Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1296 Feb 20Culmington. Roger de Leye, acol.(not mentioned).  
1310 Mar 9Culmington. William de Bosco, chancellor of Sarum.The bishop.  
1312 Apr 10Culmington. Roger de Eyton, priest.The bishop.  
1314 Mar 27Culmington. William de Cyveton, priest.The bishop.  
1349 Jul 15Culmington. Wm. de Bykerton, clerk.Sir Jn. Lestraunge de Albo Monte.Master Walter.Death.
1360 Nov 11Culmington. Thomas Camvyll, chaplain. [1]Sir Jn. le Straunge, of the White Monastery.Last rector.Death.
1366 Mar 20Culmington. John de Halle, clerk. Mary le Strange, lady of Corsham.  
1396 Aug 12Culmington. John Dunes, chapl.Dame Mary le Strange.  
1423 Sep 28Culmington. Roger Stedemon, chapl.John Talbot.John Danyers.Death.
1425 Oct 12Culmington. Fitz-Robert Henryson.Sir John Talbot.Roger Stodemon.Resignation.
1475 Sep 27Culmington. Geoffrey ap Howell, chapl. [1]David ap Howell, hac vice by grant of earl of Shrewsbury.  
1507 Jan 19Culmington. Richard Cley.George, earl of Shrewsbury.? Gough.Death.
1522 Aug 1Culmington. Charles Parsons, art. mag.George, earl of Shrewsbury.Richard Cleye.Death.
1549 Nov 21Culmington. John Hosyer, B.C.L. Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury. Charles Parsons.Death.
1554 Jun 30Culmington. George Barnesley. [1]George, Lord Talbot,   
1578 Mar 24Culmington. Ralph Graves.George, earl of Shrewsbury.  
1692 Mar 25Culmington. Thomas Fothergill, B.A.Henry, earl of Stafford.Marcus Fothergill.Death.
1710 Mar 9Culmington. Thomas Smith, B.A. Henry, earl of Stafford.Thomas Fothergill.Death.
1749 Sep 4Culmington. Thomas Smith, M.A. John Doharty, gent.Thomas Smith. Death.
1755 Jun 10Culmington. John Nicholls, B.A. John Karver and John Bodledge, gents.Thomas Smith.Death.
1788 Dec 16Culmington. Francis Coke, B.A.John Woodhouse, of Yatton Court, esq.John Nicholas.Death.
1790 May 31Culmington. James Woodhouse, M.A.John Woodhouse, of Yatton Court. esq.Francis Coke.Resignation.
1797 Nov 11Culmington. Charles Walcot, M.A.Sarah Ann Woodhouse. of Siefton, widow.James Woodhouse. Death.
1800 Aug 12Culmington. Thomas Alban.Charles Johnstone, of Ludlow, esq.Charles Walcot.Resignation.
1801 Sep 25Culmington. Thomas Alban.Charles Johnstone, of Ludlow, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1804 Feb 2Culmington. William Johnstone, B.A.Charles Johnstone, of Ludlow, esq.Thomas Alban.Resignation.
1856 Oct 10Culmington. Alfred Williams, M.A.John Lloyd, of Ludlow, gent.William Johnstone.Death.
1879 Jan 11Culmington. Robert Williams, M.A.Chas. Smith Thomas, of Farncombe, Godalming, esq.Alfred Williams. Death.
1881 Jul 29Culmington. Hen. Chas. Bowker, M.A.John Derby Allcroft, of Lancaster Gate, esq.Robert Williams, esq. Death.
1891 Aug 20Culmington. David Erskine Holland, M.A.John Derby Allcroft, esq.Henry Charles Bowker.Resignation.
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