Aston Botterell

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1284 Jun 5Aston Botterell. Thomas Botterell, priest.Sir Thomas Botterell.  
1288 Oct 18Aston Botterell. John de Charlton, priest.The bishop.  
1309 Feb 16Aston Botterell. William de Herton. [2]The bishop.  
1313 Jul 16Aston Botterell. Roger de Baskerviile.Sir Roger de Baskerville.  
1393 Dec 8Aston Botterell. Richard Dobyn, chapl. John Boterel.   
1399 Oct 12Aston Botterell. William Egedone, chapl.John Botterell.  
1415 Feb 19Aston Botterell. John Whirlesby, chaplain.John Boterell, domicellus.Last rector. [3]Resignation.
1441 Mar 7Aston Botterell. William Hamond, chapl.John Hamptone.John Whyvlesby.Resignation.
1460 Aug 9Aston Botterell. Roger Gudeman, chapl.John Boterell, lord of Haston Boterel.John Carpenter.Resignation.
1509 Jan 18Aston Botrell. Walter Myllynchoppe.Robert Bortell, of Yeoxalle.Roger Goodeman.Death.
1560 May 21Aston Botterell. Will. Churchman.Will. Bottrell, gen.   
1570 Feb 21Aston Botterell. Richd. Churchman. Will. Botterell, arm.   
1578 Mar 28Aston Botterell. William Crowther, M.A.Will. Botterell, arm.   
1679 Sep 2Aston Botterell. Francis Atkinson, M.A.John Atkinson, gen.Richard Detton.Death.
1690 Jun 4Aston Botterell. William Poole.Sir George Norton.Francis Atkinson. Death.
1703 Jun 5Aston Botterell. Charles Hinksman.Sir George Norton.Savile Bradley. Resignation.
1703 Jan 21Aston Botterell. Savile Bradley. M.A, Sir George Norton.William Pool.Death.
1746 Jan 29Aston Botterell. Nehemiah Tonkes, M.A.The earl of Bradford. Charles Hinksman.Death.
1775 Apr 20Aston Botterell. Edmund Dana.William Pulteney. [3]Nehemiah Tonks.Death.
1781 Jun 4Aston Botterell. Thomas Warter, M.A.William Pulteney, [4] esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1796 May 18Aston Botterell. Thos. Crane Johnstone, B.A.Sir William Pultney, Bath House, London, bart.Thomas Warter. Death.
1799 Oct 24Aston Botterell. John Gibbons, M.A. Sir Will. Pulteney, bart.Thomas Crane Johnstone.Death.
1805 Oct 10Aston Botterell. Edmund Dana, M.A.William Henry, earl of Darlington.John Gibbons.Cession.
1823 Jul 4Aston Botterell. Warwick Oben Gurney, M.A.William Harry, earl of Darlington.Edmund Dana.Death.
1849 Sep 24Aston Botterell. Forbes Smith De. Heriz, B.A.Duke of Cleveland.Warwick Oben Gurney.Death.
1883 Feb 2Aston Botterell. Edwin Francis Lipscomb.Harry George, duke of Cleveland.Forbes Smith de Heriz.Death.
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