Church Stretton

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Apr 22Stretton Church in Stretton Dale. Philip the Welshman.   
1331 Feb 24Stretton in Strettonsdale.RWilliam fitz John de Hardishulle, vicar of Styltone, Lincoln d. William fitz William de Hardishulle, rector of Stretton in Strettonsdale.Exchange.
1335 Mar 28Stretton in Strettonsdale.RJohn de Wettenhulle, rector of Kingsley, Lich. and Cov. d. William de Hardishulle, rector of Stretton in Strettonsdale.Exchange.
1361 Nov 16Church Stretton. Robt. de Astmede.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1388 May 22Stretton in le Dale. Robt. Pobelowe, clerk. [1]Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1395 Nov 24Stretton le dale. William Smythecote, rector of Hammere, Lichfield dioc.Earl of Arundel.Walter Clyfford, rector of Stretton le dale.Exchange.
1404 Feb 12Stretton in the Dale. Wm. Corf, clerk.Thomas, earl of Arundel and Surrey.  
1439 Sep 1Stratton in le dale. John Fox, chapl.William, earl of Arundel.Thos. Oswestre.Death.
1454 Oct 24Stretton Dale. Richard Morys.William, earl of Arundel.  
1459 Sept 26Stretton in le dale. William Haliwell, rector of S. Nicholas by Guildford. Richard Nores, bac. in decrees, rector of Stretton in le dale.Exchange.
1465 Oct 12Stretton in le Dale. William Hugyns.William, earl of Arundel.Master David Holywelle.Resignation.
1514 Dec 12Stratton in le Dale. Edward Higgons, dec. doc.Richard Hyggons. [8]Wm. Higgyns.Death.
1515 May 25Stretton in le Dale. George Dycher [6]Thomas, earl of Arundel.Edwd. Hygons.Resignation.
1549 Aug 1Stretton-in-le-dale. John Marett.Henry. Earl of Arundel.George Dycher.Death.
1668 Jun 3Stretton-in-le-Dale. Henry Maurice.Hen Fred. Thynne, bart.George Roberts. Resignation.
1668 Jan 22Stretton-in-le-Dale. George Roberts.Hen. Fred. Thynne, miles et baronet.  
1671 Jun 11Stretton-in-le-Dale, alias Church Stretton. Henry Clayton, M.A. Hen. Fred. Thyone, bart.Henry Maurice, Resignation.
1725 Sep 2Stretton (Church). Roland Tench, M.A. Viscount Weymouth.Henry Clayton.Death.
1749 Jun 2Church Stretton. John Mainwaring, B.A.Thomas, viscount Weymouth. Rowland Tench.Death.
1807 Jun 29Stretton (Salop). Thos. Barnard Coleman, M.A.Thomas Coleman, of Leominster, esq.John Mainwaring.Death.
1818 Dec 17Church Stretton. Robert Norgrave Pemberton, M.A.Thomas Redgrave Stackhouse, esq., and Joseph Corbett, clerk.Thomas Bernard Coleman. Death.
1849 Jan 10Church Stretton. Chas. Arthur Salusbury, B.A.Edw. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq., and Will. Lacon Childe, jun., esq.Robt. Norgrave Pemberton. Death.
1849 Oct 10Church Stretton. Hugh Owen Wilson, M.A.Chas. Orlando Childe Pemberton, of Millichap Park, esq.Charles Arthur Sainsbury. Death.
1879 Jun 10Church Stretton. Charles Noel-Hill, M.A.Chas. Orlando Childe Pemberton, esq.Hugh Owen Wilson.Death.
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