Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1286 Oct 11Coddington. Nicholas de Reigate, subd.The bishop.  
1296 Sep 21Coddington. Robert de Kingsnod, subd.(not mentioned).  
1304 Apr 21Coddington. Richard de Nonnington.The bishop.  
1350 Mar 3Coddington. William Wildbore, sub-deacon.The bishop. [3]  
1351 Jan 26Coddington. Robert Mareschal.The bishop.William Wildbor.Resignation.
1351 Feb 25Coddington. Robert le Mareschal of Ledbury.The bishop.  
1385 Oct 1Coddington.RWilliam Pantier, of Thornebury, rector of Bredenbury. Thomas Haukyns, rector of Coddington.Exchange.
1392 Nov 3Coddington. John Kynarton, rector of Llanpadarn, S. David's dioc. William Panter, rector of Coddington.Exchange.
1400 Oct 3Coddington. John fitz-William Stephen, rector of Knossington, Linc. dioc. John Kynaston, rector of Coddington.Exchange.
1421 Mar 27Coddington.RThos. Nash, chaplain.Vacant by resignation of John Comyn.  
1432 Oct 18Coddington. Thomas Combey, chapl.The bishop.Richard Moys.Resignation.
1433 Jul 26Coddington. Thomas Kydeley, chapl.The bishop.Thomas Combey.Resignation.
1438 Jan 9Coddington. William Warde, chapl.The bishop.Thos. Warde.Institution of Thos. Warde to Malvern.
1471 Jul 25Coddington (Cotyntone). Richard Halle.The bishop.Richd. Awehard.Death.
1475 Apr 21Coddington (Cotyngton). Thomas Halle.The bishop.Richard Halle.Resignation.
1534 Dec 30Coddington (Cotynton). John Lyghte.The bishop.Nich. Smythe.Renunciation.
1549 Jul 1Coddington. Thomas DaryngtonThe bishop.John Lee.Death.
1551 Sep 24Coddington. Reginald Yerwood.The bishop.Thomas Daryngton. Resignation.
1562 Dec 12Coddington. Philip Tusten.(not mentioned).  
1566 May 26Coddington.VRalph Terell.The bishop.   
1661 Feb 21Coddington.VJohn Neale.Henry Neale, arm. [3]  
1669 Oct 7Coddington. Henry Warbracke.The bishop.Francis Todd. Death.
1669 Nov 9Coddington. John Page.The bishop.Henry Warbrack.Resignation.
1681 Mar 7Coddington. John Page, M.A.The bishop.Jure vacant.De jure vacant.
1697 Jul 31Coddington. Charles Whiting, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1699 Jun 15Coddington. John Page, D.D.The bishop.Charles Whiting, D.D. Resignation.
1723 Sep 20Coddington. William Stevenson, M.A.The bishop.John Page, D.D.Death.
1746 Aug 11Coddington. John Worthington, B.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1767 May 8Coddington. William Preece.The bishop.John Wormington. Resignation.
1777 Aug 9Coddington. John Lindeman, M.A.The bishop.William Reece.Resignation.
1778 Feb 5Coddington. Joseph Taylor.The bishop.John Lindeman.Cession.
1781 May 19Coddington. John Lodge.The bishop.Joseph Taylor.Resignation.
1801 Feb 24Coddington. Thomas Fairclough Ottley.The bishop.John Lodge.Resignation.
1810 Jan 16Coddington. John Pearce Hockin, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Fairclough Ottley.Death.
1831 Nov 2Coddington. John Hughes, B.A.The bishop.John Pearce Hockin. Death.
1848 Dec 27Coddington. Edward Lovell, LL.B.The bishop.John Hughes.Death.
1860 Apr 16Coddington. Geo. James Curtis, M.A.The bishop.Edward Lovell.Death.
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