Cleobury Mortimer

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1321 Jan 20Cleobury Mortimer. John Scheremon de Ludlow, priest.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1349 Oct 13Cleobury Mortimer.VWilliam de Curdemore.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1362 May 28Cleobury Mortimer.VRoger Mey.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Wm. de Gurdwall.Resignation.
1366 Jan 8Cleobury Mortimer.RWilliam Hunte.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Roger Mey.Exchange.
1399 Apr 15Cleobury Mortimer.VHugh Cheyney, chapl.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1407 Mar 25Cleobury Mortimer.VWilliam Eggetone, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1418 Jul 27Cleobury Mortimer.VRichard Welyntone, rector of Neen (Nyen) Sollers. William Eggintone, vicar of Cleobury Mortimer, by his proctor Richard Green, priest.Exchange.
1425 Oct 12Cleobury Mortimer.VJohn Syllygrove.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Richard Wellyngton.Resignation.
1429 Jan 31Cleobury Mortimer. Thos. Calantone, chapl. [1]Richard Peshale.Thomas Middletone.Resignation.
1431 Dec 24Cleobury Mortimer. Wm. Whyteneye, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.John Sillygrove.Resignation.
1442 Oct 28Cleobury Mortimer.VAdam Langrodys, rector of Sonnyngwell, in the diocese of Salisbury. John Law, vicar of Cleobury Mortimer.Exchange.
1460 Nov 11Cleobury Mortimer. John Tandy, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Adam Smale.Resignation.
1479 Oct 27Cleobury Mortimer.VJohn Tailor.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1524 May 28Cleobury Mortimer. William Bradock.Thomas Untane, of Drayton in Hales. [2]John Taylor. Death.
1552 Mar 5Cleobury Mortimer. Edward Toye.William and Hugh Cook. for abb. And conv. of Wigmore.William Bradocke. Death.
1572 May 16Cleobury Mortimer.VWill. Taylor, B.A.The queen.  
1624 Aug 13Cleobury Mortimer.VJohn Barker, B.A.Francis Lacon.   
1694 Aug 8Cleobury Mortimer.VJohn Goodwyn, M.A. Sir William Child.Robert Goodwyn.Death.
1699 Dec 19Cleobury Mortimer.VWilliam Edwards.Sir Lacon William Childe.John Goodwyn.Death.
1739 Jun 14Cleobury Mortimer.VJohn Attwood, M.A. William Lacon Child, esq.William Edwards.Death.
1769 Sep 1Cleobury Mortimer.VEdward Harries, M.A.Chas. Baldwyn, esq., and Catherine, his wife.John Atwood. Death.
1779 May 30Cleobury Mortimer.VEdward Northey, B.A.William Childe, of Kinlet, esq.Edward Harries.Resignation.
1800 Nov 11Cleobury Mortimer.VGeo. Moultrie.William Childe, of Kinlet, esq.Edward Northey.Resignation.
1845 Jul 22Cleobury Mortimer.VGeo. Will. Murray, B.A.Will. Lacon Childs, esq.George Moultrie.Death.
1846 Sep 10Cleobury Mortimer.VEdwd. Geo. Childe, M.A.Will. Lacon Childe, esq.George William Murray.Resignation.
1892 Apr 1Cleobury Mortimer.VGeo. Domvile Chetwynd Wheeler, M.A.Sarah Ann Wheeler, widow.Edward George Baldwyn Childe. Cession.
1897 Jul 12Cleobury Mortimer.VSaml. Forbes Fredk. Auchmuty.Geo. DomvilleChetwynd Wheeler, clerk.George Domvile Cbetwynd Wheeler.Cession.
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