Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jun 15Bartonsham.PGilbert de Swinfield.The bishop.Adam de Fileby.Death.
1297 Jun 17Bartonsham.PWilliam de Sardinia.The bishop.  
1299 Aug 4Bartonsham.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.  
1303 Nov 8Bartonsham.PJohn de Kempsey.The bishop.William de Sardinia.Vacated.
1310 Aug 3Bartonsham.PRichard de Nonnington, subd.The bishop. Richard de Swinfield.Death.
1320 Mar 1Bartonsham.PRobert Hereward, clerk.The bishop.  
1381 Feb 20Bartonsham.PWilliam Borstall, canon and prebendary of Funtyngdon in the king's free chapel of Bosham. Roger Albritrone, canon.Exchange.
1392 Sep 30Bartonsham (Bertonesham).PReginald Kentewode.The bishop.Reginald Braybrok, prebendary of Bertonesham.Resignation.
1466 Apr 1Bartonsham.PJohn Persons, archdeacon of Bangor.The bishop.Robt. Jordane.Death.
1471 Sep 18Bartonsham.PWilliam Chapmon, chap. to the bishop.The bishop.John Persons.Death.
1504 Oct 31Prebend of Bartonsham.PRobt. Tehy, S.T.P.The bishop. [1]John Martin.Death.
1515 Aug 2Bartonsham.PGeorge Mason, in art. bac.The bishop.John Wardraper.Death.
1523 Nov 27Bartonsham.PWilliam Burghille, decr. doct.The bishop.George Mason.Exchange with Parva Pyon.
1526 Aug 26Bartonsham.PDavid Walker, in leg. bac.The bishop.William Burghille. Death.
1547 Apr 1Bartonsham.PJohn Styrmyn, Bac. Theol.The bishop.David Walker.Death.
1552 Jul 3Bartonsham.PHugh Coren, D.C.L.The bishop.John Styrmyn.Death.
1562 Jun 23Bartonsham.PJohn ap Owen.The bishop.Thomas Arden.Deprivation.
1614 Dec 7Bartonsham.PJohn Hoskins, D.C.L.The bishop.  
1680 Jan 28Bartonsham.PTheophilus Cook, M.A.The bishop.William Watts.Death.
1684 Jun 29Bartonsham.PJohn Thompson, M.A.The bishop.Theophilus Cook.Death.
1688 Jun 26Bartonsham.PJohn Tyler, B.D.The bishop.John Thompson. Death.
1724 Jul 27Bartonsham.VRichd. Cross, LL.B. The bishop.John Tyler, D.D. [2]Death.
1732 Jul 13Bartonsham.PWilliam Beasley, M.A.The bishop.Richard Cross, LL.D.Death.
1743 Oct 6Bartonsham.PLewis Owen, B.D.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1746 Jun 2Bartonsham.PJoseph Brown, D.D. The king (by reason of the vacancy of the see).Last prebendary.Death.
1767 Aug 1Bartonsham.PGibbons Bagnall, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Browne, D.D.Death.
1800 Dec 26Bartonsham.PRobert Squire, M.A. The bishop.Gibbons Bagnall.Death.
1821 Jun 9Bartonsham.PLiscombe Clarke, M.A.The bishop.Robert D'Alambert Squire.Death.
1832 Jan 18Bartonsham.PJohn Hopton, M.A. The bishop.Liscombe Clarke.Resignation.
1870 Dec 26Bartonsham.PJohn Joseph Trollope, M.A.The bishop.John Hopton.Death.
1893 Jan 27Bartonsham.PDouglas Seaton, M.A.The bishop.John Joseph Trollope.Death.
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