Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1353 Apr 17Bullinghope.PWilliam Wroth.The bishop.Stephen de Ledebury.Death.
1369 Sep 24Bullinghope.PJohn de Bedewardyn.The king, on the vacancy of the see.  
1393 Oct 19Bullinghope.PRichd. Hyngeston, archd.The bishop.The dean.Vacated.
1463 Dec 4Bullinghope.PJohn Grene, canon.The bishop.Wm. Middelham. Death.
1472 Mar 31Bullinghope.PRichard Rudhale, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.John Grene.Death.
1512 May 26Bullinghope (Bolyngehope).PRichard Smythe, dec. doc.The bishop.Master Richd. Judde.Death.
1532 Apr 8Bullinghope.PEdward Welshe.The bishop.William Bolton. [4]Death.
1567 Jan 29Bullinghope.PJohn Ellis.The bishop.   
1682 Feb 27Bullinghope.PAmbrose Sparry, M.A.The bishop.Richard Coke.Death.
1711 Jan 3Bullinghope.PJohn Davis, B.D.The bishop.Ambrose Sparry.Death.
1742 May 10Bullinghope.PEgerton Leigh, LL.B.The bishop.John Davies, D.D.Death.
1760 Mar 21Bullinghope.PDigby Cotes, M.A.The bishop.Egerton Leigh.Death.
1767 May 1Bullinghope.PJohn Wormington, M.A.The bishop.Digby Cotes. Resignation.
1771 Jun 17Bullinghope.PCharles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.John Wormington.Death.
1771 Aug 13Bullinghope.PHugh Price, M.A.The bishop.Charles Morgan. Resignation.
1781 Oct 26Bullinghope.PFrancis Woodcock, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Price.Resignation.
1783 Jun 6Bullinghope.PThomas Clarke, M.A.The bishop.Francis Woodcock.Resignation.
1790 May 31Bullinghope.CCudworth Bruch,Thos. Clarke, M.A., in right of his prebend of Bullinghope.William Davies. Death.
1810 Dec 7Bullinghope.PHon. Richard Bruce Stopford, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Clarke.Death.
1846 Nov 30Bullinghope.PHon. Orlando Watkin Weld Forrester.The bishop.Hon. Rich. Bruce Stopford.Death.
1868 Sep 14Bullinghope.PWilliam Pulling, M.A.The bishop.Hon. Orlando Watkin Weld Forester. Resignation.
1885 Jun 15Bullinghope.VHarold Brierley, M.A.The bishop.Edward Hansford Daniell.Death.
1893 Dec 1Bullinghope.VWilliam Elliott, M.A.The bishop.Harold Brierley.Cession.
1894 Feb 8Bullinghope.PJoseph Hen, Brierley, M.A.The bishop.William Pulling.Death.
1898 Dec 7Bullinghope.VEdwd. Harris, D.D. The bishop.William Elliott.Resignation.
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