Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1322 Feb 27Billingsley chapel. Ralph Sagon, priest.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1333 Oct 23Billingsley. Richard Bennet, clerk.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1335 Feb 17Billingsley. Walter of Waltone, clerk.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1336 Feb 17Billingsley chapel. Walter de Waltone, clerk.   
1362 Jun 27Billingsley. Walter de Cleobury.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury. [1]  
1368 Jul 1Billingsley. Robert Okes.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury, on nom. of Roger de Cherletone, lord of Billingsley.  
1383 Nov 10Billingsley. William Sharpe, clerk.Agnes Beysin, lady of Billingsley.Richard Gaylard.Resignation.
1467 Jul 30Billingsley. Richard Mulere.The bishop, by lapse.  
1480 May 10Billingsley. Richard Henstock.William Harwell, armiger.Richard Maynard.Resignation.
1482 Jan 7Billingsley. Thomas Westwood.William Harwell, armiger.Richard Hinstokke.Resignation.
1538 Apr 5Billingsley. Hugh Pexstons.Thomas Aston and Bridget, his wife.Thos. Westwodde.Death.
1538 May 21Billingsley. John Wall.Thomas Aston, of Aston, armiger, and Bridget, his wife, daughter of Sir John Harwell, of the dioc. of Cov. and Lich.Hugh Peckstones. Death.
1551 Jan 10Billingsley. Humfrey Whyte.Thomas Aston, of Aston, Co. Chas., gen.John Wall. Death.
1573 Mar 20Billingsley. Roland Hubbold.Thomas Aston, of Aston, com. Cest., arm.  
1623 Mar 19Billingsley. Ralph Hide.Bonham Norton, arm. Francis Burton.Death.
1624 Mar 19Billingsley. Ralph Hyde.Bonham Norton, arm.  
1662 Apr 20Billingsley. Edward Goldney.George Norton, arm.  
1670 Mar 11Billingsley. Richard Eaton.Richard Creswell, of Sudbury, arm.Edward Goldney. Death.
1678 Jan 11Billingsley. Francis Smith.The bishop, by lapse.Richard Eaton. Resignation.
1679 Apr 2Billingsley. John Darrell.Sir George Morton, bart.Richard Eaton. [1]Cession.
1716 Feb 28Billingsley. John Hassall. [1] John Darrell. Death.
1739 Jul 31Billingsley. Richd. Penny, M.A. Thomas, earl of Bradford.John Hassall.Death.
1752 Mar 10Billingsley. John Lloyd, B.A.Sir Orlando Bridgman and Lady Penny Ann, his wife.Richard Penny.Death.
1777 Jun 13Billingsley. Thos. Moses Lyster, M.A.William Pulteney. [1]John Lloyd. Death.
1821 Sep 6Billingsley. Warwick Oben Gurney, B.A.The earl of Darlington.Thomas Lyster.Death.
1823 Jul 24Billingsley. Thomas Vaughan.William Harry, earl of Darlington.Warwick Oben Gurney. Resignation.
1855 Feb 28Billingsley. Will. Lewis Jones, B.A.Henry Vane, duke of Cleveland. Thomas Vaughan.Death.
1894 Aug 11Billingsley with Sidbury. John Lewis Williams.Henry de Vere, lord Barnard.William Lewis Jones.Death.
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