Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Feb 23Colwall. John de Clare.The bishop.  
1280 Apr 19Colwall. John de Clare.Henry de Dean.  
1283 Oct 10Colwall. John de Kempsey, chaplain. The bishop.J. de Clare.Resignation.
1378 Apr 21Colwall. Nicholas Bacon vicar of Uley (Huley).Exchange with John Stauntone.  
1379 Sep 1Colwall.RWilliam Horeworth, vicar of Tilehurst. Nicholas of Bath, rector of Colwall.Exchange.
1390 Sep 25Colwall.PJohn Barnet.The bishop.John Catesby.Vacated.
1394 Aug 26Colwall. John Hampton, rector of Hawkeswell, York dioc. William de Horworth, rector of Colwall.Exchange.
1400 May 20Colwall. Richard Coylyng.The bishop.  
1401 Jan 6Colwall. Benedict Edine.The bishop.  
1421 Oct 31Colwall.RJohn Pyd, chaplain.The bishop.Thomas ?.Death.
1423 Sep 19Colwall. Richard Carpenter.The bishop.John Pydde.Resignation.
1427 Aug 5Colwall. Wm. Warde, chap. [2] The bishop.Richard Carpenter.Resignation.
1443 Sep 2Colwall. John Clone.The bishop.John Dyelewe.Resignation.
1448 Apr 6Colwall. John Dylewe.The bishop.  
1464 Jan 1Colwall. Richard Jaxone, bach. in decretis.The bishop.Master John Clone.Resignation on Dec. 26.
1466 Apr 12Colwall. Thomas Halle.The bishop.Richard Jaxone. [7]Resignation.
1489 Jul 18Colwall.PRobert Keynell, decretorum doctor, rector of S. Botolph, London.The bishop.John Pyking, canon and prebendary of Colwall.Exchange.
1492 Aug 23Colwall. Robert Asplin.The king, during the vacancy of the see.Thos. Hall.Death.
1515 Oct 10Colwall. John Vyall, rector of Ullyngswick, a canon residentiary of the cathedral.The bishop.Robert Asplynne, rector of Colwall.Exchange.
1525 Sep 4Colwall. Hugh Charnock.The bishop.John Viall.Death.
1541 Aug 24Colwall.PWilliam Wylbram.The bishop.Gamaliel Clyfton.Death.
1551 May 15Colwall. John Styrmyn, Bac. Theol.The bishop.Hugh Charnocke.Death.
1552 Jul 3Colwall. William Chell, Mus. Bac.The bishop.John Styrmyn.Death.
1557 Apr 6Colwall. Henry Tanner.The bishop.  
1561 Sep 20Colwall.PRobert Grensill.The bishop.   
1575 Nov 7Colwall. Richard Barnard.The bishop.  
1673 Mar 21Colwall. John Page, M.A.The bishop.  
1691 Feb 11Colwall.PJohn Benson, M.A.The bishop.William Coke.Death.
1697 Jul 31Colwall. Charles Whiting, M. A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1699 Jun 15Colwall. John Page, D.D.The bishop.Charles Whiting, D.D. Resignation.
1713 Jun 10Colwall.PThomas Biss, D.D.The bishop.John Benson. Death.
1723 Sep 21Colwall. William Stevenson, M.A.The bishop.John Page, D.D.Death.
1731 Jul 12Colwall.PWilliam Egerton, D.C.L.The bishop.Thomas Bisse, D.D.Death.
1738 Mar 23Colwall.PJohn Head, M.A.The bishop.William Egerton.Death.
1748 Feb 11Colwall. Thomas Hensleigh, M.A.The bishop.William Stevenson.Cession.
1762 May 15Colwall. John Stephen, LLB. The bishop.Thomas Hensleigh. Death.
1763 Sep 16Colwall. Uvedale Kyffin, D.D.The bishop.John Stephens.Death.
1769 Dec 26Colwall.PHenry Beauclerk, M.A.The bishop.Sir John Head, bart., D.D. Death.
1777 Aug 8Colwall. Willlam Reece.The bishop.Uvedale Kyffin. Death.
1781 May 19Colwall. Joseph Taylor.The bishop.William Reeve. Death.
1789 Jan 3Colwall. James Chas. Clarke, LL.B.The bishop.Joseph Taylor.Death.
1817 Dec 30Colwall.PHen. Huntingford, M.A.The bishop.Hon. Hen. Beauclerk.Death.
1831 Nov 22Colwall. Thos. Wynne, B.D. The bishop.James Chas. Clarke.Death.
1839 Aug 1Colwall. William Peete Musgrave.The bishop.Thomas Wynne.Death.
1841 Jan 26Colwall. Frederick Custance. The bishop.  
1867 May 10Colwall. George Musgrave Custance, B.A.The bishop.Fredk. Custance.Death.
1868 Mar 19Colwall.PRichard Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Henry Huntingford.Death.
1877 Mar 17Colwall.PFrancis Tebbs Havergal, M.A.The bishop.Richard Underwood.Death.
1890 Aug 9Colwall.PChas. Saml. Palmer, M.A.The bishop.Francis Tebbs Havergal.Death.
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