Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1280 Jun 5Almeley. Roger of Weobley.Sir Roger Pichard of Stradewy.  
1301 Nov 7Almeley (Almaleye). Roger le Power, acol.Dame Johanna Pichard.  
1368 Jun 12Almeley (Almaleye). John Hore. [5]Sir John Oldecastel.  
1386 Apr 5Almeley. Wm. Malmeshulle, canon of Wormesley priory.Sir John Bromwich, Sir John Eylesford, and Philip Holgot.  
1392 Sep 12Almeley.VJohn Mydale.Prior and convent of Wormesley.  
1430 Jun 1Almeley.VThomas Bydyn, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Richd. Hatfeld.Death.
1456 Aug 29Almeley.VRichard Pennoke, chapl. Thomas Bedyn.Resignation.
1471 Sep 12Almeley.VRichard Benette.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Richard Pennok.Resignation.
1488 Nov 12Almeley.VWm Tofte, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Richd. Benet.Death.
1490 May 6Almeley. John Taylour, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Wm. Toft.Resignation.
1506 Sep 12Almeley.VJohn Bromwyche.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.the same John Bromwyche.Resignation.
1510 May 4Almeley.VRich. Monyngton, in leg. bac.The bishop, by lapse.Cession.Cession.
1564 Feb 27Almeley. John Nicolles.The bishop.  
1572 Dec 2Almeley.VJohn Driver.The bishop.  
1617 Jun 30Almeley.VWilliam Ford, B.D.The bishop.  
1661 Jul 26Almeley.VSamuel Mathewes.The bishop.  
1689 Jun 4Almeley.VJoseph Boulcott, B.A.The bishop.Samuel Matthews.Cession.
1714 Jun 2Almeley.VHenry Allen, B.A. Joseph Boulcot.Death.
1767 Oct 10Almeley.VJohn Barroll, M.A.The bishop.Henry Allen. Death.
1816 Dec 11Almeley.VWilliam Owen.The bishop.John Barroll. Death.
1829 Mar 4Almeley.VChas, Taylor, D.D. The bishop.William Owen.Death.
1836 Jul 13Almeley.VWilliam Edwards, M.A.The bishop.Charles Taylor, D.D.Death.
1864 May 12Almeley.VGeo. Stringer Bull.Bishop of Worcester.William Edwards.Death.
1865 Nov 9Almeley.VWill Pitcairn Alexander Campbell, M.A.The bishop.George Stringer Bull. Death.
1877 Oct 25Almeley.VRich. Hyett Warner, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.William Pitcairn Alex. Campbell.Cession.
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