Archdeaconry of Salop

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Apr 17Archdeaconry of Salop.PRichard de Swinfield. [1]The bishop.James de Aquablanca.Deprivation.
1287 Sep 6Archdeaconry of Salop.PJohn de Bestane.The bishop.Adam de Filchy.Death.
1289 Oct 29Archdeaconry of Salop.PJohn de Swinfield, canon.The bishop.John de Bestane.Resignation.
1293 Mar 21Archdeaconry of Salop.PRoger de Canterbury.The bishop.  
1300 Jan 27Archdeaconry of Salop.PPhilip Talbot.The bishop.Richard de Canterbury.Vacated.
1333 Jan 12Archdeaconry of Salop.PRichard de Sidenhale.The bishop.  
1367 Dec 11Archdeaconry of Salop.PRichard Nowel.The bishop.William de Borstalle.Exchange.
1410 Jul 24Archdeaconry of Salop.PJohn Wells, rector of Eastington.The bishop.John Brore.Exchange.
1410 Oct 27Archdeaconry of Salop.PJohn Hereford, bach. in canon law.The bishop.John Welles.Death.
1417 May 31Archdeaconry of Salop.PMaster John Loveney, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.Master John Hereford, archdeacon of Shropshire.Exchange.
1422 Jul 21Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PJohn Merbury, rector of Kedington.The bishop.John Loveney, archdeacon of Shropshire.Exchange.
1425 Apr 7Archdeaconry of Salop.PWilliam Laches.The bishop.  
1441 Jun 28Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PThomas Yone, registrar.The bishop.Wm. Lathes.Death.
1472 Mar 24Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PRobert Geffrey.The bishop.Thomas Yeen.Resignation.
1504 Oct 31Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PWm.Webbe, artium magister.The bishop.John Martin.Death.
1511 Jul 20Archdeaconry of Salop.PArthur Stafford.The bishop.Wm. Webbe.Resignation.
1515 Jul 27Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PWilliam Goberd.The bishop.John Wardraper.Death.
1516 Mar 3Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PMaster Henry Martyn.The bishop.Wm. Gobard.Death.
1524 Jan 28Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PMaster Humphrey Ogle.The bishop.Henry Martyn.Death.
1537 Aug 14Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PRichd. Sparcheford, artium mag.The bishop.Humph. Ogle.Resignation.
1560 Dec 23Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PRichard Smythe.The bishop.   
1561 Oct 20Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PRobert Grensill.The bishop.   
1580 Mar 28Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PWilliam Greenwiche. The bishop.   
1669 May 8Archdeaconry of Salop.PStephen Phillips.The bishop.Thomas Cooke.Death.
1684 Aug 25Archdeaconry of Salop.PFrancis Wheeler, M.A.The bishop.Stephen Philipps. Death.
1687 Jan 5Archdeaconry of Salop.PAdam Ottley, M.A. The bishop.Francis Wheeler. Death.
1713 Jul 18Archdeaconry of Salop.PRobert Comyn, M. A. The bishop.Adam Ottley.Preferment to bishopric of St. David's.
1727 Jan 24Archdeaconry of Salop.PRichd. Cross, LL.B. The bishop.Last archdeacon. Death.
1732 Jun 24Archdeaconry of Shropshire.PSamuel Croxall, D.D.The bishop.Last archdeacon. Death.
1738 May 6Archdeaconry of Salop.PRobert Breton, M.A. The bishop.Samuel Croxall, D.D.Resignation.
1760 Feb 11Archdeaconry of Salop.PHon. John Harley, M.A.The bishop.Egerton Leigh, LL.D.Death.
1769 Feb 2Archdeaconry of Salop.PRobert Clive, M.A.The bishop.Hon. John Harley.Resignation.
1792 Aug 4Archdeaconry of Salop.PJoseph Plymley, M.A.The bishop.Robert Clive. Death.
1851 Aug 16Archdeaconry of Salop.PWilliam Waring, M.A.The bishop.William Vickers.Death.
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