Bridge Sollers

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1340 Nov 30Bridge Sollers.VRalph de Bruges, rector of Lannewych, St. David's d. John de Worcester, vicar of Bridge Sollers.Exchange.
1394 Aug 20Bridge Sollers.VRobert Water, vicar of Bodenham.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Thomas Duynere, vicar of Bridge Sollers, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1396 Jun 3Bridge Sollers. Walter ap Ithel, chapl.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Roger Roke.Death.
1396 Mar 30Bridge Sollers. Roger Roke, chapl.Prior and convent of Aconbury.Robt. Watyes.Death.
1428 Aug 14Bridge Solers.VJohn Benne, chapl.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury.Walter ap Ithel.Resignation.
1429 Mar 24Bridge Solers. William Hele, chapl.Prior and conv. of Aconbury.John Bourne.Deprivation.
1442 Aug 1Bridge Sollers. Thomas Shipward,The bishop, by lapse.John Forges.Death.
1505 Feb 10Bridge Sollars.VRichard Howell.Aconbury nunnery.John Mershe.Resignation.
1549 Nov 6Bridge Sollers. Nicholas Phelpott.The king.Richard Hoell.Death.
1555 Mar 5Bridge Sollers. Richard Browne.William Bailie, gen.  
1561 Jun 29Bridge Sollers. William Hawkyns.Matilda, widow of Will, Bayle, defunct.   
1578 Jan 7Bridge Sollers.VRoger Brace.John Bailie, of Bridge Solers.  
1616 Feb 15Bridge Sollers.VRichard Jones.John Bailie.   
1680 Mar 22Bridge Sollers. Timothy Millechapp. Thomas Geers, arm.John Cutler. Death.
1727 Jun 22Bridge Sollers.VJames Griffiths, M.A.Timothy Geers, arm. Timothy Millechamp. Death.
1737 Sep 2Bridge Sollers.VHenry Geers, M.A.Timothy Geers, esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1764 Nov 24Bridge Sollers.VCharles Bate, B.A.Sambrook Freeman, esq., and Harriet Winford, spinster. Henry Geers. Death.
1770 Dec 28Bridge Sollers.VJohn Walker, B.A.Sambrooke Freeman, esq., and Harriet Winford, spinster. Charles Bate. Death.
1820 Sep 18Bridge Sollers.VJames Johnson.Sir John Geers Cotterell, bart.Lewis Maxey.Death.
1866 Sep 13Bridge Sollers.VRichard Hayward Williams, B.A.The queen.James Johnson.Death.
1887 Jul 14Bridge Sollers.VCompton Reade, M.A.The queen.Rich. Hayward Williams.Death.
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