Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1308 Mar 6Chirbury. Richard de Chirbury, priest.Abbot and convent of Chirbury.  
1349 Jul 21Chirbury. Gervase de Chirstok. [2]Abbot and convent of Chirbury.Sir Richard, last vicar.Death.
1378 Dec 18Chirbury.VPhilip Okey.Abbot and convent of Chirbury.  
1415 Jun 12Chirbury.VPhilip More.Prior and convent of Chirbury.  
1429 Feb 11Chirbury.VHugh Thomas.Prior and conv. of Chirbury.Philip Moore.Resignation.
1513 Jul 6Chirbury.VJohn Griffith.Prior and conv. of Chirbury.John Whatley.Resignation.
1513 Feb 3Chirbury.VJohn Griffith, vicar of Bishop's Castle.The bishop. [1]John Whatley.Resignation.
1522 Mar 15Chirbury.VJohn Myddelton.Prior and conv. of Chirbury.John Griffith. [8]Resignation.
1562 Jul 30Chirbury.VThomas Tompson.The queen.  
1678 Mar 5Chirbury.VJohn Harding, M.A.The mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury and Andrew Taylor, head master of the Free Grammar School there.Edward Lewis.Death.
1736 Jan 27Chirbury.VThomas Edwards, M.A.Mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of Shrewsbury, and Leonard Hotchkis, headmaster of the Free Grammar School there.Last incumbent.Death.
1756 Apr 9Chirbury.VRichard Morgan, B.A. Mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury. Thomas Edwards.Death.
1762 Oct 14Chirbury.VJohn Harding, B.A.Mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury.Richard Morgan.Cession.
1776 Oct 24Chirbury.VJohn Harding, M.A. Mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury.Last incumbent.Cession.
1789 May 15Chirbury.VJohn Newling, M.A. William Oakeley, [1] esq.John Harding.Death.
1802 Aug 26Chirbury.VThomas Farmer, B.A.Mayor and burgesses of Shrewsbury.John Newling.Cession.
1838 Apr 18Chirbury.VJames Wilding, M.A. Trustees. [1]Thomas Farmer. Death.
1863 Jul 11Chirbury.VJohn Burd, M.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.James Wilding.Death.
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