Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Mar 12Chapel of Pixley. William de Marcle, subdeacon.   
1300 Jul 20Chapel of St. Thomas the Martyr, Fownhope. Richard Russell, priest.Sir Robert Chaundos.  
1342 Jun 13Chapel of Greete. John de Bigtone.   
1342 Jul 12Chapel de la More. John de la More.   
1342 Jan 12Chapel of Hopton. John Biggetone.   
1346 Dec 3Chapel of Cause Castle. John de Ercalewe.Sir John de Leybourne, lord of Cause.  
1357 Sep 18Chapel of la Parke. William de Frame canonicorum, chaplain.John de Schille.  
1386 Jun 16Chaplain of S. Katharine's chapel in the cathedral. Hugh Ace, rector of Sidbury (Sudbury). Philip Kentles, chaplain.Exchange.
1394 Mar 11Chapel of S. Tyrioc. John Prophete.Margaret, countess of Norfolk.  
1395 Dec 1Chapel of la Parke. Thos. Whytte, chapl.Roger Hoore.John Taillour.Resignation.
1396 Jul 2Chapel of la Parke. Thos. Peake, chapl.Roger Hoore.Roger Tonge.Death.
1404 Feb 29Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene in Ludlow Castle. William Lochard, clerk.The king. [2]  
1405 Apr 19Chapel of Middleton Priors and Deuxhill. William Dolfyn, chaplain.Prior and convent of Wenlock.  
1406 Sep 9Chapel of Snodhill. Hugh Harper.Sir John Chaundos, knt.  
1407 Feb 10Chapels of Middleton and Deuxhill (Deukeshulle). William Graund, chaplain.Prior and convent of Wenlock.Wm. Dolfyn.Death.
1418 Jul 16Chapel of Snodhill. John Whitard (also Hwitard), rector of Hampton.Sir John Chandos, knt.William Carpenter, warden or rector of the chapel of Snodhill.Exchange.
1456 Nov 3Chapel of Beckbury. Edward Curteys, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.John Bonamy.Resignation.
1464 Jul 16Chapel of S. Tirioc. William Herbert, a native of Usk.John Thomlyn.  
1487 Dec 12Chapel or chantry in Pyriton.CThomas Wake, acolyte.Elizabeth, lady Latymere.Richd. Padmon.Death.
1489 Dec 22Chapel of S. Tirioc. John Gough.John ap Thomlyn.Hugh David ap John.Resignation.
1514 Dec 31Chap. of Little Dean (Dene). William Wright.The inhabitants. [9]Richd. Baker.Death.
1519 May 6Chapel of S. Tirioc. Edmund Worsley, in art. bac. [9]Charles, earl of Worcester, lord Herbert of Chepstow and Tidenham. [10]Thomas Kemys. Death.
1634 Dec 8Capella sive ecclesia St. Marie Magdalene, prope ecclesiam cathedralem". Will. Broad, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.  
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