Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1303 Nov 26Bishopstone. Hugh de Eton, priest.Richard de Burghope.  
1323 Nov 7Service of the Blessed Mary at Bishopstone. John Bromfield, priest.(not mentioned).  
1332 Oct 7Bishopstone. Walter de Hurtesleye. [1]Rose Damel.  
1387 Feb 14Bishopstone.RHugh, rector of Buildwas (Boulewas). John Pykering, rector of Bishopstone.Exchange.
1388 May 28Bishopstone. Hugh Harpere, r. of Buildwas.Johanna, widow of John de Bourchhope.John Pykering.Death.
1415 Aug 17Bishopstone. Walter Wales. [4]Alice Edwards and Henry, her son, hac vice. [2]Hugh Harpere.Resignation.
1428 Jul 13Bishopstone. Walter ap Ithell, chapl. [1]William Hayp and Thomas Ragon.  
1448 Jun 17Bishopstone. Hugh Ragon, chapl.Alice Walwayn, formerly widow of Hugh Monytone.Walter ap Ischell. [3]Resignation.
1481 Feb 14Bishopstone. John Gough.John Baskerville, in right, hac vice, of his wife, Alianora, daughter and heiress of Thos. Holcote.Hugh Ragon.Resignation.
1488 Mar 14Bishopstone. Walter Waters.Feoffees of Joan Danyell. [4]John Gough.Resignation.
1540 Jun 23Bishopstone. Tho. Carpenter, after inquiry on Apr. 16.John Chabenor and his wife Elizabeth, as heirs of the Gomond family.Walter Waters.Death.
1554 Sep 12Bishopstone. Nicholas Phelpotts, acolyte. Richd. Monyngton, arm.   
1623 Dec 13Bishopstone. John Hawkins.Humfrey Berrington, gen.   
1662 Apr 20Bishopstone. John Curtler.Thomas and John Geeres, arm.  
1680 Jun 16Bishopstone. Timothy Millechapp. Thomas Geers, arm.John Cutler.Death.
1727 Aug 5Bishopstone. James Allen, B.A.Uvedale Price, arm.Timothy Millechamp. Death.
1754 Feb 23Bishopstone. James Allen, B.A.Robert Price, of Hereford, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1776 May 17Bishopstone. Thomas Kidley, B.A.Uvedale Price, of Foxley, esq.James Allen.Death.
1776 Jun 1Bishopstone. Thos. Evans, B.A. Uvedale Price, of Foxley, esq.Thomas Kidley.Resignation.
1809 Aug 12Bishopstone and Yazor.VAdam John Walker, M.A.Uvedale Price, of Croft Castle, esq.Thomas Evans. Death.
1839 Mar 23Bishopstone with Foxley. Richard Lane Freer, D.D.Sir Robert Price, of Foxley.Adam John Walker.Death.
1863 Nov 26Bishopstone. George Augustus Robins, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, of Foxley, clerk.Richard Lane Freer, D.D. Death.
1876 Oct 8Bishopstone. Oliver Matthew Ridley, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk.George August. Robins.Cession.
1889 Nov 22Bishopstone. Charles Bodvell Griffith, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk.Oliver Matthew Ridley.Resignation.
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