Church Withington

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1391 Apr 15Church Withington.PJohn Chitterne, preb. of Swalehyne in coll. ch. of Heyghtesbury, Sarum dioc. William Buhgbryge, preb. of Church Withington.Exchange.
1414 Sep 3Church Withington.VWilliam Tomkyns, precentor of the chantry of the B.V.M. in the chapel of St. Cross, New Radnor. Thomas Irisch.Exchange.
1419 Apr 28Church Withington.PJohn Cokworthy.The bishop.Master John Chatterne. Death.
1422 Nov 13Church Withington.PThomas Guldefeld, vicar of Sutton by Plymouth.The bishop.John Cokworthy, prebendary of Church Withington.Exchange.
1441 Mar 12Church Withington.PWilliam Hambald, rector of Patrykbrompton, in the diocese of York.The bishop.Nicholas Mallon, canon and prebendary of Church Withington.Exchange.
1524 Apr 16Church Withington.PGeorge Mason.The bishop.James Bromwyche. Death.
1539 Aug 4Church Withington.PWilliam Lewson, in leg. bac.Mr. Crumwell.Master Geo. Mason. Resignation.
1671 Sep 22Church Withington.PPhilip Lewis, M.A.The bishop.James Parry. Death.
1678 Apr 20Church Withington.PJoseph Harvey, M.A.The bishop.Philip Lewis.Resignation.
1716 Aug 13Church Withington.PWilliam Floyer, M.A.The bishop.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1752 Aug 20Church Withington.PWilliam Willim, M.A.The bishop.William Floyer.Death.
1767 Sep 24Church Withington.PGuy Hill, M.A.The bishop.William Willim. Death.
1769 Jan 16Church Withington.PRichd. Smith, M.A. The bishop.Guy Hill. Resignation.
1796 Aug 5Church Withington.PRobert Wetherell, LL.B.The bishop.Richard Smith.Death.
1845 Jan 11Church Withington.PGilbert Franklaud Lewis, M.A. The bishop.  
1856 Sep 23Church Withington.PWilliam Poole, M.A. The bishop.Gilbert Frankland Lewis. Cession.
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