Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Oct 17Aymestrey.VThomas of Leominster.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1330 Nov 9Aymestrey (Almondestre). John de Strepilton.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1353 Jun 29Aymestrey (Almondestre).VWilliam de la More.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Wm. de Stepletone.Death.
1354 Dec 17Aymestrey.VJohn atte Halle, rector of Killymaenllwyd.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.William atte More, vicar.Exchange.
1357 Aug 7Aymestrey.VJohn de Byford,Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John de la Halle, chaplain.Exchange.
1415 May 28Aymestrey (Aylmondestreo).VThomas Sadeler, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Sir Geoffrey.Death.
1422 Nov 17Aymestrey.VJohn Ludbrok, canon of Wigmore.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Thomas Sadeley.Resignation.
1423 Jan 25Aymestrey.VBrian Richardes, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.John Ludbrook.Resignation.
1426 Jun 20Aymestrey.VWilliam Walle, rector of Cascob.The bishop.Brian Richardes, vicar of Aymestrey.Exchange.
1428 Apr 26Aymestrey. Wm. Wode, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Walle.Resignation.
1435 Jan 20Aymestrey.VJohn Veysine, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.William Woode.Resignation.
1437 Aug 27Aymestrey. Hugh Gogrun, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.John Veysin.Resignation.
1546 Jun 7Aymestrey. Thomas Powell.John Downe, of Wigmore, for ab. And con of Wigmore.Thomas Swyft. Death.
1565 Apr 12Aymestrey.VWilliam Cragge.The queen.   
1580 Sep 16Aymestrey.VWill. Underwood, alias Cragge.The bishop, hac vice.  
1623 Aug 7Aymestrey.VRobert Rowbotham, D.D.The king.   
1661 Feb 19Aymestrey. Will. Willett, M.A. The king.  
1668 Jun 3Aymestrey. Will. Whittall, jun.The king.William Whittall.Death.
1762 Apr 28Aymestrey. Herbert Bradford, M.A.The king.Richard Vaughan.Death.
1768 Nov 24Aymestrey.VDavid Owen.The king.Herbert Bradford.Death.
1796 Nov 15Aymestrey.VWilliam Jenkins.The king.David Owen.Death.
1797 Dec 22Aymestrey.VJames Landon, M.A. The king.William Jenkins.Death.
1805 Dec 6Aymestrey.VJames Landon, B.D. The king.Last incumbent.Cession.
1850 Sep 2Aymestrey.VJohn Roger, M.A.The queen.John Landon.Death.
1866 Apr 30Aymestrey.VThomas Green, B.A. The queen.John Rogers.Resignation.
1877 Jan 11Aymestrey.VJohn Samuel Sidebotham, M.A.The queen.Thomas Green.Resignation.
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