Clee St Margaret

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1757 Feb 15Clee St. Margarets.CJohn Collier.Elizabeth Cressett (with the approbation of Frances Cressett, widow, her mother and guardian).  
1780 Jun 29Clee St. Margaret.CEdward Baldwin, B.A.Elizabeth Cressett.John Collier. Death.
1817 Aug 2Clee St. Margaret.CJohn Walcott.John Cressett Pelham, esq.Edward Baldwin. Death.
1823 May 1Clee St. Margaret.CJoseph Corbett.John Cressett Pelham, esq.John Walcott. Cession.
1861 May 22Clee St. Margaret's.CAugustus Thursby Pelham, M.A.Hen.Thursby Pelham of Cound, esq.Joseph Corbett. Death.
1864 Sep 22Clee St. Margaret.CClement Leigh Coldwell, M.A.Henry Thursby Pelham, of Cound, clerk.Augustus Thursby Pelham.Cession.
1872 Jul 20Clee St. Margaret.VAlbert Clowes, M.A. Hen. Thursby Pelham, of Cound, clerk.Clement Leigh Caldwell.Resignation.
1896 Jan 24Clee St. Margaret.VAlfred Ernest Ball, M.A.James August .Harvey Thursby Pelham, esq.Albert Clowes, Resignation.
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