Archdeaconry of Hereford

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 May 27Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRoger de Sevenake.The bishop.William de Conflens.Vacated.
1287 Nov 21Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRichard de Hertford, priest.The bishop.  
1303 Jun 1Archdeaconry of Hereford.PHenry de Schorne, professor of civil law.The bishop.Richard de Hertford.Death.
1333 Mar 5Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn de Bartone.The bishop.   
1369 Sep 24Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn de Bedewardyn.The king, on the vacancy of the see.  
1404 Jan 22Archdeaconry of Hereford.PMaster John Loveney.The bishop.Richard Kingestone.Resignation.
1417 May 31Archdeaconry of Hereford.PMaster John Hereford, archdeacon of Shropshire.The bishop.Master John Loveney, archdeacon of Hereford.Exchange.
1424 Jul 21Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Berewe.The bishop.John Hereford.Resignation.
1446 Jul 10Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRichard Rudhale, rector of Brydebrok, in the diocese of London,The bishop.John Berowe, archdeacon of Hereford.Exchange.
1511 Jul 20Archdeaconry of Hereford.PWm.Webbe, archdeacon of Salop.The bishop.Thos. Morton.Death.
1523 Jan 29Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Bottle, art. mag.The bishop.William Webbe.Death.
1557 Jul 31Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Glasier, D.C.L. The bishop.Richard Cheyne.Resignation.
1560 Mar 24Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRobert Crowley.The bishop.John Glasyer, Deprivation.
1565 Apr 5Archdeaconry of Hereford.PEdward Cowper.The bishop.   
1578 Apr 29Archdeaconry of Hereford.PSimon Smythe, D.C.L.The bishop.  
1606 Jul 28Archdeaconry of Hereford.PSilvanus Griffiths.The bishop.  
1617 Aug 18Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRichd. Mountagne.The bishop.   
1623 Jul 8Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Hughes, D.D. The bishop.   
1684 Dec 15Archdeaconry of Hereford.PSamuel Benson, M,A.The bishop.George Benson, D.D.Resignation.
1690 Dec 11Archdeaconry of Hereford.PWilliam Johnson, D.D.The bishop.Samuel Benson.Deprivation.
1698 Jun 15Archdeaconry of Hereford.PThomas Fox, M.A.The bishop.William Johnson, D.D.Death.
1729 Feb 3Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Walker, D D.The archbishop of Canterbury, pro hac vice.Thomas Fox. Death.
1741 Dec 18Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRobert Breton, M.A. The bishop.John Walker, D.D.Death.
1769 Jan 19Archdeaconry of Hereford.PHon. John Harley, M.A.The bishop.Robert Breton.Death.
1787 Dec 28Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJames Jones, D.D.The king (for this turn).Hon. John Harley, D.D. [2]Void by preferment to the bishopric of Hereford.
1823 Feb 15Archdeaconry of Hereford.PJohn Lilly, M.A.The bishop.James Jones.Death.
1825 Dec 2Archdeaconry of Hereford.PHenry Wetherell, B.DThe bishop.John Lilly.Death.
1852 Mar 11Archdeaconry of Hereford.PRichard Lane Freer, B.D.The bishop.Henry Wetherell.Resignation.
1863 Sep 17Archdeaconry of Hereford.PFrederick Benjamin, lord Saye and Sele, D.C.L.The bishop.Richard Lane Freer, D.D.Death.
1887 Jul 20Archdeaconry of Hereford.PHon. Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope, M.A.The bishop.Lord Saye and Sele.Death.
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