Brampton Abbots

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1684 Sep 25Brampton Abbots. Acton Cremer, M.A. The bishop.   
1689 Aug 2Brampton Abbots. Edward Stedman, B.A.The bishop.Acton Cremer. Death.
1713 Sep 19Brampton Abbots. Reginald Aubrey, M.A.The queen, hac vice.Edward Stedman.Death.
1742 Aug 6Brampton Abbots. Samuel Ford, B.A.The bishop.Reginald Aubrey.Death.
1793 Jun 13Brampton Abbots. Francis Brickenden, M.A.The bishop.Samuel Ford.Death.
1799 Oct 24Brampton Abbots. Robt. Strong, LL.B. The bishop.Francis Brickenden.Death.
1849 Jun 6Brampton Abbots. Edward Burdett Hawkshaw.The bishop.Robert Strong.Death.
1855 Apr 20Brampton Abbots. William Hulme, M.A.The bishop.Edw. Burdett Hawkshaw.Cession.
1890 Jan 21Brampton Abbots. Harry St. Helier.The bishop.William Hulme.Death.
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