Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1770 Dec 13Criggion.CPhilip Powell.Thomas Eyton, esq.   
1782 Oct 22Criggion.CMorgan Davies, B.A.Thomas Eyton, esq.John Lewis.Death.
1807 Aug 21Criggion.CWilliam Thornes, B.A.Ralph Leeke, of Longford, esq.Morgan Davies.Death.
1829 Feb 1Criggion.CWilliam Edward Evans, B.A.Valentine Vicars, esq.William Thornes.Death.
1838 Jan 13Criggion.CLeicester Darwell, B.A.Valentine Vicars, of Ellerton Grange, Co. Stafford, esq.William Edwin Evans. Resignation.
1890 Jul 14Criggion.CChas. Hyde Brooke. Valentine Whitley Vickers, esq.Leicester Darwall.Resignation.
1899 Aug 9Criggion.CRobert Brock.Trustees of the will of Valentine Whitley Vicars, late of Offfey Grove, Co. Stafford.Charles Hyde Drookes. Resignation.
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