Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1845 Sep 17Bishopswood.CRobert Cave Wood Collins, M.A.John Partridge, esq.  
1849 Aug 29Bishopswood.CWilliam Watkins Deering, M.A.John Partridge, esq.Robt. Cave Wood Collins.Resignation.
1851 Jan 18Bishopswood.CWilliam Wade Wait. John Partridge, esq.William Watkins Deering.Resignation.
1852 Dec 8Bishopswood.CHenry Watson, M.A. John Partridge, esq.William Wade Wait.Resignation.
1857 Feb 5Bishopswood.CThomas Hawley Edwards, B.A.John Partridge, esq.Henry Watson.Cession.
1871 Oct 28Bishopswood.VHenry Delacour de Brisay, M.A.John Partridge, esq.Thomas Hawley Edwards.Resignation.
1872 Aug 5Bishopswood.VOctavius Jas. Ellis, M.A.John Partridge, esq.Hen. Delacour de Brisay.Resignation.
1879 Jan 8Bishopswood.VChas. Will. Neville Custance, M.AArchbishop of Canterbury, by lapse.Octavius James Ellis.Resignation.
1885 Feb 26Bishopswood.VRobert William John Smart, M.A.Trustees of the will of Jacob Chivers.Charles William Neville Custance. Cession.
1889 Nov 22Bishopswood. Fredk. Hooper Aldrich Blake, M.A.Sir Thomas Henry Farrer, bart. [1]Robert William John Smart.Cession.
1898 Dec 16Bishopswood.VHerbert Martin Maynard, M.A.Harry Leslie Blundell McCalmont. esq., M.P.Frederick Hooper Aldrich Blake.Cession.
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