Acton Scott

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Jun 21Acton Scott. Hugh de Newenton, priest.Walter le Seculer, Reginald le Scott, and Robert de Stretton.  
1276 Jun 21Acton Scott. Hugh de Newton.The bishop, by lapse.  
1305 Nov 12Acton Scott. Robert de Henley.Elias and Beatrice de Sutton and others.  
1349 Oct 20Acton Scott. William de Calewehulle.The bishop, by lapse.  
1401 Aug 24Acton Scott. John Alern.Hugh Purcell.  
1408 Nov 1Acton Scott. Richard Dobyn, chaplain.The earl of Arundel and Surrey. [3]John Aleyn.Death.
1507 May 13Acton Scot, alias super Hill. Richard Spragge.Richard Littleton, of Pilletonehall, Staff., and Thomas Acton, of Acton.Maurice ap David.Death.
1547 Jun 28Acton-Scott-super-Mon-tem. John Penson.Will. Hill, of Stoke-super-Tyerne, cleric, and Will. Bulkeley, of Ower, Co. Salop, by concession of Ed. Lyttleton, arm.Richard Spragge.Death.
1567 Sep 2Acton Scott. Roger Normecott.Ed. Lytleton, mil.  
1679 Aug 3Acton Scott. William Fosbrook, M.A.Edward Caldwall, sen.Richard Detton.Death.
1726 Dec 8Acton Scott. John Acton, LL.D.[1]Last incumbent.Death.
1745 Jul 30Acton Scott. John Fleming, M.A. Edward Actou, esq..Last incumbent.Death.
1756 Sep 15Acton Scott. John Fleming.Edward Acton, esq.John Fleming.Cession.
1781 Jan 6Acton Scott. John Glascott, B.A. John Stackhouse, of Pendarves, Co. Cornwall, esq.John Fleming. Death.
1825 May 10Acton Scott. Townley Clarkson, M.A.Susannah Stackhouse, widow.John Glascott.Death.
1833 May 30Acton Scott. Waties Corbett, M.A.Susan Stackhouse, widow.Townley Clarkson.Death.
1856 Feb 12Acton Scott. Geo. Adam Magee.Henry Lee Warner of Tibberton, esq., and Hen. Corbett, of Longnor, esq.Waties Corbett.Death.
1896 Feb 15Acton Scott. Ferdinand Thornely Friedericks, B. A.August. Wood Acton, esq.George Adam Magee.Death.
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