Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1291 Jan 12Kywishope (i.e. Cusop). David de Merthyr, subd.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1310 Nov 17Cusop. John Bret.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1316 Dec 7Cusop. vincent Wrool.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1320 Oct 3Cusop. Peter de Barthon, priest. The bishop.  
1349 Mar 8Cusop (Kuysope). Richard Profete of Clifford, canon of Llandaff and prebendary of Warthcum.Abbot and convent of Llanthony prima.John Profete of Clifford, rector of Cusop.Exchange.
1421 Nov 30Cusop.RRichard Walsch, chaplain.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.Reginald Lane.Resignation.
1430 Sep 6Cusop. David ap Gruff, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.Rich. Walsh.Death.
1470 Jan 16Cusop (Cuyshope). Lewis Jhones, clerk.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.David ap Llewellyn ap Rees.Death.
1505 Mar 26Free chapel of the B.V.M. Cusop (Cuyshope). William Herberd, litterate. [4]Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.Wm. ap Thomas.Death.
1563 Jul 26Cusop. David Jevans.Nicholas Arnold, mil.  
1687 May 23Cusop. Henry Rogers, M.A. John Arnold, arm.John Rawlins.Death.
1709 Dec 20Cusop. David Williams.Nicholas Arnold, arm.Henry Rogers.Death.
1731 Jul 30Cusop. Henry Gwillim, M.A.Edward Harley, arm. David Williams.Death.
1746 Jan 31Cusop. Walter Vaughan, LL.B. Edward, earl of Oxford. Henry Gwillim.Death.
1754 Mar 23Cusop. Edward Edwards, B.A.Sir Francis Charlton and Sir Francis Dashwood, barts.Walter Vaughan. Death.
1804 Aug 24Cusop. Edward Hamley.Edward Harley, earl of Oxford.Edward Edwards.Death.
1835 Feb 25Cusop. David Rodney Murray.Edward, earl of Oxford.Edward Hanley. Death.
1879 Feb 22Cusop. Albert Henry Seacome, M.A.Stephen Donne, of Oswestry, gent. [1]David Rodney Murray.Death.
1891 Oct 14Cusop. John Lloyd Keating, M.A.Stephen Donne, of Oswestry, gent. [1]Albert Henry Seacome.Resignation.
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