Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jan 20Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PGilbert de Swinfield.The bishop.Emeric de Bryauntun.Vacated.
1299 Sep 16Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PRobert de Gloucester.The bishop. Gilbert de Swinfield.Death.
1322 Jan 31Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThomas de Orleton. [4]The bishop.Robert de Gloucester.Death.
1349 Jun 23Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PThomas Hacluit.The bishop.Master John de Ambresbury.Death.
1417 Oct 20Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PRichard Proctor, chaplain.The bishop.Thomas Hanley.[2]Resignation.
1425 Jul 7Chancellorship of Hereford Cathedral.PJohn Castell, Bac. in Law.The bishop.Richard Proctour.Resignation.
1460 Jul 6Chancellorship in the cathedral. Master John Assheby.The bishop.John Dylewe.Death.
1464 Aug 16The chancellorship. Master Robert Geffrey.The bishop.John Assheby.Death.
1472 Nov 24Chancellorship. Mast. Simon Tawre, in decretis bac.The bishop.Master Thos. Yeone.Death.
1472 Mar 24Chancellorship. Thomas Yeen. [1]The bishop.Robert Geffrey.Resignation.
1476 Oct 8Chancellorship in cathedral. John Arundell, S. Theol. bac.The bishop.Simon Tarvere.Death.
1481 Mar 5Chancellorship of cathedral. Ralph Hethcote.The bishop.John Arundell.Resignation.
1487 Dec 12Chancellorship of the cathedral. Sampson Aleyn.The bishop.Ralph Heithcote.Resignation.
1524 Apr 16Chancellorship of the cathedral.PWilliam Hulle, art. mag.The bishop.James Bromwyche. Death.
1555 May 8Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Edward Baskerville, S.T.P.The bishop.John Compton. Death.
1568 Apr 23Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. William Penson.The bishop.   
1682 Feb 27Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Joseph Harvey, M.A.The bishop.Richard Coke. Death.
1716 Aug 1Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Thomas Bisse, D.D. The bishop.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1731 Jul 12Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. William Egerton, D.C.L.The bishop.Thomas Bisse, D.D.Death.
1738 Apr 22Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Samuel Croxall, D.D. The bishop.William Egerton.Death.
1752 Feb 13Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Joseph Brown, D.D. The bishop.Samuel Croxall, D.D. Death.
1754 Apr 20Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Henry Egerton, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Browne, D.D.Resignation.
1795 Jul 17Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Herbert Hill, M.A.The bishop.Henry Egerton. Death.
1828 Oct 1Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Morgan Cove, D.C.L. The bishop.Herbert Hill. Death.
1830 Apr 21Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Hugh Hanmer Morgan, B.D.The bishop.Morgan Cove. Death.
1868 Aug 13Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Archer Clive, M.A. The bishop.Hugh Hanmer Morgan.Death.
1878 Oct 2Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. John Jebb, D.D.The bishop.Archer Clive.Death.
1886 Jun 15Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Hen. Wright Phillot, M.A.The bishop.John Jebb. Death.
1896 Dec 16Chancellorship of the Cathedral Church. Hen Francis Bather, M.A.The bishop.Henry Wright Phillott.Death.
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