Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1403 Feb 28Cublington.PThos. Busshebury.The bishop.  
1414 May 22Cublington.PMaster John Stanwey.The bishop.Master John Pavy.Death.
1434 Aug 9Cublington.PJohn Assheby, cleric.The bishop.John Stanewey.Death.
1464 Aug 16Cublington.PMaster Simon Tawere, bach. in decretis.The bishop.John Assheby.Death.
1563 May 13Cublington.PJohn Pedder.The bishop.   
1571 Dec 6Cublington.PEdwd. Threlkkeld, D.C.L. [4] The bishop.  
1673 Mar 20Cublington.PJohn Newton, D.D. The bishop.Samuel Barkley.Death.
1676 Mar 15Cublington.PThomas Trafford, M.A.The bishop.John Newton.Resignation.
1685 Dec 26Cublington.PBenjamin Prichard, M.A.The bishop.  
1702 Sep 3Cublington.PRobt. Morgan, D.D. The bishop.Benjamin Pritchard.Death.
1746 Jan 3Cublington.PJohn Egerton, LL.B. The bishop.Robert Morgan, D.D.Death.
1771 Sep 27Cublington.PTheoph. Meredith, M.A.The king, for this turn.John Egerton, D.D. [2]Resignation.
1775 Sep 27Cublington.PUvedale Kyffin, D.D. The bishop.Theophilus Meredith. Death.
1777 Aug 28Cublington.PNathan Wetherell, D.D.The bishop.Uvedale Kyffin.Death.
1808 May 18Cublington.PChristopher Swainson, M.A.The bishop.Nathan Wetherell, D.D.Death.
1855 Apr 18Cublington.PCharles Awdrey, B.C.L.The bishop.Christopher Swainson.Death.
1874 Aug 25Cublington.PJames Frederick Crouch, B.D.The bishop.Charles Awdry.Death.
1889 Jan 9Cublington.PWilliam Elliott, M.A.The bishop.James Fredk. Crouch.Death.
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