Barton Colwall

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1410 Feb 11Barton Colwall.PJohn Sutton, the bishop's registrar and household steward.The bishop.Master John Catesby.Death.
1415 Jun 12Barton Colwall.PMaster John Bridbrok, the chancellor.The bishop.John Suttone.Death.
1427 Jul 23Barton.PHenry Shelford, rector of Sudborne with chapel of Orford, in the diocese of Norwich.The bishop.John Bridbroke, canon of Hereford and prebendary of Barton.Exchange.
1459 Apr 19Barton.PMaster Thomas Mannynge.The bishop.John Arundell.Promotion to bishopric of Chichester.
1462 Apr 13Barton (Bertone).PRobert Stanbury, clerk.The bishop.Master Thos. Manning.Death.
1464 Jun 8Barton Colwall.PEdmund Audeloy in his absence.The bishop.Robt. Stanbury.Death.
1480 Sep 18Barton Colwall.PDavid Hopton, in dec. bac.The bishop.Edmund Audele.Resignation.
1518 Oct 28Barton Colwall.PEdmund Froucetur, dean of the cathe-dral.The bishop.Richard Bromfylde.Death.
1529 May 16Barton Colwall.PGamaliel Clyfton.The bishop.Edmund Froucetur. Death.
1580 Apr 5Barton Colwall.PPhilip Kynvyn. [2]The bishop.   
1680 Feb 4Barton. John Willim.Sir Bennett Hoskins, bart.William Peyton. Death.
1884 Jun 29Barton. William Graydon Harrison. Robt. Bridges Bellers, colonel. Charles Proberts. Death.
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