Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Jul 14Bridstow.VWalter de Burton.   
1312 Aug 2Bridstow. Roger de Otyndon, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1341 Jun 12Bridstow.VPhilip de Upcote.The Crown.  
1349 Mar 30Bridstow. Walter Douce.The king, for this turn.  
1352 Apr 10Bridstow.VThomas de Colne.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1352 Nov 24Bridstow.VPhilip de Davyston.The king (Lyre abbey).Thomas de Colne.Exchange.
1357 Nov 20Bridstow.VRichard de Barton.The king (Lyre abbey).Philip de Davyston.Exchange.
1359 Sep 26Bridstow.VRobt. de Est Throp, chaplain.The king (Lyre abbey).Richard de Barton. Exchange.
1386 Oct 26Bridstow.VJohn Overal, parson of Putley.The king (Lyre abbey).Roger Wyk, vicar of Bridstow.Exchange.
1387 Feb 28Bridstow.VThomas Capel, rector of Filton.The king (Lyre abbey).John Overal, vicar of Bridstow.Exchange.
1418 Aug 9Bridstow.VRobert Whyt.Prior and convent of Jesus of Bethlehem, Shene.Thomas Capell.Death.
1421 May 20Bridstow.VRobert Whyte, rector of Rudford.Prior of Bethlem de Schene.Thomas Vaghan, rector of Bridstow.Exchange.
1421 Jun 23Bridstow.VWilliam Motone, alias Clerke.Prior de Bedlam de Schene.Thomas Vaghan.Death.
1444 Jul 2Bridstow.VJohn Whitt, chapl.Prior and conv. of Shene.Wm. Meredith.Death.
1485 Aug 25Bridstow.VWilliam Vaughan.Prior and conv. of Jesus of Bethlehem at Sheen.  
1542 Nov 30Bridstow. John GarnettThe king.Thomas Wylmott.Death.
1578 Jun 16Bridstow.VJohn Baddam.The bishop.  
1615 Dec 9Bridstow.VWilliam Ford, B.D. The bishop.Bernard Bennett. Death.
1681 Jun 4Bridstow.VThomas Newton.The bishop.Christopher Hook.Death.
1719 Jul 27Bridstow.VJames Bradley, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Newton.Death.
1722 Oct 1Bridstow.VJoseph Sager, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1724 Mar 27Bridstow.VDaniel Wilson, M.A. The bishop.Joseph Sager.Cession.
1743 Mar 7Bridstow.VJames Price, M.A.The bishop.Daniel Wilson. Death.
1779 Aug 17Bridstow.VCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.James Prise.Death.
1780 Sep 7Bridstow.VHugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Charles Morgan.Resignation.
1783 Jun 6Bridstow.VThomas Allen.The bishop.Hugh Morgan. Resignation.
1807 Mar 13Bridstow.VSamuel Picart, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Allen. Death.
1808 May 28Bridstow.VLove Robertson, M.A.The bishop.Samuel Picart.Cession.
1841 Oct 27Bridstow.VThos. Taylor Lewis, M.A.The bishop.Love Robertson.Death.
1858 Dec 11Bridstow.VHen. Wilson Tweed, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Taylor Lewis.Death.
1892 Feb 27Bridstow.VHenry Blane Porter, M.A.The bishop.Henry Wilson Tweed.Cession.
1898 Jul 20Bridstow.VHarold Brierley, M.A.The bishop.Henry Blane Porter.Death.
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