takes you to the benefices starting with the chosen letter. There is a little help available for those without experience of the complexities of benefice management.

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Abberley, Abbeydore, Abdon, Abenhall, Aconbury, Acton Round, Acton Scott, Alberbury, Alcaston, Allensmore, Almeley, Alveley, Alvington, Archdeaconry of Hereford, Archdeaconry of Ludlow, Archdeaconry of Salop, Ashford Bowdler, Ashford Carbonell, Astley Abbotts, Aston Botterell, Aston Ingham, Aston, Atyngham, Avenbury, Awre, Aylton, Aymestrey


Bacton, Badger, Ballingham, Barrow, Bartestree, Barton Colwall, Bartonsham, Bayton, Beckbury, Bedenbury, Bedstone, Benthall, Bettws-y-Cruen, Bewdley, Billingsley, Binisdon, Birch, Birley, Bishops Castle, Bishops Frome, Bishopstone, Bishopswood, Bitterley, Blaisdon, Blakemere, Bobbington, Bockleton, Bodenham, Bodington, Bokenhill, Bolstone, Borington, Bosbury, Bouldon, Bourton, Brampton Abbots, Brampton Bryan, Bredenbury, Bredwardine, Breinton, Bridge Sollers, Bridgnorth St Leonards, Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth, Bridstow, Brilley, Brimfield, Brinsop, Brobury, Brockhampton, Brodenbury, Bromfield, Brompton, Bromsberrow, Bromyard, Broseley, Bucknell, Bullingham, Bullinghope, Burely, Burford, Burghill, Burrington, Burton, Burwarton, Buttington, Byford, Byton


Cam, Canon Frome, Canon Pyon, Canon Residentiaryship, Canonical residence, Canonry in Cathedral, Cardington, Cardiston, Castle chantry in Dorstone Church, Castle Frome, Castle Goodrich, Castle Holgate, Castle Richard, Caus Castle, Caynham, Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church, Chantry, Chapel, Chelmarsh, Chetton, Chirbury, Church Preen, Church Stretton, Church Withington, Churcham, Churchstoke, Claverley, Clee St Margaret, Cleeton St Mary, Clehonger, Cleobury Mortimer, Cleobury North, Cleobury, Clifford, Clifton, Clodock, Clun, Clunbury, Clungunford, Clyfton, Clyve, Coalbrookdale, Cobleton, Cobultone, Coburley, Coddington, Cold Aston, Cold Weston, Collington, Colwall, Commissary General, Confessor in Hereford dioc, Constable of Bishops Castle, Coreley, Corsham, Cosop, Cotinton, Cradley, Crasswall, Credenhill, Creole, Criggion, Croft, Cublington, Culmington, Cusop


Deanery of Hereford, Deuxhill, Dewsall, Diddlebury, Dilwyn, Ditton Priors, Dixton, Docklow, Doddington, Donnington, Dormington, Dorstone, Dowles, Downton, Dulas, Dymock, Dyndor


Eardisland, Eardisley, Eastham, Easthope, Eastnor, Eaton Bishop, Eaton in Salop, Eaton under Heywood, Eccleswall, Edgton, Edvin Loach, Edvin Ralph, Eign, Elton, English Bicknor, Eton Meysi, Evancoyd, Evesbatch, Ewithington, Ewyas Harold, Eye, Eyton


Far Forest, Farlow, Felton, Ford, Forden, Fownhope, Foy, Frampton-on-Severn, Frome


Ganarew, Garway, Gillow, Glazeley, Glesk, Gloucester St Aldgate, Goodrich, Gorley, Gorwall, Great Collington, Great Dean, Great Withington, Great Wollaston, Greete, Grendon Bishop, Grendon Warren


Habberley, Hampton Bishop, Hampton Wafer, Hampton, Hanley William, Hanwood, Hardwick, Hatfield, Hay, Hentland, Hereford All Saints, Hereford St James, Hereford St John Baptist, Hereford St Martin and All Saints, Hereford St Martin, Hereford St Nicholas, Hereford St Owen, Hereford St Peter and St Owen, Hereford St Peter, Hereford, Highley, Hinton, Holdgate, Holme Lacy, Holmer, Hope Bagot, Hope Bowdler, Hope Mansel, Hope Sollers, Hope, Hopesay, Hope-under-Dinmore, Hopton Cangeford, Hopton Castle, Hopton Wafers, Hopton, Horton, Hospital of St James at Westminster, How Caple, Hughley, Humber, Hunderton, Hundesnewe, Huntingdon, Huntington, Huntley, Hyssington


Inkberrow, Ironbridge, Ivington




Kempley, Kempsey, Kenchester, Kenderchurch, Kentchurch, Kilpeck, Kimbolton, Kings Pyon, Kingsland, Kingstone, Kington, Kinlet, Kinnersley, Kinsham, Kirkby, Knighton, Knill, Knowbury, Kyre Wyard


Lancant, Leaton, Lectureship in the Cathedral Church of Hereford, Lectureship of Bromyard, Lectureship of Ludlow, Lectureship of Monmouth, Ledbury Portions, Ledbury Sacristan, Ledbury, Ledwick, Leinthall Earles, Leinthall Starkes, Leinthall, Leintwardine, Leominster, Letton, Ley, Leysters, Lilleshall, Lindridge, Lingen, Linton, Little Bicknor, Little Birch, Little Cowarne, Little Dewchurch, Little Hatfield, Little Hereford, Little Marcle, Little Pyon, Little Sapey, Little Wenlock, Llancant, Llandinabo, Llanfair Waterdine, Llangarren, Llangraunte, Llangua, Llanrothal, Llanveynoe, Llanwarne, Long Stanton, Longden, Longgrove, Longhope, Longtown, Lower Sapey, Lucton, Ludford, Ludlow, Lugwardine, Lydbury North, Lydbury, Lyde, Lydham, Lydney, Lydom, Lynton, Lyonshall


Madeley, Madley, Mainstone, Mamble, Mansel Gamage, Mansel Lacy, Marden, Marstow, Marton, Master of St Katharines hospital Ledbury, Meole Brace, Meole Bracy, Michaelchurch, Middleton Priors, Middleton Scriven, Middleton, Middleton-in-Chirbury, Milbrook, Minsterley, Minsterworth, Mitcheldean, Moccas, Monk Hopton, Monkland, Monmouth, Monnington, Montgomery, Monthalt, Mordiford, More, Moreton and Whaddon, Moreton Jeffries, Moreton Magna, Moreton Parva, Moreton, Moreton-on-Lugg, Morville, Much Birch, Much Cowarne, Much Dean, Much Dewchurch, Much Marcle, Much Wenlock, Munsley, Munslow, Munsterworth, Myndtown


Neen Savage, Neen Sollars, Neen, Neenton, New Radnor, Newcastle, Newent, Newland, Newnham, Newton, Nonnington, North Cleobury, Norton Canon, Norton


Ocle Pychard, Office of apparitor, Office of notary apostolic, Office of official, Old Radnor, Oldbury, Onibury, Orcop, Orleton


Parke, Pembridge, Pencombe, Penitentiary of the Cathedral, Pensax, Peterchurch, Peterchutch, Peterstow, Pipe, Pixley, Pontesbury, Pottestone Minori, Powick, Pratum Majus, Pratum Minus, Pratum, Prebend and canonry, Prebend in Cathedral, Prebend, Prebenda Episcopi, Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral, Precentorship of Hereford cathedral, Precentorship of Hereford Cathedral, Preen, Prelectorship in the Cathedral Church, Presteigne, Preston Wynne, Preston, Preston-on-Wye, Priorship of Aconbury, Priorship of Chirbury Aust priory, Priorship of Clifford, Priorship of Flanesford, Priorship of Limebrook, Priorship of Ludlow, Priorship of Monmouth, Priorship of Titley, Priorship of Wigmore, Puddlestone, Pulverbatch, Putley, Putson Major, Putson Minor, Putson




Radnor, Ratlinghope, Ribbesford, Richards Castle, Rithir, Rochford, Rock, Rockfield, Ross, Rowlestone, Rudford, Rushbury


Sapey, Sarnesfield, Sellack, Shelsley Walsh, Shelsley, Shelve, Shipton, Shobdon, Shrawardine, Sibdon, Sidbury, Silvington, Snead, Snodhill, Sollers Hope, Southbury, St Devereux, St James de Lyseley, St Margarets, St Martin, St Michael and Brumley Chapel annexed, St Stephens Chapel Westminster, St Tirioc chapel, St Weonards, Stanford Bishop, Stanford, Stanton in the Forest, Stanton Lacy, Stanton Long, Staunton on Arrow, Staunton on Wye, Stockton, Stoddesdon, Stoke Bliss, Stoke Edith, Stoke Lacy, Stoke Prior, Stoke St Milborough, Stoke, Stokesay, Storridge, Stottesdon, Stotton, Stowe, Straddele, Stretford, Stretton Grandison, Stretton Sugwas, Stretton, Sudbury, Sutton in Corfedale, Sutton St Michael, Sutton St Nicholas, Sutton


Tarrington, Tasley, Taynton, Tedstone Delamere, Tedstone Wafer, Tenbury, Thawe, Thongland, Thornbury, Thruxton, Tibberton, Tiddenham, Titley, Treasurership in the Cathedral Church, Treasurership with church of Bouldon, Treasurership with S. Ethelberts hosp, Trelystan, Tretire, Tuckhill, Tudenham, Tugford, Tupsley, Turnastone


Ullingswick, Unknown, Upper Bullinghope, Upper Preston, Upper Sapey, Upton Bishop, Upton Cressett, Upton in Pontesbury, Upton in Stottesdon, Upton on Snodesbury, Upton




Wacton, Walford, Walterstone, Warham, Wellington Heath, Wellington, Welsh Bicknor, Welsh Newton, Wentnor, Weobley, Westbury, Weston Beggard, Weston-under-Penyard, Wheathill, Whetone, Whitbourne, Whitchurch, Whitney, Whittington, Whitton, Whitwell, Wigmore, Willersley, Willey, Winforton, Wistanstow, Wisteston, Withington Parva, Withington, Wobery, Wolferlow, Wollaston, Woolford, Woolhope, Woolstaston, Wormesley, Worthen



Yarkhill, Yarpole, Yazor, Yockleton



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