Church Preen

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1822 Jul 20Church Preen. Gorges Paulin Lowther, B.A.John Windsor, esq.David Cadwallader.Death.
1827 Aug 5Church Preen.CWilliam Webster.William Webster, esq.Gorges Paulin Lowther.Resignation.
1852 Jun 26Church Preen.CJohn Wakefield, M.A.William Hanbury Sparrow, of Penn, near Wolverhampton, esq.Robert Armitage. Death.
1875 Mar 2Church Preen.CFrancis Hen. Paley, M.A.Arthur Sparrow, esq.John Wakefield. Resignation.
1881 Jul 29Church Preen.CFredk. Cooke, B.A.Arthur Sparrow, esq.Francis Henry Paley.Cession.
1883 Sep 27Church Preen.CEdw. Foskett Wayne, M.A.Arthur Sparrow, esq.Frederick Cooke.Resignation.
1892 Feb 17Church Preen.CThos. Evans Minshull, M.A.Arthur Sharrow, esq.Edward Foskett Wayne.Cession.
1895 May 22Church Preen.CEdward Collett, M.A.Arthur Sparrow, esq.Thomas Evans Minshull.Death.
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