Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1796 Oct 18Benthall.CTownsend Forester, B.A.Maurice Wynne.John Holme.Death.
1842 Feb 24Benthall.CThomas Corfield, B.A.Himself, as vicar of Much Wenlock.Townsend Forrester, D.D.Death.
1842 Nov 16Benthall.CWill. Hen. Wayne, M.A.Himself, as vicar of Much Wenlock.Thomas Corfield.Death.
1858 Sep 11Benthall.CWill. Hen. Wayne, jun., M.A.Will. Hen. Wayne, clerk.William Henry Wayne.Resignation.
1871 Nov 8Benthall.VHenry Thos. Adamson, B.D.Will. Hen. Wayne, as vicar of Much Wenlock.William Henry Wayne. Cession.
1878 May 1Benthall.CThomas Talbot Day. Fredk. Robert Ellis, as vicar of Much Wenlock.Henry Thos. Adamson. Resignation.
1892 Nov 15Benthall.CJoseph Will. Johnson, M.A.Fredk. Robert Ellis, as vicar of Much Wenlock.Thomas Talbot Day. Cession.
1899 Mar 13Benthall.CFredk. Robert Ellis, M.A.Himself. as vicar of Much Wenlock.Joseph Will. Johnson.Cession.
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