Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1527 Feb 15Bayton.VThomas Benyon,Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.  
1564 Mar 21Bayton. Richard Parsons.(not mentioned).  
1664 Feb 2Bayton.VWilliam Jordan.The king.  
1690 Mar 12Bayton.VThomas Sutton.The king and queen.William Jordan. Death.
1711 Dec 24Bayton.VThomas Cook, B.A. The queen.Thomas Sutton.Death.
1753 May 21Bayton.VRobert Story, M.A.The king.Thomas Cooke.Death.
1792 Jul 10Bayton.VRobt. Knight, M.A.The king.Robert Story. Death.
1820 Jul 29Bayton.VThos. Davies, M.A.The king.Robert Knight. Death.
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