Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Aug 22Bacton.VLewis ap Hykk.Abbot and convent of Dore.  
1349 Feb 5Bacton.VJohn de Porta.Abbot and convent of Dore.Sir Richard.Death.
1388 Oct 27Bacton.VWalter Bounde, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Dore. [1]Sir Lewis.Death.
1434 Aug 16Bacton. Richard ap Owen, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1453 Jul 4Bacton.VJohn Snell, chapl.The bishop (by six months' lapse).  
1569 Feb 11Bacton.VWilliam Prosser.Robt. Hopton, arm., and Elizabeth, his wife.  
1691 Jan 21Bacton. Will. Evans, M.A.The bishop, by lapse.John Willim.Deprivation.
1705 Oct 16Bacton. Isaiah Jones.Sir Bennett Hoskyns, bart.William Evans.Death.
1723 Jul 19Bacton. John Price.Hungerford Hoskyns, bart.Isaiah Jones.Resignation.
1773 Jun 5Bacton. William Parry.The bishop, by lapse. John Price.Death.
1778 Apr 8Bacton. Thomas Higgins, B.A.Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, of Harewood, bart.William Parry. Resignation.
1802 Jan 13Bacton. John Higgins.Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, of Harewood, bart.Thomas Higgins. Death.
1818 Dec 5Bacton. Bennett Hoskyns, M.A.Sir Hungerford Hoskyns, bart.John Higgins.Death.
1835 Feb 26Bacton. Charles Roberts.Francis Hamp, esq.Bennett Hoskyns.Resignation.
1891 Aug 13Bacton. John Grosvenor Monro, M.A.Robt. Bridges Bellers, lieut-col.Will. Graydon Harrison.Resignation.
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