Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Nov 20Avenbury. Gilbert de Bornhill.Osbert de Avenbury.  
1278 Apr 13Avenbury. William de Burghill, subdeacon.Osbert de Avenbury.  
1313 Sep 15Avenbury. Reginald le Rous, priest.Dame Ellinor le Rous.  
1314 Nov 29Avenbury. Robert Petit, subd.Dame Ellinor le Rous.  
1321 Oct 20Avenbury. William Toky, priest.Abbot and convent of Dore.  
1324 Feb 19Avenbury. Thomas de Bromyard, priest.Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.  
1349 Jun 22Avenbury. Philip le Smyt.Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.Sir Thomas, the last vicar.Death.
1350 May 22Avenbury.VWilliam de Pipton.Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.Philip le Smyth.Resignation.
1358 Oct 17Avenbury. John Walter of Glazeley, chaplain. [2]Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.Wm. de Stockton.Resignation.
1359 Sep 20Avenbury.VThomas le Webb, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.John Walter of Glazeley.Death.
1383 Mar 3Avenbury.VThomas Webbe, vicar of Yarkhill.Abbot and convent of Dore.Roger Wodewalle, vicar of Avenbury.Exchange.
1409 Sep 5Avenbury.VWalter Pakker.Abbot and convent of Dore, on the bishop's nom.Thomas Webbe. [5a]Resignation.
1411 Apr 9Avenbury.VJohn ap Rees, rector of Blaisdon (Blechesdone).Abbot and convent of Dore.Walter Pakker.Exchange.
1412 Mar 1Avenbury.VRalph Spurner, rector of Evesbatch.Abbot and convent of Dore.John ap Rees.Exchange.
1417 Jul 23Avenbury.VDavid de Hay.Abbot and convent of Dore.Sir John. [3]Deprivation.
1426 Feb 1Avenbury. ?Edmund Ruyale and abbot of Dore.  
1432 Jan 8Avenbury.VJohn Aleyn, chapl.The bishop and abb. and conv. of Dore.  
1492 Aug 11Avenbury.VNich. Bar(nard).Abbot and conv. of Dore.John Brewer.Resignation.
1506 Nov 16Avenbury.VRalph Hurletone.Abbot and conv. of Dore.Nich. Baron.Death.
1510 Apr 15Avenbury.VHugh Martyn.The bishop, by lapse. Death.
1514 Mar 31Avenbury.VHenry Smythe.Abbot and conv. of Dore. [1]Hugh Martyn.Death.
1515 May 5Avenbury.VJohn Longford.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore, on the bishop's nomination, April 30.Henry Smythe.Death.
1529 Mar 23Avenbury.VGeorge Borwych.Abbot and conv. of Dore, on nom. of the bishop.John Longford. Resignation.
1565 Jul 11Avenbury.VGeorge ffofyld.The queen.  
1574 Nov 10Avenbury. Richard Pope. [1]The queen.   
1667 Aug 30Avenbury.VRichard Evans.The king.Phineas Jackson.Resignation.
1678 Apr 13Avenbury.VThomas Kettleby.The king.Richard Evans.Death.
1698 Jun 15Avenbury.VJohn Walker.The king.  
1714 Mar 2Avenbury.VJohn Jennings, M.A. The queen.John Walker.Death.
1752 Aug 18Avenbury.VJoseph Taylor.The king.John Jennings.Death.
1783 Jul 25Avenbury.VJohn Mogridge.The king.Joseph Taylor.Cession.
1796 Apr 20Avenbury.VRichard Lloyd.The king.John Mogridge.Death.
1833 Dec 23Avenbury.VJohn Durand Baker. The king.Richard Lloyd.Death.
1835 Apr 29Avenbury.VRichd. Haddy Williams.The king.John Durand Baker.Resignation.
1850 Nov 21Avenbury.VJames Archibald.The queen.Last incumbent.Death.
1855 Jun 2Avenbury.VAlleyne Rogers, B.A.The queen.James Archibald.Resignation.
1856 Aug 14Avenbury.VJohn Howell Dangerfield.The queen.Alleyn Rogers.Cession.
1856 Dec 16Avenbury.VCaddell Holder, M.A.The queen.John Howell Dangerfield.Resignation.
1858 May 26Avenbury.VEdgar Siritt Corrie, M.A.The queen.Caddell Holder.Resignation.
1859 Jan 15Avenbury.VJohn Shepherd, M.A.The queen.Edgar Siritt Corrie.Cession.
1866 Oct 30Avenbury.VRobert Polwhele.John Freeman, of Gaines, esqJohn Shepherd.Resignation.
1877 Oct 12Avenbury.VJohn Edwards.Mary Harriet Childe, wife of Arthur Childe, rector of Edvin Ralph.Robert Polwhele. Death.
1878 Aug 2Avenbury.VJohn Wilson, M.A.Mary Harriet Childe.John Edwards. Cession.
1897 Aug 16Avenbury.VEdwd. Hen. Archer Elias Shepherd, M.A.Benj. Frankel, clerk.John Wilson.Death.
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