Acton Round

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1759 Jun 11Acton Round.CJohn Atwood, B.A.Sir Richard Acton, bart.William Parsons.Death.
1799 Jun 3Acton Round. Walter Rich. Jones, B.A.[2]John Atwood.Death.
1833 Mar 20Acton Round.CRobert Henry Gayer More.Morgan Walter Jones, clerk.Walter Richard Jones.Death.
1833 Dec 5Acton Round.CBenjamin Howell.Morgan Walter Jones, vicar of Ospringe, Co. Kent.Robert Hen. Gayer More. Cession.
1851 Apr 2Acton Round.CWilliam Godfrey Day, B.A.University of Oxford, for this turn. [2]Last incumbent.Death.
1854 Feb 23Acton Round.CJohn Gibson, B.A.University of Cambridge, for this turn only. [1]William Godfry Day. Death.
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