Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1513 Nov 21Byton (Bayton). Henry Chatborne.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.Peter Knottisford.Resignation.
1542 Oct 25Byton. Thom. Taylor.The king.Last incumbent.Death.
1563 Apr 10Byton. John Barlowe. [2]The queen.  
1564 May 11Byton. John Morys.The queen.  
1574 Feb 26Byton. Francis Dallowe.The queen.  
1678 Oct 10Byton. James Baylie.The king.Owen HawesDeath.
1728 Feb 11Byton. Thomas Watkins, M.A.The king.James Bagly.Death.
1738 May 16Byton. Humphrey Griffiths, B.A.The king.Last incumbent.Cession.
1783 Jul 15Byton. William Bridge, B.A.The king.Humph. Griffith.Death.
1790 May 10Byton. Evan Morgan.The king.William Bridges.Death.
1797 Nov 26Byton. Benjamin Barrow, M.A.The king.Evan Morgan.Death.
1806 Apr 8Byton. George Naylor, B.A. The king.Benjamin Barrow.Death.
1854 Aug 4Byton. Richard William Freen Hunt.The queen.George Nailor.Death.
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