Cold Weston

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Jan 14Cold Weston. Walter de Ireton.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1333 Oct 7Cold Weston. Wm. de Coktone, chapl.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1340 Jun 15Cold Weston. Roger de Codington.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1340 Nov 10Cold Weston. Simon de Kemeseye.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1341 Jul 12Cold Weston. Simon de Kemsseye.   
1341 Mar 8Cold Weston. Simon Avenel.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1342 Jan 14Cold Weston. Wm. de Kempeseye.   
1347 Jan 12Cold Weston. John de Radnor.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.Roger le Wylde. Resignation.
1369 Jul 17Cold Weston. Richard Bakare, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1397 Nov 5Cold Weston. Roger Reed.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1408 Mar 7Cold Weston. John Pusselowe, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Shrewsbury.  
1554 Jul 3Coldweston. Rich. Hochekeys.Thomas Vernon, of Stokesay.   
1625 Nov 4Coldweston. Simon Cotton, B.A.Geo. Hopton, arm.  
1668 Feb 12Coldweston. Thomas Hall.Chas. Maddox, gen.Thomas Athley. Death.
1681 Mar 7Coldweston. Charles Farrow.Chas. Maddox, gen.Thomas Hall. Resignation.
1687 Apr 12Coldweston. Timothy Kettilby.Chas. Maddox, gen.Charles Farrar.Death.
1701 Jun 9Coldweston.     
1704 Oct 20Coldweston. Thomas Lateward.Evard Maddox, gen.Timothy Kettleby.Cession.
1706 Sep 3Coldweston. Richard Oakley. [1] Timothy Kettleby. Cession.
1717 Mar 1Coldweston. William Fosbrooke, B.A.Henry, lord Herbert of Chirbury.Richard Oakley.Death.
1757 Aug 18Coldweston. Rowland Baugh, M.A.Francis Walker, esq.William Fosbrook.Death.
1769 May 11Coldweston. Sir John Dutton Colt, bart.Somerset Davies, of Ludlow, esq.Rowland Baugh.Death.
1809 Jun 7Coldweston. Jas. Johnson Baines, B.A.Somerset Davies, of Croft Castle, esq.Sir John Dutton Colt, bart.Death.
1816 Dec 1Coldweston. Henry Cowdell.Somerset Davies, esq.James Johnson Baines. Death.
1875 Jul 28Coldweston. Van Tromp Tyrrell Orgill, M.A.Fanny Harriett Cornewall, widow.Henry Cowdell.Death.
1886 May 28Coldweston. Joseph Downs Scott. Fanny Harriet Cornewall, widow.Cess.of Van Tromp Tyrrell Orgill.Cession.
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