Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Oct 19Broseley Chapel. John of Bridgnorth.Geoffrey de Pickford.  
1310 Aug 15Browaldesley (Broseley). Geoffrey de Pichforde, priest.Richard de Pichforde.  
1359 Oct 7Broseley (Burwardesleye) free chapel. Roger de Knyhteley, clerk.The king (Wenlock priory), on the nom. of John Boytyn.John Aaron.Resignation.
1383 May 8Broseley (Burwardesle). James de Byllingford, prebendary of Taunton in Wells cathedral.The king (Wenlock priory).John de Burtone, warder.Exchange.
1385 May 11Broseley free chapel (Borwardesleye). Robt. Calle, clerk, York dioc.The king (Wenlock priory). James de Billingford.Resignation.
1414 Jan 9Parish church or chapel of Broseley (Burghwardesley). Thos. Yate, clerk.Prior and convent of Wenlock. [1]Robert Calle.Death.
1422 Oct 2Broseley (Berewardesley) chapel. Richd. Aleyn, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wenlock and Johanna Claptone.Thomas Yate.Resignation.
1480 Mar 13Broseley (Borwardisley). Thomas Ryall.The bishop, by lapse.  
1487 Dec 7Broseley (Borwardesley). Thomas Poyner.The bishop, by lapse.  
1510 Nov 8Broseley (Browsley). Edmund Michell.Anne Hartwell.John Longley.Resignation.
1556 May 2Broseley. John Lye.Anne, widow of Jas. Clifford.   
1572 Apr 9Broseley. John Uxley.James Clyfford, arm.  
1617 Feb 6Broseley. Edmund Barton.John Cage, arm., and Maria, his wife.   
1680 Mar 1Burwardesly, alias Brosely. John Crowe.Sir John Weld.Richard Egdon.Death.
1689 Oct 12Broseley. George Evans, B.A.George Weld, arm.John Crow.Death.
1710 Oct 18Broseley. John Mathews, B.A. George Weld, arm.George Evans. Death.
1727 Sep 15Broseley. Rich. Corbet Hartshorn, M.A.George Weld, arm.Samuel Matthews.Death.
1752 Nov 14Broseley with Linley. Daniel Henins, M.A. Sir Thos. Whitmore and Will. Forester, esq. [1]Richard Corbett Hartshorne.Death.
1799 Nov 4Broseley. Townsend Forester, B.A.George Forester, of Willey, esq.Daniel Hennis.Death.
1842 Jan 11Broseley with Linley. Orlando Watkin Weld Forrester, M.A.Lord Forester.Townsend Forester. Death.
1859 Oct 28Broseley with Linley. Robt Hen. Cobbold, M.A.John George Weld, lord Forester.Hon. Orlando Watkin Weld Forester.Cession.
1873 Jun 26Broseley with Linley. Geo. Fleming Lamb, M.A.John George Weld, lord Forester.Robert Henry Cobbold.Cession.
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