Castle Frome

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 May 7Frome Castle. Robert de Ercawe.Sir John de Lacy.  
1347 Jan 19Castle Frome. Hugh de Radyng.Johanna, lady of Castle Frome.  
1349 Jul 28Castle Frome. Walter de Dodemaston, clerk.Robert de Ribbesford.  
1368 Mar 28Castle Frome. Philip Wayte.Richard Chaundos and Wm. Florence, lords of Frome.  
1394 Nov 12Frome Castle. John Milreth, chapl.Sir Thos. de Aston.   
1395 Jul 29Frome Castle. William Clerk, rector of Colton, Lichfield dioc.Sir Thos. de Aston.John Millereth, rector of Frome Castle.Exchange.
1395 Jul 31Frome Castle. William Bulkeley, rector of Dynerth, S. Asaph dioc. William Clerk, B.A., rector of Frome Castle.Exchange.
1397 May 31Frome Castle. John Prymygan, vicar of Sondon, Lichfield dioc. Wm. Bulkleghe, rector of Frome Castle.Exchange.
1404 Mar 7Castle Frome. Lawrence Malet, chaplain.Sir Thos. Aston, knt.  
1425 Apr 27Castle Frome. Richard Hommer, chapl. [1]John Muchegros and Wm. Monytone.  
1467 Feb 13Castle Frome. Master Thos. Moreton, bac. in legibus.Roger Monington and John Unette, jure uxorum.Richard Homme.Resignation.
1511 Oct 22Castle Frome. Thomas Philippis. [3]Wm. Buck and Richd. Monyngton.Thos. Morton, in utroque jure bac.Death.
1541 Apr 16Castle Frome. Christoph. Androwes.William Unett and John Fitzurse (illa vice).William Philippes.Death.
1576 Aug 4Frome Castle. Ed. Chell.Richard Browne, of Brantrees, gen,   
1578 Apr 16Frome Castle. Ed. Chell.William and Francis Unett and others.  
1668 Dec 12Castle Frome. George Linacre.Francis Unett, arm.George Wall.Death.
1693 Mar 10Castle Frome. Robert Hathway, M.A.Robert Unett, arm.George Linacre.Death.
1714 Jan 18Frome Castle. William Jauncey, B.A.Robert Unett, arm.Robert Hathway. Death.
1715 Apr 7Frome Castle. William Perkins, B.A.Robert Unett, arm.William Jauncey.Resignation.
1753 May 15Frome Castle. Charles Mayo, M.A. Robert Unett, of Hereford, esq.William Popkin.Death.
1760 Nov 3Frome Castle. Robert Foley, M.A.The bishop, by lapse. Charles Mayo. Death.
1769 May 21Frome Castle. John Foley, M.A.Mary, widow of Richd. Foley, esq.Robert Foley.Cession.
1783 Apr 30Frome Castle. Ralph Lingen, M.A. Robert Foley, of Swinford, clerk.John Foley.Cession.
1812 Apr 21Frome Castle. Henry Fisher, M.A. Henry Roxby, of London. esq.Ralph Lingen.Death.
1843 Jun 9Frome Castle. William Godden Lyall, M.A.John Lyall, of Brighton, esq.Henry Fisher.Resignation.
1886 Nov 7Frome Castle. Charles Howard Badgley, M.A.John Annan Bryce. [1]William Godden Lyall.Death.
1893 May 20Frome Castle. Robert Burgess Bayley.Louisa Hewan Freeman, of Eastbourne, widow.Charles Howard Badgley. Death.
1896 Sep 18Frome Castle. William Prest Pardo Matthews, M.A.Louisa Hewan Freeman, of Easibourne.Robert Burges Bayly,Resignation.
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