Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1292 May 12Brinsop. Simon de Brinsop, priest.The bishop.  
1349 Jun 25Brinsop (Brunshope). William, son of Symon.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1349 Oct 13Brinsop.VJohn Boner.Abbot and convent of Llanthony.  
1401 Sep 22Brinsop. John Harpe, chapl.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1422 Oct 21Brinsop.VRobert James, chaplain.The bishop (by lapse).  
1561 Mar 17Brinsop.VRobert Alen.The queen.  
1572 May 21Brinsop.VHugh Hunt.The bishop.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1667 Aug 28Brinsop. Gervase Smith.The bishop.George Bannister. Death.
1675 May 31Brinsop.VJohn Tompson.The bishop.Jervase Smith. Death.
1682 Mar 8Brinsop.VJoseph Boulcott, B.A.The bishop.John Tompson.Cession.
1689 Dec 20Brinsop.VJohn Tylor, B.D.The bishop.Joseph Boulcott.Cession.
1691 Mar 13Brinsop.VFrancis Broade, M.A.The bishop.John Tyler, B.D.Cession.
1707 Apr 7Brinsop.VJohn Clerke, M.A.The bishop.Francis Broade. Resignation.
1758 Aug 11Brinsop.VMorgan Price, M.A. The bishop.John Clerk.Death.
1760 Jul 31Brinsop.VMorgan Cove, M.A.The bishop.Morgan Price. Resignation.
1768 Feb 8Brinsop.VCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Morgan Cove.Death.
1774 Aug 6Brinsop.VJames Pritchett.The bishop.Charles Morgan. Resignation.
1775 Nov 9Brinsop.VThomas Watkins, M.A.The bishop.James Pratchet. Resignation.
1776 Jun 22Brinsop.VJohn Parry, B.A.The bishop.Thomas Watkins.Resignation.
1778 Feb 1Brinsop.VJohn Lindeman, M.A.The bishop.John Parry.Death.
1820 Feb 19Brinsop.VHen. Chas. Morgan, M.A.The bishop.John Lindeman.Death.
1831 May 16Brinsop.VJames Garbett, M.A. The bishop.Henry Charles Morgan. Resignation.
1845 Feb 21Brinsop.VWill. Hen. Headley. The bishop.James Garbett.Cession.
1866 Oct 20Brinsop.VWilliam Cecil Fowle, M.A.The bishop.Hen. Will. Headley.Death.
1882 Mar 10Brinsop.VWilliam Robert Lawrence, M.A.The bishop.William Cecil Fowle.Death.
1883 Jan 22Brinsop.VWill. Elliott, M.A.The bishop.William Robert Lawrence. Death.
1893 Dec 6Brinsop.VAlfred Reltoo, M.A.The bishop.William Elliott. Cession.
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