Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Jun 27Burwarton. Owen de Montgomery, subd. Sir Adam de Montgomery.  
1341 Jun 5Burwarton. Sir Thos de Boulwas.   
1349 Aug 27Burwarton. Thomas Ercalewe. Sir Walter de Hopton.  
1384 Apr 21Burwarton.RHugh Davys, vicar of Mamble (Momele).Sir John Hopton, knt. Exchange.
1391 Jan 12Burwarton. Thomas Crench, vicar of Penne, Lichfield dioc.Sir John Hopton.Hugh Davies, rector of Burwarton.Exchange.
1407 Aug 11Burwarton (Borewartone). David Driewe.Walter Hopton, lord of Burwarton.  
1429 Nov 19Burwarton. William Haconshawe, vicar of Great Overa, in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. John Turnour, rector of Burwarton.Exchange.
1429 Jan 20Burwarton. John Thurnour.Thomas Hapton.John Fillesone.Resignation.
1523 Aug 27Burwarton. John Worall.William Leighton. [3] Miles Herteley.Death.
1525 Dec 18Burwarton. Thomas Parsons.Elizabeth, relict of Sir Robert Corbel.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1572 Oct 16Burwarton. John Morgan.Andrew Corbett, mil.  
1575 May 10Burwarton. Fulk Smythe.Andrew Corbett, mil.  
1662 Apr 20Burwarton. Humphrey Tydder. Robt.Wallopp, arm.  
1686 Jan 26Burwarton. Thomas Pipard.Job Walker, arm.Humphrey Tudor.Death.
1689 Aug 6Burwarton. Thomas Pepyr, B.A. Job Walker, gen.Thomas Piper.Cession.
1720 Feb 24Burwarton. Laurence Lewis, B.A.Francis Walker, arm. Thomas Pepir.Death.
1736 Sep 27Burwarton. Thomas Taylor, M.A.Anne Holland, widow, guardian of Thomas Holland, an infant.Last incumbent.Death.
1765 Mar 19Burwarton. John Atwood, jun., B.A.Bernard Holland, of Burwarton, esq.Thomas Taylor.Death.
1799 Feb 22Burwarton. Richd, Baugh, B.A. Bernard Holland, of Ludlow. esq.John Atwood.Death.
1800 Jul 24Burwarton. John Churton, B.A. Thomas Holland of Moreton, esq.Richard Baugh.Resignation.
1850 Jan 10Burwarton. Theodosius Theodosius.John Churton, clerk.John Churton.Cession.
1853 May 26Burwarton. William Waring, M.A.Hon. Gustavus Fred. Hamilton Russell.Theodosius Theodosius.Death.
1870 Oct 31Burwarton. Alfred James M.A.Viscount Boyne, of Burwarton Hall.William Waring.Resignation.
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